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Saved from Miscarriage

Thank you, you have wonderful information, and I will definitely follow it throughout my entire pregnancy! Here is a picture of our baby girl for your site that your progestelle and advice saved from miscarriage (of course I need to mention and I think I have not in previous emails to you that I should also give thanks to God because He is the ultimate giver of life)! 

I told my sister about your product earlier, and she has been using it for a while now and her continuous bleeding has stopped and she feels much better! She says she plans on using it for the rest of her life! Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Carol Z. June 4, 2015 South Carolina

Editor's Note: Actual baby of the patient at right.

My cyst had vanished!!!

I developed a labial cyst about eight years ago and was told by three gynecologists that removing it would require surgery in a hospital because of the likelihood of excessive bleeding in that part of the body. Excising it was the only solution, they said, and the surgery alone was going to cost $1,000 (eight years ago; surgeon's fee), plus the cost of the operating room, the anesthesiologist, medications, etc.

I received my Iodoral, which you had recommended, and was working my way up to 12.5 mg (or more) a day. One day I took a full tablet and nothing happened so I was happy.

A few days later I discovered that my cyst had vanished!!! I could hardly believe my fingers (trying to find it!). It was gone!

Thank you for recommending the Iodoral, Dr. Eckhart, and for saving me all that heartache and money!

Christina D.

May 30, 2015

It kept me pregnant and I have a wonderful daughter now

Previously suffered early term miscarriages. Tested progesterone at 17 or 18 days past ovulation and it was low, so I started using this product. It kept me pregnant and I have a wonderful daughter now! Used it through 15 or 16 weeks pregnant and dialed back over a week or two.


December 18, 2014

The only one I have found with no questionable ingredients!

By far the best progesterone out there! Two ingredients...(fractionated) coconut oil and USP progesterone. It absorbs into the skin very nicely so I just use it right when I get out of the shower....just during my luteal phase. It has drastically reduced my awful cramps from 2-3 days of hell to 1-2 days of hell. My PMS is so much better. My breasts no longer get cystic. My skin is clearing up even though I notice it is more oily in general during my luteal phase. I try to follow the doctors recommendations as best as possible without losing my mind and after 5 months of using this I can honestly say it helps and I am scared to stop using it. Good luck to you all!


December 12, 2014

A life saver... just had major surgery

A life saver...just had major surgery to remove two large fibroids and a cyst on my ovaries. my hormones were out of wack. So much so that I had an ongoing period for 4 months that rendered me have 2 d and c's to no avail and multiple blood transfusions. With my hemoglobin dropping below 5. I was very ill and i believe it all started once I began taking birth control pills... loaded with estrogen... Post surgery the bleeding stopped but my cycle wouldn't Start now... hormone imbalance again...I bought this oil and started using it...immediately the muscles where I had the surgery felt more relaxed...I felt more calm...the depression began to lift.. .and within a couple weeks my period started and it was normal! I'm 29 y.o and will never b e without this...its a life saver


November 8, 2014

This product has changed my life! I suffered from ...,

This product has changed my life! I suffered from PMS, weight gain, moodiness, breast tenderness and ovarian cycts. Since I have been taking it, my symptoms have decreased incredibly AND I am FINALLY losing weight.

I wish I had known about progesterone imbalance much earlier in life!


November 7, 2014

I went on to have a beautiful healthy baby boy

I had lost 2 babies then found I was pregnant again. I immediately started in this and stayed on it for 16 weeks. They tested my progesterone levels at 8 weeks and they were double normal range. I went on to have a beautiful healthy baby boy. I also took this after giving birth and it helped with my plummeting hormones. It does work, my 15 month old is living proof.


October 12, 2014

Excellent product

I've tried several versions of progesterone cream. There are a couple that are a bit cheaper, but honestly none can hold a candle to this one. I am certain I get more if it into my system than the others provide, using an equal dosage. Also my skin begins to react/rash about the creams after a few months, I've been using this for a year and my skin hasn't reacted at all. I wish it were a little cheaper but I order it two bottles at a time and don't plan to change.

Mom of 2 "Mom with anxious child"

North Texas

October 10, 2014

I Didn't Lose My Baby Because of This Stuff!!!

I didn't lose my baby over 3 years ago because of this stuff!!! I am 44 years old and close to 4 years ago I was recommended by a woman on a Quiverful families site to use this brand. I was 6 weeks pregnant and spotting pretty good every 12 hours for several days. I had just had a miscarriage the same way a little over a month before so I was terrified. I started to use this and within 12 hours the bleeding stopped - for good, never to return. I now have a healthy 3 year old who fits in just fine with our other 6 children. I also took this while pregnant with our identical twins 2 years ago. I didn't want to see a sign of blood. This stuff works! See all of our kids: Now we're trying for one last one... You bet I will be using this brand if God give us one more.


