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I was desperate for relief from the pain... . I am now surprised when my period starts!

This website has been a lifesaver for me. I found it while searching for alternative treatments to endometriosis (rather than complete hysterectomy). I thought it all sounded pretty wacky, but I was desperate for relief from the pain. I followed the advice about cutting out parabens & what not, ordered my Progestelle, laundry & dish detergent, Indole-3-carbinmol. I followed all the rules & waited 2 months for the chemicals to leave my system before using the Progestelle. Wow, what a difference! Even before starting the Progestelle, my monthly pain decreased dramatically during that 2 months. I am now surprised when my period starts, whereas before I had plenty of advance pain to let me know it was coming. I was taking Hydrocodone for the pain, now I take a couple ibuprofen the first day & that is all! I don't have to consider having surgery & going on hormone replacement therapy at 37. I'm not completely pain free, but I feel like a normal woman now. I'm no longer desperate for relief, because I have found it here. Thank you! I'm telling every woman I know about this website. Please feel free to use my name and comments on your website.

Also, I have a comment about the Bare Minerals makeup. Many of the products do not list parabens, but the Mineral Veil & the moist products like mascara & lipstick do have parabens in them. I'm still using the products that don't have them & I'm quite happy with them. I also wanted to know if you could point me in the right direction to find a sunscreen that will not be harmful? My family is moving back to coast North Carolina, where we spend hours & hours fishing on the beach. I absolutely must use some kind of sunscreen or be burned to a crisp. Thanks for any advice you can give on this matter.

Alberta S., Amarillo, TX
March 12, 2007

I have had debilitating cramps for the last 5 years. Now, ... I am cramp free!

I have had debilitating cramps for the last 5 years. Before that, I didn't really have a problem. By "debilitating" I mean, I am usually in bed for about 8 hours and pain killers (even prescription strength) don't work (except to knock me out) even if I take triple the dosage.

I ordered progestelle 2 months ago, and my last period was 60% better. I was barely in bed at all, and the pain killers seemed to work. I wanted to wait and see one more period before I sent in my testimonial. But, to tell you the truth, the mere fact that I had an improvement at all was a miracle. So, I am in the middle of my second period (since taking progestelle) and I did not have to lay down at all. I didn't miss any classes. I have had virtually no pain, and the mild pain I did feel, I could really tell was coming from my intestines, rather than my uterus.

I don't know if this makes my story unique, but, I am a yoga teacher, I used to work for an acupuncturist, and have all always been extremely health conscious. My list of attempts over the past 5 years to affect my menstrual cramps are: acupuncture, exercise, arvigo uterine massage, chiropractic, therapy, supplementation, herbs, and diet. Nothing, and I mean nothing made a noticeable difference. Everyone would always say "have you tried _____?" And, I would go out and try it, but to no avail.

I adjusted my diet many times (Raw food, Gluten Free, Type O, Food Combining, juice fasting) to try and help my cramps, but nothing made a difference. I mean a good diet of course helps me feel better in general but no dietary change (and I was religious about following my plans) would actually affect my pain.

I have always used natural products without sulfates/parabens...but, I was a little more lax about detergent and I also discovered my shower soap (bronner's), and face soap had lavender and tea tree oil in them. So, I switched to natural bar soap and different laundry soap, as your materials suggested. I also finally broke down and spent the money on some paraben free eyeshadow/mascara.

This simple change, plus the use of progestelle (about 1-2 droppers, Days 8-28 or so), has been the biggest miracle--I mean, I think I am still a little in shock, waiting for the pain. But, like I said, 2 periods down, and...all I have to say is, take it from someone who has been around the alternative block...this will change your period! I can't tell you how much I spent both with my time and money to try and affect my period, amazing that $20 later, I am cramp free! And, I swear, I never, ever thought that I would be able to say that, after 5 years of struggle.

I almost wish my whole family could write a testimonial, too, just to attest that my pain was real, and my attempts to change it were numerous!

My deepest gratitude for you work!

Abbie P. (New York, NY)

Feb. 28, 2007

Within one month I had NO PAIN.

This is my testimony. This is more than you want probably but chop out anything you don't need. I had the scraping surgery for endometriosis April 16, 2002. In 3 months the pain was back actually worse than before. They put me on birth control pills for 3 years. I didn't realize that the birth control pills allowed the endometriosis to grow unchecked. They basically just reduced the pain somehow and gave me a false sense that I was getting better. By the time I realized I wasn't getting better, but worse, it was everywhere. My gallbladder was removed in 9/2004 and the surgeon took pics of the endometriosis for me. My gyno took one look at the pics and said something had to be done but she wouldn't touch me. I foolishly waited until May 2005 but found a wonderful doctor who did a surgery not considered conventional. He had 20 or 30 years experience in treating endometriosis and someone that had the surgery told me about him. By now:

the pain was intense,
I couldn't hold my urine,
I urinated constantly,
I had a constant headache - nothing made it go away,
My skin hurt to touch it,
I had diarrhea a lot and it would hit with no warning
Depression had started
My joints ached and I was convinced I had lupus or arthritis or cancer.
I couldn't sleep due to the pain and only had 1 week a month that I did NOT have intense pain.

