Leg Cramps?

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are caused by a magnesium deficiency. The magnesium deficiency is caused by estrogen dominance. The estrogen dominance (too much estrogen) is caused by chemicals and natural herbs on the skin that mimic estrogen. These are chemical estrogens and natural herbs are known collectively as xenoestrogens or environmental estrogens or foreign estrogens. The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens, take a little Progesterone, and take some Magnesium Citrate. They are strange estrogens that have weird effects on the estrogen receptor.

The solution is to take Magnesium Supplements, avoid environmental estrogens, and take progesterone to counter the effect of estrogen dominance.tpinkeu.jpg

Anytime there is a magnesium deficiency all the muscles will tense. Your legs muscles will cramp and you will get a "Charlie Horse". Muscle cramps in the back and chest and arms are also possible.

The muscular sheath of the artery will tense and constrict creating a smaller diameter artery. This means smaller blood flow. If you have a Magnesium Deficiency, the hands and feet since there is smaller blood flow, the hands and feet become cold. If you put the hands and feet in cold water some times this will make the arteries spasm and constrict even more. The hands may become painful. This leads to something that may look like a Raynaud's Disease. Cold hands and cold feet are the hallmark of magnesium deficiency.

Where else can you get into trouble if the muscles constrict? The uterus is just a muscular bag or purse shape. If you have a Magnesium Deficiency, when the uterus constricts a woman complains of uterine cramps or menstrual cramps. Many times Magnesium Citrate will lessen the menstrual cramps and relax the uterine muscle.

The magnesium deficiency will also constrict and make it easier for the arteries in the head to spasm. This means menstrual migraine headaches. Migraine headaches that vary with the menstrual cycle have a hormonal component.  Xenoestrogens cause a Magnesium Deficiency.  Again, Magnesium Citrate is a good thing to take for this.

There is also muscle that surrounds the intestine. When these muscles that surround the intestine tense and cramp, the patient has constipation. Taking magnesium will also help to solve this type of constipation as well.

When there is a magnesium deficiency, calcium will be to deposit in abnormal places. There will be microcalcifications in the breast tissue. On chest x-rays, there may be a small collection of what looks like sand in the breast. Radiologists call these collections of small sand in the breast microcalcifications. Calcium plaques may also form in the arteries. Again, the lack of magnesium may cause these plaques to form. These calcium plaques are mainly made of calcium oxalate.  Magnesium oxalate is 567 times more soluble in water than calcium oxalate.  Also, the citrate ion forms a soluble complex with the calcium ion.  So, Magnesium Citrate is the best magnesium supplement to take to dissolve calcium plaques made mostly of calcium oxalate.  Conversely, taking magnesium supplements may help the microcalcifications and calcium in the arteries to dissolve.  Usually, I give 800-1000 mg/day of magnesium citrate to dissolve calcifications.  Take as much magnesium citrate as possible until you almost get diarrhea, and then back off on the dose.

The calcium may even deposit on the tendons where they attach to the bone. This gives bone spurs. Taking magnesium supplements will help to dissolve these bone spurs as well.

Since chocolate is one of the foods with the highest magnesium content, women typically crave chocolate right before their period. Unfortunately, chocolate also contains a natural strange estrogen. So, the chocolate makes the estrogen dominance worse. And the woman will have increased breast tenderness and bloating just before her period. Taking magnesium supplements typically gets rid of chocolate cravings. Chocolate cravings are nothing to be embarrassed about. Many women think that their chocolate cravings are a failure of will power and a weakness. No, the chocolate craving is simply a sign of magnesium deficiency from estrogen dominance. In fact, you may use the chocolate craving as a flag to see if you have gotten rid of all the environmental estrogens. If you are not taking magnesium supplements and the chocolate craving has gone away, then you have been successful in getting rid of the environmental estrogens in your life.

Take magnesium supplements and all of a sudden you will find that your chocolate craving is gone. Chocolate craving is NOT a failure on your part of will power. Chocolate craving is a biochemical reaction to a magnesium deficiency.

The problem is a "Charlie Horse" or leg cramps, arm cramps, back cramps, menstrual cramps, cold hands and cold feet, menstrual migraines, constipation, microcalcifications in the breast, calcium deposits in the arteries, bone spurs, and chocolate cravings.

The solution is to take Magnesium Citrate 800-1000 mg/day until you almost get diarrhea and then back off on the dose, cut out the chemical estrogens and estrogenic herbs out of your environment, and take progesterone to balance out the remaining xenoestrogens.

You can take 400-600 mg/day of a chelated magnesium. Magnesium oxide does not have a good absorption rate - only 4%. But a chelated magnesium has an absorption rate of 40%. If you overdo magnesium you may have some loose stools. If you do have loose stools, just cut back on the magnesium.

Creepy Crawling Burning Sensation Sometimes

Many times, but not all the times, leg cramps can be accompanied by a burning or creepy crawling sensation sensation on the legs. This can accompany the jumpy cramping legs. Medical Doctors label this as "Restless Leg Syndrome". The burning sensation or creepy crawling sensation is a disease of the nerves which is further labeled as a neuropathy or nerve disease.

This neuropathy is simply a due to a Vitamin B deficiency. The Vitamin B deficiency is due to an exposure to xenoestrogens. If you remove all of the xenoestrogens in your environment and wait for them to wash out of the body, then you will no longer "leak" B Vitamins. I council my patients to take a Vitamin B-100 in the morning. I tell my patients NOT to take the B Vitamins at night when the B vitamins will cause vivid dreams. In 2 to 3 months, if you avoid all xenoestrogens, the original xenoestrogens can have a chance to wash out of the body. Eventually, the nerves will repair themselves, and the neuropathy will go away. This natural method of getting rid of "Restless Leg Syndrome" is much preferable to the main stream pharmaceutical route in my opinion.