Sept. 22, 2014

Guys have progesterone too..

First off, I'm a guy using this stuff. I decided to try this particular product because it wasn't paired with estrogen and overall am very happy with the results some which were expected and some that were not. What I've found, at least for me, to have NOT been affected by progesterone are as follows: I've not noticed thicker hair - either in density or actually thicker individual hairs, and I've not had any increased libido or what I will call a "viagra effect" from the nitric oxide boost. Not that I was looking for either mind you, just aware that it was mentioned in some of the research on the subject. What progesterone did do for me, and what I got it for in the first place, is that it reset my adrenals. For many years I've had insomnia to the point of having to stay awake until I was so fatigued that I finally drifted off. Trying before that point would only lead to a racing mind and a second wind. Put simply, progesterone for me has been the best sleep aid and mood enhancing/stress reducing product I've ever tried above and beyond any modern prescription with none of the side effects.


September 16, 2014

It's not easy to go without all the xenos in the environment

This product really works, when you go by the book this doctor has thoroughly outlined. It's not easy to go without all the xenos in the environment, but when you stay free of them, you also get rid of your symptoms, it seems. And I didn't even need the oil anymore after that.

Simone De Beauvoir "sendai"


Aug 18, 2014

Good Natural Product

This is my 3rd purchase of this item. After using for over 1 yr. I have noticed :
1.) my abdominal bloating is gone
2.) my thinking is clearer
3.) i sleep better
I would buy again.

Jane Austin

Jacksonville, FL USA

Aug 18, 2014

My health is returning thanks to you.

Dear Dr. Eckert,

I just wanted to thank you again. My health is returning thanks to you. I have done everything you have told me to do and most of my symptoms have disappeared. The stinging is gone. I have more energy again. I can loose weight. My strange chocolate cravings are going away and oddly enough, so is the terrible leg pain I've been suffering from. Your list of xenoestrogens was a huge help to me. I could not find them all. I have also been removing xenoestrogens from my family's life too. Just out of curiosity, I've noticed some commonalities between estrogen dominance caused by xenoestrogen and Alzheimers. I believe many of those same chemicals contribute towards that disease. Have you noticed the same thing? You have truly been a blessing to me. I cannot thank you enough.


Jamie B.

Doylestown, OH

Aug 12, 2014

Progestelle is "fixing" my BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) condition.

I have been using Progestelle oil for approx. four months. I went to my Urologist last week, and he said that I had the least amount of "retained urine" (after I empty my bladder) that he had ever measured. From this result, I can conclude that Progestelle is "fixing" my BPH condition.

I suggest that you put a "Men's" health topic on your web site.

Gene L.

Katy, Texas

Aug 4, 2014

I am a certified social researcher and Doctoral Candidate and therefore understand formal research processes and validity.

I just wanted to share my experience as it might help another woman suffering. I am NOT a medical doctor or medical healthcare expert. I am however, a certified social researcher and Doctoral Candidate and therefore understand formal research processes and validity. My doctor could not figure out what was wrong with me so I used my research skills to help myself. A year ago, I started burning and stinging. The stinging was so bad, I'd cry. It was in my arms, legs and face. My doctor just put me on Neurotin. I finally did figure it out and resolve the problem.

I suffer from estrogen dominance. I noticed that when I took my thyroid medicine, (which interacts with estrogen), it got worse. When I ate anything high in estrogen for the burning, the burning went away but the stinging got much much worse. Then I discovered that the supplement GABA stopped the stinging. GABA also interacts with estrogen.

Now I did a lot of research. I discovered that bioidentical or natural progesterone cream would help the burning so I started taking it. What a huge help! Then I found formal medical research articles and commentary written by women hormonal doctor specialists that talked about treating estrogen dominance in perimenopausal and menopausal women. They claimed that giving more estrogen, irrespective of the type, was the wrong treatment. They also said that some sources causing estrogen dominance were found in our foods (soy, seeds, nuts), hormones added to meat and then leaking into dairy, and some pesticides. My doctor figured out that the E-cigarette was adding to my problem. Don't use those or smoke. I quit that the hour when he told me. University Hospitals Neurology Dept in Cleveland, Ohio shared that information with him.