The surgery worked. I was hospitalized for 5 days and wore a catheter for 3 weeks. But over a couple of months - most immediately, the pain went away. I had a life again. There is a 90% success rate with this surgery. But I was the worst he'd ever seen. They cut out part of my small intestine and bladder because the endometriosis had pierced them. They burned off the peritoneum (however you spell it) from all my internal organs. It grows back in 7 days.

Well, about 1 1/2 years later, the pain came back in my bladder area. To urinate was getting painful for about 3 days. Then over 3 months the pain got to the point where walking was painful at times. The pain was probably about a 7. I would be walking and just stop and take a deep breath. I was crying and terrified because surgery wasn't going to help. That was obvious and I almost lost my bladder the first time Dr. Kelly said.

On November 6, 2006 I stopped all xenoestrogens - I went full force - detergent, hair products, food, no makeup. On November 13, 2006 I ordered the Indole 3 Carbinole and started taking it when I received it along with all the other vitamin recommendations. I ordered the Progesterone oil but I am not sure of the date. I started with 1/2 dropperful and now use 1 dropperful a day. Within one month I had NO PAIN. The next month I cheated in small ways - chocolate mainly and some spices. Unfortunately I cooked with a lot of oregano and thyme. I had minor pain (2). My last period was great so I am cheating with a little hairspray right now (this week). My ovarian cysts seem to be better also. They had left for 1 1/2 years as well and started coming back in May 2006. Combined with the endometriosis, the cysts are extremely painful.

I hope you can use some of this. If it's way off base, please let me know and I can do something else. Basically, I was a case that had no hope and your methods seem to have worked with no knives to boot. My gyno is completely for it. Marcy L., Tampa, FL and feel free to use my full name and city. I don't mind at all. I talk to a lot of women about endometriosis because no one cares to research it or treat it and it's a horrible that can rob your life. It almost took mine. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kelly for cutting it out and you for keeping it from growing back.

Marcy L., Tampa, FL , Jan 17, 2007
Marcy L. has graciously agreed to email anyone that wants to know more.
luthmarlaura @

Cysts are Gone, Cramps are Gone, NO MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS!


Thank you so much for your wonderful product. For the past several years I have suffered from severe endometriosis, ovarian cysts, MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, debilitating cramps, and infertility. I have had multiple surgeries to remove the endometriosis and spent nearly six months enduring the hot flashes associated with receiving Lupron injections. When my doctor wrote me a prescription for the birth control pill in October to try to control the endometriosis, it was the last straw. I couldn't bear the thought of putting more chemicals into my body, and I knew there had to be a more natural way of dealing with the endometriosis. So, after searching the Internet, I found your product and decided to try it.

After eliminating a majority of the phyto- and xenoestrogens mentioned in your information packet and trying the progestelle for 2 months, I was amazed at the results. My cysts are gone, I had no MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, and—for the first time in my life--I had absolutely no cramps with my period. I was ecstatic—this is the best I have felt in years. I have shared my story with my friends, family, doctors, and colleagues, and everyone has been amazed. In fact, my physical therapist was so amazed that she tried it for one month with the hope that it would help shrink her grapefruit-sized fibroids. It did. Recently she had an ultrasound, and her doctor was shocked to see that the fibroids had totally disappeared. As a result of me “spreading the news” to everyone who will listen, I have had numerous requests to try my Progestelle and to borrow the information packet that you sent with my initial order. Unfortunately, one of these requests resulted in my information packet getting lost. If possible, would you please send me another information packet? (Or several more—they are awesome marketing tools for the Progestelle and I would love to be able to give them to friends who are interested so that they might purchase the Progestelle and enjoy the same success that I have found.)

Thank you so much for your help. You are making the world a healthier and happier place—one woman at a time.


Jennifer C. , Pittsburgh, PA Jan 8, 2007

What a Huge Relief!

Of course you may publish it. I am so thankful that I need not go through any invasive procedure and hope women with similar problems would benefit from the right product which is unavailable in my country.

My situation:

(1) Bad MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for many years --both pre and post mens migraine headache as well as lower abdomen cramp during mens.

(2) Previous scan report said "Monthly abdomen endometrium appears slightly nodular which may be due to monthly abdomen endometrial hyperplasia or underlying polyps. The thickness of 11mm is still within normal limits. No uterine or adnexal mass present. A corpus luteum is noted within the right ovary." The scan was done in May and I started progestelle in late June till now. The latest scan on 29 August showed EVERYTHING HAS BECOME NORMAL. My slightly bulging stomach has gone down again and I don't feel bloated anymore.

(3) I totally kicked caffeine and switched to conti olive oil soap as well as beauty products without paraben since June as advised.

(4) Also took vitamins B, calcium + E as recommended in the booklet.

I would certainly continue to use Progestelle at a maintenance dose for many, many more months. Thanks for the advice. Noted about pregnancy but no big issue with that as I am still single.

Look forward to getting progestelle with thanks!

I just had my scan result and what a huge relief-----that my monthly abdomen endometrium has gone from 11mm to 4mm!!!!! And the scan shows no other abnormality!!!!! Its truly amazing that I have used progestelle only for 3 months and the problem has cleared up. Indeed, it was a good decision I did not rush into committing to any invasive procedures!!!!

