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Eckhart, MD tells how to fight your condition and get better. Introduction to Xenoestrogens video 1 of 6.

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How Sensitive Can You Be To Environmental Estrogens?  Why are some patients more sensitive to these chemicals and herbs than other patients? Eckhart, MD talks about how careful you must be about xenoestrogens in you environment. Video 2 of 6

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Why is Progestelle Different? Estrogen Dominance Explained. Types of Hormone Disruption. Video 3 of 6

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Eckhart, MD talks about why Progestelle is different in a shameless plug for his product. Estrogen Dominance symptoms are explained. Hormone disruption is not only about estrogen mimicry, but also many other modes of action.  How to use Natural Progesterone topically. Iodine deficiency contributes to Estrogen Dominance Video 4 of 6

Eckhart, MD talks about how to use topical Progesterone on the body. Frequency, how often, when during the cycle, and where to apply the topical bioidentical progesterone is covered. Iodine deficiency in Americans is fairly common and makes Estrogen Dominance much worse. Correcting the iodine deficiency helps fight the disease.


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Side Effects of Natural Bioidentical Progesterone. Safety Issues. Video 5 of 6

Eckhart, MD talks about side effects of Natural Progesterone. Frequently, getting temporarily worse from bioidentical progesterone is not from the progesterone itself, but the interaction between progesterone and xenoestrogens.

Safety of Natural Progesterone is also assessed.

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When to Hormone Test and Topical vs Oral Progesterone Comparison Video 6 of 6

Eckhart, MD talks about indications for hormone testing. Most of the time hormone testing is not helpful clinically. The hormone test is normal for the woman of that age group. For most women most of the time after the age of 35 the progesterone level is zero or near zero. This is because they are under going anovulatory cycles. They do not ovulate during a normal cycle most of the time after the age of 35. A follicle is produced, but no egg pops out, and no corpus luteum is produced. If there is no corpus luteum, then there is no progesterone produced by the woman.

For most if not all women, it is NOT the endogenous hormones that are causing problems. It is the xenoestrogens or environmental estrogens that are causing problems. However, the hormone test does not measure xenoestrogens. Thus, the hormone test is useless. The hormone test is NOT measuring the problem. Topical Natural Progesterone vs Oral Natural Progesterone is compared.

Bonus Iodine Video

Flechas, MD explains that Excess Estrogen inhibits Iodine absorption. Flechas, MD claims that iodine deficiency causes fibrocystic breast disease,endometriosis, and ovarian cysts. He has controlled PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, with iodine and iodide.

Bonus Video

How Natural Progesterone was first commercially made. PBS video shows Julian Percy PhD and how he first commerciallized the production of Natural Progesterone.


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