I discovered SOY in many of my vitamins! I LOVE seeds and nuts. I had to eliminate, nuts, seeds, soy and chocolate! I had to start washing my fresh foods better and buy some organics where I could afford it. I also found huge help and relief from detoxifying baths. I take one once a week. The symptoms are gone now. It took a month though for the baths to start to help. I use detox baths that help remove chemicals from the body.

I treat myself like this: I take bio-identical progesterone cream... I had to make sure there were no estrogens in the creams. I eliminated all vitamins with soy in them and bought better sources; I take a large amount of D3 (I have Lupus which could have dramatically contributed towards my problem). I had to be sure I bought D3 without soy. I take B complex, Potassium, Armour Thyroid and Biotin. I added DIM which inhibits that bad estrogen I'm too high in. Very important too is that weekly detoxifying bath. If my symptoms get out of hand because I ate something I should not have, I take 750mg of GABA. Since my self-treatment, I've only need the Neurotin once. I hated the Neurotin because it makes me dizzy and tired.

I recommend any woman suffering from this awful stinging and is NOT diabetic look into estrogen dominance. Review what you are eating. I am shocked at how much estrogen is in our foods and vitamins. Ask your doctor to measure all your estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone. My doctor did not figure it out because he only ran the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones. One was way too high and the other was way too low.

Jamie B.

Doylestown, Ohio

July 25, 2014

I can see that the fat around my stomach area keeps decreasing

Thank you for alll the great information and getting back to me so quickly. I have been taking the progestelle for almost a month. I went and threw away all of the body wash, shampoos, conditioners and lotions I was using. I had been taking Maca root for about 6 months and seemed to be doing fine with it until I started using African Black Soap. I didn't put two and two together that same month I started having the extremely sore breasts (that I hadn't had since taking maca root). After receiving my progestelle, I began using it plus threw everything away. I have to say - I love my morning coffee. I have never been one to excessively drink it - I only have a small cup in the morning then the rest of the day - I drink water and no other caffeine products.

I can really tell a difference in the way I feel. I can see that the fat around my stomach area keeps decreasing - I can tell in my clothes as well. I noticed on the products list that you suggest using - soap nuts was on there for laundry detergent. I would just like to tell you - you can also suggest using them to make your own shampoo/body wash. The soap nuts are amazing and would be great for anyone trying to use things without estrogen mimickers. They have so many uses not just for laundry. They can be used in the dishwasher as well. Plus I don't even need to find a safe conditioner for my hair because it conditions your hair better than any conditioner does.

Thank you so much - I will keep in touch and let you know of more progress.

Kristin P.

Omaha, Nebraska

May 23, 2014

I experienced a perfect 28 day cycle

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

Hope you had or are having a great Easter Holiday! I wanted to write to you to tell you that you have really impacted my life in such a positive way. Well, for one, using your proven method of omitting all of the xeno-estrogens from my environment and personal use as well as using the progestelle and iodine boosted my fertility health. Since I can remember, I have never had a "normal" 28 day cycle. For the first time in over 20 years, I experienced a perfect 28 day cycle, had mid-cycle ovulatory pains and rich cervical mucus. I knew instantly that I was fertile and my days of luteal phase defect and anovulatory cycles were over. I even researched if something was wrong when I experienced light spotting during my mid cycle and read from several health and medical sources that this was due to healthy ovulation from the healthy egg that was ripe with nutrition bursting through the follicle. I couldn't have been more happy! Depending on what medical research you read, only 20-30% of women are blessed enough to show this great sign of fertility, and this usually occurs in younger women. I am in my 40's!

However, I did add something to my regimen. I detoxed my liver to enhance my body's ability to eliminate excess estrogens from my body using milk thistle, greater celandine, and organic dandelion root extract (my husband makes this himself and it is proven through studies to help heal the body from estrogen dominance). I concentrated on thyroid health since I learned during my research that possible hypothyroidism is most likely linked to infertility and hormonal imbalance. So I ate a diet that concentrated on healing my thyroid and boosted fertility. I added maca root, and sea kelp to my foods and to the "thyroid health" boosting smoothies as well. I started a supplement program through Fairhaven Health and I know that everything I've learned on my journey thus far is a result of my healthy progress. however, I think the biggest part was due in part of the knowledge you impart to women with eliminating all estrogens from their environment that gave the biggest push.

I started making non-hormonal disrupting hormonal products that I now share with friends and family using non estrogenic substances from any natural or non- natural occurring estrogenic source. Weight fell off. In fact, a "pouch" I had had for years is gratefully withering away from my lower abdomen.

So thank you! I KNOW that a child is in my future now and confidently so!

Be blessed,

Gwendolyn P.

Apr. 21, 2014

I had an excellent pregnancy & birth.