A BIG thank you to you, Dr Eckhart!!!

I am applying progestelle full dose in the 4th month now. Do you advise I could continue it with a maintenance dose the 5th month on? I must say the olive oil base is great, it absolutely did not give me any itch. Progestelle is running very low, would very much appreciate if you could mail the remaining balance to me.

As for my gal friend who is using the double strength I passed it on to her, she is applying only the maintenance dose because beside MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, she does not have any problem with her reproductive system, is it ok? Please advise too.

Meiling L., Singapore Sept. 6, 2006

I went for another follow-up scan a few days ago since the last one in September. Like that of September, the scan shows NO abnormality and my endometrium is 3mm thick which is excellent!!! I attribute it to the continual use of progestelle.

I would like to place order for myself as well as two of my gal friends. As two of them are ordering through me, is it still possible to still enjoy the 1 bottle free for each of them?

These two gal friends of mine only suffer from MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS. Can they go on just maintenance dose of 1 bottle of olive/grapeseed or 1/2 bottle of double strength every month?

Hear from you soon.

Meiling L.,
Singapore Dec. 20, 2006

As I have a clean bill for the past 3 years consecutively, my gynecologist discharged me therefore I have no result to share with you. I am positive I am doing well. I still diligently apply progestelle from day 6-26 every month and am down to the last bottle. Hence, I am placing a fresh order.

Thank you once again for the wonderful product.

Meiling L., Singapore Mar. 16, 2009

Baby Girl!

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

You helped me just over a year a nine months ago with my trying to conceive. Our daughter, N., just turned one. My difficulty was not getting pregnant, but keeping the pregnancy. I took Progestelle, and that ensured my pregnancy. Our daughter is very healthy, happy, and bright. My husband and I are trying to conceive again. I was 42 when I conceived N., and now am 43 going on 44.

Thank you kindly,

Helen V., Boulder, CO, Aug 18, 2006

My fibroids are so small that.... the doctor couldn't find them.

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excruiating cramps before, during and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids and yuckiness in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts in my breast.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used it a month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. The first period after using the product, I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping. Actually, it has been a year now and I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. My fibroids are so small that, at my last obgyn appt., the doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen and, at a recent check-up, my cholesterol is at a normal level. I no longer have breast tenderness and the lumps are gone or so small I can't feel them anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product, Dr. Eckert. Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.


Andrea R. , Carson City, Nevada Nov. 9, 2006

Endometriosis - The Progestelle has been a life saver for me.

I have endometriosis and have been using Progestelle since March.

The pain has greatly improved since I started using the Progestelle in March. Before I began using it I missed work 3 - 4 days a month because of pain and I ended up in the ER because I had lost nearly half of my blood. Now, my periods are normal and I'm no longer missing work because of pain. I still have some bad days (although I don't even remember when my last one was) but they are few and far between. And, on a bad day the pain isn't bad enough to make me throw up anymore and I can usually take just Aleve and that is enough to make the pain stop.

The Progestelle has been a life saver for me. I used to be afraid to go anywhere or do anything because I was afraid the pain would start (it came on very fast, very bad, and at any time of the month) and I'd end up leaving or throwing up. Fear was taking over my life. Now I do stuff. My husband and I can go on vacation or dinner or out with friends and I don't have to worry anymore. It has quite literally given me my quality of life back.

Thank you,

Cheri T. , Marshfield, Wisconsin, Nov. 6 2006

Ovarian cyst Went Missing!

Hi Dr.Eckhart,

I want to thank you your website has once again saved another person's life !!!

My doctor told me to come back and see her after 3 months and if my ovarian cyst at 7 cm is still there, I would need a surgery. I returned in 2 months time to make sure I was ok.

Natural Progesterone help for yuckiness in my endometrial wallWhen I found out I have ovarian cyst few months back, I searched the internet for answers and keep coming back to your website and bought your items. But I didn't use them.

However, I did follow your instructions.

NO coffee.
Take vitamins E 600 iu before you sleep, magnesium, vitamin B6, etc.

and most of all, can you inform the world. DRINK lots of WATER. especially during our menstrual cycle.

I never drink a lot but my mother in law told me to drink LOTS of water and I did....

When I went to have a check up recently, the doctor could NOT find my cyst. It went missing !!!

Thanks to your natural healing to ovarian cyst...and inform the world your natural methods actually works ! I still have your bottle of Progestelle - unused....its a good souvenir for me.....

Best Wishes and THANK YOU !!!

Jovee T., Hong Kong, Oct. 10, 2006

Uterine Fibroid Gone

A 68 year old elderly postmenopausal lady came in to see her Ob/Gyn. The Ob/Gyn found a Uterine Fibroid the size of baseball on ultrasound. The surgeon recommended a hysterectomy. The elderly lady read Dr. Lee's book and decided to stop taking her estrogen supplements and go on progesterone skin cream. Two months later a follow up ultrasound showed that the uterus had shrunk and the uterine fibroid had disappeared. The operation had become unnecessary.

Cysts in my breast Gone!

