Why Progesterone Works

Why Does Progesterone Work?

Natural Progesterone is NOT a synthetic prescription Progestin such as Provera, and Megestrol.

First of all, Natural Progesterone is NOT a synthetic prescription Progestin such as Provera, and Megestrol. Brand Name prescription synthetic Progestins CAUSE cancer according to a recent copy of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR). Natural Progesterone PREVENTS endometrial hyperplasia according to Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Endometrial Hyperplasia untreated leads to endometrial cancer. Provera and Megestrol are chemically modified from Natural Progesterone so that drug companies can patent Provera and Megestrol and charge high prices. High prices mean high profits and drug representatives can push Brand Name prescription synthetic Progestins onto unsuspecting physicians. Because of these molecular changes, these progestins have side effects that are documented in any Physician's Desk Reference such as breast tumor formation in Beagle dogs, mental depression, nausea, insomnia, edema, asthma, migraine, thrombophlebitis, etc. Read about this at www.fibrocystic.com under Progestins.

In contrast, Natural Progesterone is thought to prevent cancer.  Women that are pregnant, deliver multiple times, and have high progesterone levels throughout pregnancy have a smaller chance of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.  Natural progesterone is approved by the FDA to be marketed as preventing and reversing Endometrial Hyperplasia.  Endometrial Hyperplasia if left unchecked will change and progress into Endometrial Cancer.

Natural Progesterone is bioidentical to the progesterone your body produces. In other words, it is the same molecule your body makes. Your body does NOT make Provera and Megestrol.  Natural Progesterone is made by your own body during the latter half of your menstrual cycle before the age of 35.  Natural progesterone is produced by your own body to maintain the pregnancy.  Your body starts by making 20 mg/day of progesterone.  The woman's body continues to ramp up progesterone throughout the entire pregnancy.  At the end of 40 weeks, the woman is making 400 mg/day of progesterone.

A common cause of 1st trimester miscarriage is a progesterone deficiency or the woman is taking some herbs or chemicals on the skin that is blocking progesterone.  These chemicals or herbs act like the "morning after pill."  For instance, aloe is used to create a miscarriage.

Fertility Medical Doctors (test tube babies) routinely use Natural Progesterone shots to prevent miscarriage. John Lee, MD also routinely used transdermal progesterone cream to stop 1st trimester miscarriage.  However, brand name synthetic progestins cause birth defects according to the Physician's Desk Reference.  Natural Progesterone does NOT cause birth defects.  This is why Fertility Medical Doctors only use Natural Progesterone to prevent miscarriage because Natural Progesterone does NOT cause birth defects.  Fertility Medical Doctors do NOT use brand name progestins to stop miscarriage because progestins cause birth defects.  Natural Progesterone and brand name synthetic progestins are different.

The cause of many of the female diseases is chemicals or herbs in the environment that mimic estrogen. Since 1990, the study of chemical hormone disruptors has become a hot topic in scientific circles. The key is to cut out the chemical estrogens, xenoestrogens.  columbine.jpg Recently, as early as 1991, many synthetic chemicals have been found to have estrogen mimicking effects at very low concentrations. These estrogen mimicking chemicals may be found in every day materials such as varnish coating the inside of food cans, laundry detergent, and plastic water bottles. Dr. Lee and other researchers around the world believe that these estrogenic chemicals have created an environment where people are exposed to too much estrogen in their daily lives. This would account for increases in endometriosis, PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibromas, prostate cancer and benign prostatic hypertrophy.

John Lee, MD claims that Natural Progesterone opposes the effect of estrogen and chemical estrogens. It is like a tug of war. Estrogen pulls on one side and Natural Progesterone pulls on the other side. John Lee, MD claims that the hormones must be balanced.

However, the real culprit of many female woes is the "estrogen" effect of these chemical estrogens or herbs known as xenoestrogens. The xenoestrogens do not look like estrogen at all and when they go into the receptor and stimulate the body, they kind of act like estrogen, but sometimes do not exactly act like estrogen.  Many times I find that once the patient removes all xenoestrogens from her skin and environment, the patient becomes well and never uses progesterone.  Buy any product from us and get a FREE list of “safe” toiletries and herbs to use on the skin and around the house.  Buy any product from us and you will get a FREE list of chemicals and herbs shown to be hormone disruptive.

Progesterone is in fact only a band aid.  The real culprit of all these female diseases is xenoestrogens.  It is against my own business interest to tell you this.

Xenoestrogens do NOT appear on the blood hormone test.  Xenoestrogens fit into the receptors of estrogen.  They mimic estrogen strangely.  But there is no routine lab test for xenoestrogens.  I wish there was a lab test for xenoestrogens, but there is no lab test for xenoestrogens.  There are thousands of chemically distinct herbs and chemicals that fit into the estrogen receptor and stimulate it.  These xenoestrogens, in general have no effect on your own estradiol levels and progesterone levels.

There are some chemicals and herbs that stimulate your body to create more estradiol.  I have found that coffee, cocoa butter, and chocolate can cause your estradiol to become high.  One patient I had was a Naturopath that practiced medicine in Spain.  She was estrogen dominant.  She claimed to have a natural clean diet as well as natural clean cosmetics.  Her estradiol was indeed high.  She was estrogen dominant.  She wanted to use progesterone.  I told her that somehow she was poisoning herself with something that was elevating her estradiol.  She was skeptical and claimed that she only used the highest quality clean cosmetics and toiletries.  It turn out that she was using Black African Soap. Black African Soap contained cocoa butter.  She stopped the Black African Soap.  Her estradiol returned to normal and she never did use progesterone.

However, as stated above many times these chemicals and herbs that are xenoestrogens never appear on the hormone test, but the patient in question is very estrogen dominant.

For instance, low level dioxin was recently found to create endometriosis.  Low level dioxin is a xenoestrogen.  Dioxin does NOT appear on the hormone test.

Here is an excerpt from John Lee, MD's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer":

"Gerhard and Runnebaum (1992) first brought attention to the link between the high levels of dioxins in blood and endometriosis ( adenomyosis is similar to endometriosis ). Scientific research with female rhesus monkeys fed different amounts of dioxin in their diet for four years. One group of seven animals was fed as usual without dioxin in their food, a second group had 5 parts per trillion dioxin, a third group was fed 25 parts per trillion dioxin. Ten years following dioxin administration, five of the seven animals (71 percent) given the high does of dioxin developed moderate to severe endometriosis [ adenomyosis ]. In the group receiving the intermediate dose three of the seven animals (43 percent) developed endometriosis [ adenomyosis ]. And in the group receiving no dioxin only about 33 percent developed any level of endometriosis [ adenomyosis ], which is consistent with the expected frequency of endometriosis [ adenomyosis ] in rhesus monkeys in captivity."

John Lee, MD

The key is to cut out xenoestrogens. Natural Progesterone will also help to oppose the xenoestrogens. John Lee, M.D., a Norwegian, claims that Natural Progesterone opposes the effects of estrogen. Taking Natural Progesterone allows the body to balance out the harmful effects of estrogen in our daily lives. 

In my personal experience, progesterone can only balance out weak xenoestrogens.  If the person takes a strong xenoestrogen, for example, lavender, progesterone will make the effects of lavender WORSE.  Chronic intake of lavender causes the body to shut down its sensitivity to xenoestrogens.  Then, taking progesterone actually wakes up the  the body's estrogen receptors.  Then, it seems as if the lavender is even stronger since the estrogen receptor has been woken up by the progesterone cream.

The solution is to stop the lavender (xenoestrogen), THEN take the progesterone cream.