Dear Dr Eckhart,

I am writing for two reasons. Firstly an overdue big Thank you! I contacted you mid 2012 in an emotional state, afraid of losing my pregnancy as I had a previous miscarriage with similar symptoms. You listened to me & talked me through my fears when I felt no other medical professional would or had. I did not want to be told one more time that it was just meant to be, when my body was failing me & exhibited all the signs of low progesterone. You were truly reassuring & I am very pleased to report that I followed your instructions & took the oil until the end of my pregnancy tapering off right at the end. I had an excellent pregnancy & birth. We now have a beautiful 1yr old daughter. She is wonderfully bright & perfect. I advised a friend who was also having troubles, of you & the progestelle oil. They contacted you & now they also have a new baby girl. So thank you so much!

Stop Miscarriage The second reason I am writing was to ask for your advice in taking the oil while breastfeeding. We wanted to start trying for another baby soon. I have just found out today that we have conceived! So I will definitely need to place another order with you for the progesterone oil. Can you advise me on taking the oil & breastfeeding? Will this effect my supply? Thank you again, to Dr Eckhart and his team for always answering questions so quickly & for all you have done to help us.

Kind Regards,


Durango, CO

Mar. 10, 2014

Editor's Note: This is a picture of the actual baby that the patient above had with Progestelle.

I have lost the 35 pounds and I feel good again.

At 37 years old I was told I was beginning menopause. I was having irregular heavy cycles. I had gained 35+ pounds. It did not matter what I ate, how much I ate, how much I exercised or how much water I drank. I kept gaining weight. My skin just felt tight. So, the doctors told me I just could not eat salt after age 35 and gave me a water pill. I felt anxious all the time. I just didn't feel good.

I did not want to accept what the doctors told me. So, I started doing my own research. Which led me to It has changed my life. I have lost the 35 pounds and I feel good again. My cycles are no longer irregular or heavy.

I changed everything I put on my body. I use the things listed on the purple sheet. I only clean with vinegar and baking soda. I make my own washing powders. I only drink purified water. I have 1 cup of coffee a day and 1 glass of tea a day of which I make with purified water. I only drink out of glass containers. At first, it seemed overwhelming but once I got everything was easy. All of this was not only for me but also for 2 daughters..all of the chemicals that are in everything.

I take supplements..iodine, selenium, magnesium and B vitamins daily.

Peter Eckhart has helped me so much. I am so thankful he opened my eyes to things. It has literally changed my life. If I have a question about anything he always responds to my email.

Leslie L.

Dallas, Tx

Feb. 4, 2014

I use to have cysts in my breast

I use to have cysts in my breast that were very painful and uncomfortable, but they seem to be gone, or are very small I don’t feel anything anymore. Several years ago, and for a few years I always had to do both a mammogram and an ultrasound. Then when I started using Progestelle, the cysts were so small I never felt them, and all I had to do was the mammogram. I stopped using it, and back they came, so I started using it again. When I changed to a new radiologist for my mammogram last October and sent all my previous year’s results to them, they wanted me to go back for an ultrasound also. They said everything was benign, they did not see any problem. I think they just wanted the extra $200+, so I am seriously thinking about skipping the mammogram for a couple of years. I am doing great with the Progestelle.

Thank you,

Donna T.

Arnaudville, LA

July 18, 2013

I can’t thank you enough.

I have had a terrifically difficult year, seemingly becoming allergic to my own estrogen. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since childhood, and since trying for my first baby have been on steroids and had difficulty getting off them. I finally figured out two things, I couldn’t get off them because I was horribly estrogen dominant and also the steroids (prednisolone) were converting directly into estrogen in my body and making me very, very unwell with dizziness, swollen veins(?) in my head, crushing fatigue, dry infected eyes, ovarian cysts, swollen uterus, poor digestion, and finally, and worst of all an inability to breathe when my estrogen spiked at ovulation and a few days before my period. I was hyperventilating and twitching involuntarily… basically in a state of shock I think.

Since working out the connection with the steroids, I have halved my dose and only take 1 mg at a time, which has helped immensely. I hope to get off them fully when my arthritis allows me to. And since using a combination of progest e and progestelle (the progestelle is wonderful for rubbing on inflamed joints) my ‘allergic’ response has calmed down almost entirely, my periods are pain free, my headaches are down to only one day per month, my arthritis is improving every day, my energy is better, my digestion is back on track, my ovarian cysts are gone, my dizziness is gone, and many, many other wonderful improvements.

I can’t thank you enough.

Please feel free to use this on your web site.

Thanks again,

Ruth H.