I'm a 33 yr old Hispanic female who 5 yrs ago had surgery removing 2 cysts in my breast that were causing me a lot of pain. My OB/GYN suggested I go this particular surgeon she recommended. The surgeon's recommendation was surgery to remove the cysts in my breast. I now have a scar around my nipple that is a continuous reminder of the biggest mistake I have ever made due to lack of information and relying on physician's opinion. NEVER DID THEY MENTION THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOU.

Several months ago, another fibrocyst formed in the same breast I had surgery on. I must have cried for a week and was depressed knowing I would have to have surgery again because this cyst was bigger & more painful. I kept ignoring it until I said to myself, "there's got to be another way to get rid of this". So, I researched the Internet and read and read. I'm so thankful to have found everything I needed to know about cysts in my breast on your web site as well as the remedy for getting rid of cysts.

I have only used 1 bottle of progesterone oil & I am so happy to say that my fibrocyst is GONE. COMPLETLY GONE!! I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR RESEARCH AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR AVOIDING EXTREME ESTROGEN USE. has graciously offered to talk to anyone about progesterone and cysts in my breast breasts.

My Cysts in my breast Have Improved

Also, I want to say that since I started Progestelle ® in June (it is now Nov. 2001), the cysts in my breast in my breasts have improved. Sometimes they flare up if I eat too much chocolate/caffeine/estrogenic herbs, etc., but they areNatural Progesterone help for cysts in my breastslowly shrinking.  I also feel that my disthymia/irritability have improved.  I  haven't lost any weight yet <sigh> but my MD says that's usually the last  thing to correct.  Your web site has been so valuable to me.  I've also stopped using all lotions/cosmetics containing paraben, boy has *that* been challenging, but well worth it, as I had ovarian cancer in 1988 and want to improve my chances against breast cancer as much as possible.

Thank you for being part of my solution.


I wanted to provide you with the results of my first month usage. All I can really say is that I am truly amazed that I have found a product that delivers what it claims. I have been afflicted with MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for years and after a month of modified diet and product changes I feel I am on the road to recovery and a more quality life. If it gets better through continued usage I can only tell you I have never felt better in my menstrual life as I do now. Thank you for your research and product. I have passed my success to my family and friends who also may suffer from the many side effects of hormone imbalance and hopefully have offered them a drink of water.

Normal Again!

I've started with the natural progesterone cream and love it! My depression is gone and in the past two weeks I've lost eight pounds. My carbohydrate and sweet cravings are gone. I have more energy. I have to mark my periods on the calendar for I don't get any monthly bloating and mood swings symptoms. My question is why in the hell didn't I hear about this sooner? Are doctors really that ignorant that women have to go out and do their own research. I'm forty-two years old and wished I could have taken this at thirty. The only thing my body takes in is natural progesterone cream. No more drugs! Yeah! I have both books from Dr. Lee, but wish my message could be broadcasted to all the women out there who rely on their doctors. But then pharmaceuticals would be out of business for sure. My body has already paid a high price over the years due to being used as a guinea pig for doctors' ignorance and stupidity. Thank God for Dr. Lee and Dr. Northup. I'm back to normal.


For three months now, I have been on the Natural Progesterone skin cream therapy and have been using paraben-free shampoo, conditioner, and make-up. The results have been nothing short of amazing! No more MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS!Natural Progesterone help for endometriosis

I have gone from what used to be a week or more of suffering every month to a virtually symptom-free premenstrual cycle. In addition, although my periods still run long (typically 8 or 9 days), my cycles have normalized from 25 days (prior to adopting your Natural Progesterone therapy) to a normal 28 to 29 day cycle.

Natural Progesterone therapy is a miracle! Thank you for giving me my life back!! :)

Ovarian cyst Gone! Hysterectomy Avoided!

3 years ago I decided to have an ultra sound to determine why I suffered such debilitating menstrual cramps, my gyn only found a very small ovarian cyst and sent me on my way with some advil. 3 years later I started having chronic urinary type infections and on the 3rd visit was told I had a huge fibroid or cyst. I immediately had another ultra sound and found the cyst had grown to 7.5 centimeters. My gyn than wanted to do immediate surgery and explained that if they can't drain it that most likely I would need a hysterectomy. When I asked why and how cysts occur, his only answer was that it is complicated. So I went home got on the Internet reviewed hundreds of web sites and found no reasonable explanation for cyst formation until coming upon the women's therapeutic institute. I ordered the progesterone right away and fortunately Dr. Lee was going to be speaking in my city. After hearing Dr. lee lecture I began to get a grip on what was happening to me. At this point I was in chronic pain from the cyst pressing against my bladder, and had developed chronic odor in my urine for 6 months that even the antibiotics couldNatural Progesterone help for endometriosisnot cure. Waiting to start the progesterone I began to make the recommended changes i.e. switching to organic food changing soaps, make up, etc., after using the progesterone for just 3 days the odor and pain started to diminish. I have now been on the program for 5 months and have no symptoms everyone tells me I look a 100% better I sleep better and feel fantastic, and the best bonus of all I NO MORE MENSTRUAL CRAMP. This is what the medical profession is supposed to do, help make you well, not put you on a table and sacrifice your womanhood. My husbands niece was recently diagnosed with the same condition I had and went forward with the surgery which resulted in a hysterectomy, now she feels hysterical and depressed and I think that could have been me. perhaps surgery is necessary in some cases, but it is well worth your time to take responsibility for your health and at the very least try to make your self well before you make that decision.

Menstrual Cycle Normalized! No more cramping!

I'm not sure if you remember having talked to me, so I'll try to refresh your memory: I was the one who had sent you my medical form, stating how I had been in a traumatic bicycle accident 11 years ago at age 23, having been literally run over by a truck. And, I spoke to you on the phone.
You had told me to inform you about how Progestelle ® is working for me, after a few months of taking it. Here goes:

My sleep improved the first night of using it. Plus, my debilitating cramping has reduced more and more each month. I just began menstruating today, and so far, no cramps at all. My cycle has lengthened, also. Usually it is every 21 days. This month I started on the 26th day -- amazing!

I'm no longer taking Armour thyroid. I weaned myself off of it quick, because I had only been on it 2 months. I'll let you know if my thyroid level is in the normal range as soon as I find out my blood test result. My doctor's office is supposed to call me in less than an hour to tell me.

I used to get cysts in my breast a week before starting. Now, I don't.

Editor's Note: FSH and Free T3 were normal.

Vanessa I.

Endometriosis Improved - Operation Avoided!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the summer of 2001 during laproscopy surgery. I have always had problems with my periods, especially the pain involved. I was given two choices of further treatment by the surgeon which was a hysterectomy or drugs. I was not willing to do either of these, so I never went back for my follow-up appointment. I then was on my own to search for an alternative to drugs and surgery. I read a lot and searched the internet. The information that was most beneficial to me was found on the internet at the website Before that I knew there was a missing link that I had just not discovered yet. I followed all of the advice on the website including throwing away all of my personal care products and using only those with no parabens (chemical estrogens) in them. This made a tremendous difference in my bout with the severe pain of endometriosis. Since I began to follow the guidelines presented, the severe pelvic pain that I had been experiencing off and on was completely gone and hasn't returned. I also use the progesterone product that can be purchased on the website. I was also diagnosed with low progesterone and high estrogen through a saliva test. It's amazing how many progesterone products contain parabens. This one does not. Using progesterone is very important in the healing process of this . I am now onto the next phase of getting my thyroid in balance as this problem usually goes hand in hand with endometriosis. I am very thankful to have found this website. I also appreciate the help that Dr. Eckhart has given me over the phone and through e-mails as well. I only wish more women knew about this information so that they could make an informed choice regarding treatment for endometriosis.

Deb H.

Miscarriage Avoided - Healthy Baby Born!

I am 43 years old now.  At 41 years of age I began to experience some symptoms of MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS that were worse than I had ever had before.  Mood swings and anxiety at times were very hard to deal with.  I was also feeling far angrier than the offense would warrant.  This was causing a great deal of difficulty in the parenting of my 5 children.  As time went on I was having irregular periods as well and then I suffered the loss of two babies due to first trimester loosing babys.  I read the book,"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" and decided to ask my pc doctor to evaluate my hormones in the hopes that she would be able to help with the imbalance.  She asked me several questions about my emotional symptoms and diagnosed me with depression.  She prescribed an anti-depressant.  I had a feeling that she would be approaching my condition this way so I had a copy of the book with me, along with some of the web pages I had downloaded from your site.  When I told her that I believed the problem was hormonal she excused me saying,"It looks like we're finished here.  I can see that I'm not convincing you...but when you decide that you want this prescription it will be waiting for you at the front desk."  A few days later she called me to let me know that my test results indicated that I had a thyroid condition which was causing my hormonal problems.  I was low in progesterone as well as estrogen and I decided to begin the natural progesterone oil.  I shopped all over the internet for a type of NP which would not contain the additives that were undesirable and found this one as the only one based in oil.  I was also placed on Synthroid for my thyroid condition and I can't tell you which one if not both of these helped "even me out" but I can tell you that a couple weeks later I was pregnant!  Had I followed my doctor's advice I probably would've caused my baby to suffer with birth defects. I was concerned that I would miscarry again but through much prayer and continuing on the natural progesterone through my first trimester things went very well!  I want to say that Dr. Eckart was very responsible in my care even though I have never met the man face-to-face.  He quickly responded to my many questions and once even called me on the phone to make sure I knew that I needed to taper off the NP as I progressed to the second trimester of the pregnancy.  I gave birth to a ten and a half pound baby boy named Uriah in February and we are all doing wonderfully.  I thank God for leading me to your website and have referred other women to your company already.  They are pleased with the results also.  I know that there will be many more because it seems that often I find that the women I meet are struggling with hormonal changes and have never heard that there is a natural way to solve this problem.  So many of them believe that antidepressants are the only answer!  Thanks again for providing a better way. 

Sincerely, Sarah N. (mother of six)

Editors note: Estrogen dominance can cause a hypothyroid clinical picture with a normal T3 level. Women are tired and have a body temp. of approximately 97F, and gain fat on the belly and hips. Hair may thin. Avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone will reverse this. A repeat first trimester miscarriage is almost always a Natural Progesterone deficiency.See for more details.

Uterine Fibroids getting smaller - Operation Avoided Again!