Great Britain

July 13, 2013

I give Progestelle 5/5 stars.

I give Progestelle 5/5 stars.

Sorry for my late reply but I’ve been maxed out with the new baby these past few months. I wanted to let you know we had a healthy 9 lb 2 oz baby boy, almost 24 inches long, with no complications who is doing great, and in the 95th percentile for head size as well! Thanks perhaps in large part to you.

I took Progesterone cream and later Progestelle for a few years to control PMS symptoms before used Progestelle in pregnancy. I switched to Progestelle as my brand of choice to avoid the estrogenic and herbal additives in the creams. I found your pamphlet on estrogen dominance syndrome very persuasive. While on Progestelle and Fibrovan prior to pregnancy, an apricot sized fibroid I had shrank to 1.7cm in diameter, verified by ultrasound.

I got pregnant for the first time right after my 37th birthday after 8 cycles of “trying” (FSH was 9). At 11.5 weeks I went to the ER with bleeding and got diagnosed with an SCH (Subchorionic Hematoma or subchorionic hemorrhage). We followed your advice to raise the dose of Progestelle and remain on the Progestelle until after delivery. And also to avoid oral progesterone because of the risk of allergic reactions. Taking this advice was not easy. When the weather got cold, it became harder and harder to find exposed skin areas to put the progesterone on, that would not rub off with clothing. Making sure to get a consistent dose was practically impossible, and toward the end, getting a good night’s sleep suffered because I had to sleep in contorted positions to avoid rubbing off the Progestelle. I wish you offered some kind of skin patch to help with application… but designing it would be hard and I don’t have any ideas! It would also be helpful to know how long we have to wait for the dose to absorb, how long we have to stay out of the sunlight, etc. to avoid killing the dose.

But the proof is in the pudding. The 20-week Level 2 ultrasound with the perinatologist showed no SCH remaining and a baby, placenta and cord with not only normal, but ideal measurements. Our baby was born on his due date and was extremely healthy, vigorous and loud. He was the biggest, pinkest one in the nursery. At 4 months he had already doubled his birth weight and was ahead on all the developmental charts and around 95th percentile for head measurement.

Throughout the pregnancy we received grossly ignorant and life-threatening advice from MD’s and midwives about progesterone. One M.D. (Ob/Gyn) and his midwife in Hudson, WI, told us to stop the Progestelle “cold turkey” at 12 weeks after the SCH. This would have caused a miscarriage within a couple of days. After he was born there was a twenty-something nurse fresh out of school who got in her little head that he needed a diabetes test, and wanted me to drink some sugar syrup. She was furious that we refused. (I had taken chromium throughout pregnancy on Dr. Eckhart’s advice and did not have diabetes). His pediatrician said the nurse didn’t know anything, and he was the least diabetic kid there, based on his 24-hour blood test results. You have to be a savvy consumer of healthcare and watch your back at hospitals. Because my Dad was a career Ob/Gyn who had delivered thousands of babies, my mom was a Practical Nurse R.N. who assisted at his clinic, and I had read a bookshelf full of material like _Thinking Woman’s Guide to Birth_ by Henci Goer, I was able to avoid getting screwed by the establishment and winding up with a dead or damaged baby. But I was nothing short of a subject-matter expert by that time. I had the I.Q. points necessary to say, “NO” to almost everything they were pushing.

I would encourage the rational consumer to use Progestelle and take Dr. Eckhart’s material seriously! I would also recommend women do their reading to prepare for childbirth, such as Grantley Dick-Read, Henci Goer, John R. Lee’s progesterone books, Ina May Gaskins, and whatever else they can get their hands on to defend themselves and their infants against ignorant fools and power-lusters within the medical establishment who are giving our terribly dangerous advice to parents, and taking advantage of exhausted women who have just given birth, and who cannot give informed consent because of what they have just been through. I would also advise women to make sure your husband is on your side, because if he isn’t, he will fall for some of their disinformation.


Savage, Minnesota

May 15, 2013

(Actual picture of baby in the above testimony)

I'm living proof that it really works!!

Dear Peter Eckhart,

I wanted to give you a little update.

I started following your infertility protocol in March of 2012. We conceived the end of September and I am now 23 weeks pregnant, our little baby girl is due June 22nd. She's developing well and everything looks great! I am so excited, we couldn't be happier!!! I have shared your information with many others and will continue to do so but surprisingly enough not everyone is willing to try it even though I'm living proof that it really works!!

Do you have any recommendations for after the baby is born?

Thank you!!

Esther V.

Clive, Iowa

Feb. 23, 2012

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