I'm writing to let you know about my results from the IVP test and the ultrasound done last week. The IVP was normal (I expected that), and the ultrasound showed the fibroids to be smaller and my uterus reduced in size by 2 centimeters. I was overjoyed. I've only been doing the Progestelle for 3½ months. Also, I was three pounds lighter than the visit on 10/7 (yearly well woman and PAP test).

I'm feeling a lot better. I feel more restful and less stressed than I had * I know the vitamins and supplements, as well as exercise has a lot to do with that. I've lost a total of 10 pounds so far. That in itself helps me feel better.

You have my permission to publish. Is it the same website I went to when I found your information about Progestelle? If so, I read all the testimonials of others there, which is one of the reasons I decided to use try it. If what I've experienced can help someone, I'm glad to do it. I'm already telling everyone I come in contact with. (Even a stranger at the grocery store!! I don't even remember how we got started in the conversation to the point of me telling her about your website and Progestelle. I also told her to get the book by Dr. Lee.)

Phyllis T.

Editors Note: After adding 200 mg/day of Indole-3-Carbinol and 1000 mg/day of Bioflavinoids to the regime of avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Progestelle, our success rate with uterine fibroids may be better than 85%. Uterine fibroids also seem to be linked with low level anxiety and stress that impairs the body's ability to excrete xenoestrogens.

Menstrual Cramping Almost Gone

From an email Jan 8th, 2005

I first consulted a OBGYN in Mar 2004 because of VERY VERY painful periods. first painful period was May 2003. It hurt sooo bad that I nearly passed out at a business meeting. From May 2003 to present I would have a good and then a bad one so I just took OTC medicine to help. It got to the point that the medicine didn't even phase the pain. It was terrible. I decided to see my PCP in around Jan 2004. She acted like I just had pain and that was it. She wanted to put me on birth control which I did not want to do because I had a bad reaction (mood swings, crying, etc.) whenever I first got married in Jan 2001. She said that if I did not want to be on the birth control that she would prescribe Ponstel. I tried the Ponstel and it would ease the pain a little but not was so strong that I still hurt badly. Also to note....I am very good with pain management....needles, etc. not much can phase me and this pain felt like it was killing me! So in desperation I decided to go see an OBGYN instead of going back to my PCP. I go to the OBGYN in Mar 2004 and she did an ultrasound of my ovaries, uterus, bladder, etc. She said my uterus looked very healthy but my ovaries had several follicles. She explained that it looked like I had MULTIPLE CYSTS ON THE OVARY. She said that I did not seem to have any other characteristics of the condition. I have no hair on my face or anywhere for that matter. I am not obese or overweight.

She then said that the best way to go is birth control. I told her about my previous problems and she said that we should try the nuvaring because it is low dose and less likely to cause problems. I was so desperate at that point that I was willing to try anything even though I had problems before. So I started the nuvaring in May 2004 and it didn't eliminate all pain immediately but it helped a lot and by the third month I had no pain. I also had no negative first. After a few months on the ring I seemed to have a lower libido than usual....WAY LOWER. I started to realize that it was the nuvaring causing the problem. I was so frustrated and when I went back to see the DR in OCT I told her about the side effect....she, just like anyone else in modern medicine, acted like it was all in my head. I told her that I wanted off the Nuvaring and that I wanted a natural alternative. She least give it six months and then try. She told me that I may never have a symptom again. So I made it through the sixth ring and have stopped. My cycle has come back with a vengeance already! My body is probably freaking out wondering what I am doing to it. I started having intense back pain on SAT 1/2 evening and it lasted all the way through SUN night and a little here and there on Monday. Saturday was the worst part though and the thing is I always get the pain way before my period starts....sometimes it has come 5 days before! I took 2 Bextra Saturday night just trying to make it through. Today is Tues. 1/4 evening and I still have not started and I probably won’t until Thurs. is my body is on the Nuvaring schedule still. Another thing to add, my periods were always irregular, and were getting longer. For about 4 years they were right at 31 days....then when the problems started they would fluctuate from 31 to 33 to 35 and the longest ever was 38! So I am not even sure when I will start this time around! I have been doing some of my own research online in a attempt to find a natural solution and not go back to the Nuvaring, artificial hormones! In doing so I have found some information online about xenoestrogens. I read in one article that Nonoxyl-9 is one of them. Well, whenever the pill would not work. I got a diaphragm, I used it for about 18 months and never got another and have used condoms, or the sponge. I am concerned that all of this exposure to Nonoxyl-9 could have thrown off my system and caused things to go haywire. I started my periods at 14 and never had a problem until almost 23 years old. I also started wearing a lot more makeup in Jan 2003 when a friend introduced me to Mary Kay products. This may have affected my hormones too. Please help!! I am so desperate for help! Thank you for this service!! My main question is....can I have many cysts without having MULTIPLE CYSTS ON THE OVARY? Also, can I have MULTIPLE CYSTS ON THE OVARY but only the ovaries and pain as my symptoms?? I am so confused! Thank you for your help.

From an email dated 2/08/05

Dr. Eckhart,

I know it has been about a month since our consultation. I just want to let you know that I am doing so much better!! I am so grateful for finding you and the Progestelle! I started my period last Wednesday and had only minor cramping. I felt like what a normal healthy person must feel like! I even had a cold and I got up on Thursday and had some cramping but I went about my normal activities without even taking a Tylenol!!!!!! :) I am amazed. That day would have usually been the worst day of my month. Also, I usually start having bad pain about 5-7 days BEFORE I start, I had none! I only had the cramps the first 2 days and they were MINOR! I was almost in disbelief....I felt as if this enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders that had been there 2 years. Thank you does not express how grateful I am....

I want to let you know the changes I made in detail. Feel free to use my story if needed...I just want to help other women that I know are going through the same thing. I know how desperate I was....I know they are still out there....suffering.....Natural Progesterone help for monthly moodiness and monthly bloating

Well....after our talk on the phone I got online and went to some local health stores and bought some makeup that was all natural and most importantly paraben free! I changed my soap / bodywash, my shampoo, and my lotion. I took everything out of my bathroom that had the word paraben on the label. I went from using what I figure was about 13 products with paraben per day to zero!! I made the change in just 3 days. I was on a mission. I stopped eating anything heated in plastic. I am pretty much avoiding plastics altogether if possible. I am also using a natural toothpaste. Most of the products I am using are by a company called Burt's Bees. I also changed to the Nature Clean laundry detergent. I am using the liquid for now because they are on back order with the powder. I figured I would get the liquid while I am waiting on the powder to come in. I figured it was better than the ALL liquid I was using. I also avoid caffeine. I am trying to eat better but am still in the process of making changes here and there. I know it is a journey and it takes time but I feel I have made a lot of progress for 1 month! I would like to get a water filtration system next. That is my next big step....I am excited that I am feeling so much better in just 30 days....I can barely believe it's true. I will keep in touch on how I am doing. I am hoping to keep working towards my goal of NO Cramps at all! And getting my body to it's own natural cycle and state. more thing...I have an appt to see my Gyno on Thursday.....she is going to think I am out of my mind but I may get another ultrasound of my ovaries.....they usually do them every couple of months for me......I can't wait to see how they look....I will let you know....

Dana R.
Sherman, TX

Just to give you an update, I have had 3 cycles now and am feeling better with each one! I also notice a difference if I try to use a mascara with parabens....I have stopped trying now. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Dana R.

Healthy Baby Boy!

In my family, we have a genetic history of loosing baby over the age of 30 for those of us who suffer from headaches, especially one sided migraine headaches. I get one sided migraine headaches, and I had my first child in my late 20's, with no problems.

I tried to get pregnant again at age 30, and ended up conceiving 8 times, and dumping them every month. One actually stuck for a week, then I miscarried. I tried a low-dosage progesterone prescribed by my Naturopathic Doctor, but it didn't work. I turned to Chinese Medicine, and after 5 treatments, I was pregnant with twins. I didn't continue the treatments, and ended up miscarrying one twin at 11 weeks. I gave birth to the other twin, my daughter, at term.

I got pregnant again before she turned 2, and carried him to 15 weeks. He died in utero, and I carried him for 2 weeks, unaware that he was dead until I miscarried.

I decided to research loosing baby and one sided migraine headaches, and came upon the Women's Therapeutic Institute, and Dr. John Lee's information. I took Progestelle for one month, and on the second month, while taking Progestelle, I was pregnant. I continued to take Progestelle every day, and stopped on my 8 month day of pregnancy. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at term, 3 days before my due date. He is beautiful, strong, and very smart.

I started taking progesterone again 2 months post-partum, while breast feeding full-time, with the advise of my doctor. I noticed an immediate difference in my behavior, and emotions. I felt balanced and had more energy, and I slept better. My baby's behavior stayed the same. The progesterone has no effect on him. I hope my experience helps others who are suffering from loosing babys. Progesterone really does work.

Thanks for reading my story.

Sonya W.

Cysts in Breasts Gone!

I have been wanting to contact you personally to thank you. I began having mammograms at age 38. My first baseline mammogram. I am 43 now. I went through numerous mammograms, extra views, appointments with surgeons. I had to go to the hospital at least 3 times to have cysts aspirated. I had a lot of anxiety. My family doctor just told me to get used to it because of my cysts in my breast . He said I would have to have numerous cysts aspirated and follow up views because of my . Well, I didn't accept that, and I went on line and researched and found your web site. I decided to try the progestelle oil. I started using that when again I had another 6cm cyst. Within 3 months it was gone. I had a completely normal mammogram 6 months later. I will continue to use your product until I reach menopause. I thank you from the bottom of my heart not to go through all those extra tests. Thank you so much for the work that you do.

Your friend, Jodi W.

Pain from Endometriosis Gone!

You are more than welcome to use my testimony! I had a lap last June and had a large endometrioma cyst (tennis ball size) on my left ovary drained. The surgeon said I was covered with endometriosis everywhere and said I was already in the Third Stage of Endometriosis. He just shook his head, he felt my only options were a hysterectomy or to go on Lupron. I was only 25 and haven't been married or had children yet so that was out of the question! I never went back and saw him again! I immediately got on the Progestelle and the U-O-Clear and stopped using any product with parabens and you know the rest of the story :)

I have been on Progestelle for a year now and have been taking U-O-Clear as well and all my Endometriosis symptoms are completely gone, I don't even get menstrual cramps anymore! It's like I don't even have Endometriosis :) It's amazing how much everything changed for me in less than a year! It's wonderful to have pain-free cycles :)

Thanks So Much,

Cynthia S.

Bloating and Cramping Gone for the First Time in 10 Years!

I would like to change the shipping to next day. Please add the difference to the same credit card. Thank you!

-Lisa B.

Lisa, Overnight Express is $18.00. You probably don't need it that soon unless there is a threatened loosing baby. I am looking at your medical form. You may have to change your laundry detergent and wait several weeks before starting on the Progestelle anyway. We have had some problems with Ecover. ie One patient could not use our product for two years until she switched from Ecover to Nature Clean. I am attaching the booklet and pink sheet so you may get started on eliminating stuff right away.

-Eckhart, MD

Alright, keep the shipping as normal. The detergent I use is Ecos (not Ecover). Thank you for the information!!!


The reason why the progesterone creams did not help was those creams were formulated incorrectly and/or you did not avoid xenoestrogens. See under failures.Natural Progesterone help for endometriosisIf you have a hypersensitivity to smell, impaired Rhomburg, or sensitive to small amounts of drugs (see above web page) then, you have impaired chemical excretion. You have difficulty excreting all drugs including xenoestrogens. The root cause of this is low level anxiety. The answer to this is a seminar at Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia. Email if you want more info. Weight gain and cold temp is due to thyroid receptor desensitivity. See the above website under thyroid. The mood swings and depression is of course due to estrogen dominance. Let's stay off the licorice plus for now. NO Ecos, NO dryer sheets. Use the detergent suggested in the handout. This is a RED-X. Use a simple olive oil bath soap for soap and dish detergent. NO sunscreen for now this is a RED-X. This may be the single cause of your PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME. What do you use to wash dishes? Let me know in a month or two how you are doing. If it is not working let's talk about it. Give me a call.

-Eckhart, MD

Thank you again for getting back to me. Things are finally starting to make sense as to why I have been having so many problems in the past when I try to use the creams. I have been off of the birth control now for a little over a month. I have not had a period and my stomach is bloated like a basketball. Since stopping (the bad) progesterone creams, the cramping is at least gone. I had purchased Dr. Lee's book a while ago. However, on his website he has a recommended list of creams. He lists Emerita creme. I purchased this at a health food store and got immediate severe cramps. I wasn't sure why until I came across your website. I then checked the ingredients and realized they have the methyl and proply parabens. Another one he lists is Arbonne (I had also ordered this and discovered the same thing...they don't list the parabens on the website, but do on the bottle). I am surprised that he has not checked out these items more thoroughly before listing them as recommended creams! I went through my personal care products and even though most were from the health food store, almost all had the parabens (cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, shaving creme, toner, some makeup). I have thrown those away. I use a dishwashing detergent from Trader Joes (brand). I had a question re: the Ecos laundry detergent. This is what is lists as the Ingredients: Plant Based Surfactants, Soap Bark, Chamomile, Horsetail (plant), Lavender, Rosemary, Cellulose Optical Brightener, Soy Based Fabric Softener, Essential Oils of Magnolias & Lilies, & Water Do you still feel like is could be causing problems?? I also wanted to ask why you suggest I stop using the Licorice Plus??I started taking it through my naturopath's recommendation for my adrenal glands (had been very fatigued all of the time). I've been taking for over a year now. Thank you!!

-Lisa B.

NO ECOS. NONE. NONE. Chamomile and Rosemary is estrogenic. Lavender may have hormone disruption properties. Use Nature Clean Powdered detergent or TSP. NO fabric softener. NONE. We are trying to get you well, and are trying to minimize stuff. Once you get well THEN you can experiment. ECOS contains chamomile this is estrogenic. Rosemary may be estrogenic and perhaps made my mother's fibroid bigger. Lets try coming off of Licorice plus for a couple of months, there are some steroidal components to it.

-Eckhart, MD

Well, Lee MD is brilliant. I got to talk to him on the phone before he passed away last year at age 77. I was able to add to it with my knowledge of environmental medicine. You may need to come off of everything and wait a month. Parabens seem to be associated with menstrual cramping. No parabens, no cramping. But no one is perfect.

-Eckhart, MD

Thanks, I ordered the detergent. I'll keep you posted -

-Lisa B.


HI. I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I eliminated the parabens/xenoestrogens for a month and a half and began to use the progesterone oil as directed (and the laundry detergent). I have had a normal menstrual period for the first time in about 10 years!!?It is the first time I have been able to be off birth control with no side bloating or cramping!!! I am so happy I discovered your website and product. It is people like you who really care and take the time to educate and help those in need. After having been to so many doctors with no avail, I can finally say I feel healthy for the first time in quite a while. Thank you for all the great information you provide to your customers. You are a blessing!

-Lisa B. , Irvine, CA

(please feel free to use this as a testimonial)

Feeling Better, No Sugar Cravings, Breast cysts are disappearing!

Hello Dr. Eckhart: I just had to email and tell you how Progestelle has changed my life. I am a 59 year old wife, mom and grandma who takes care of 4 grandchildren 3-4 days per week - a 6 year old girl, two 4 year old girls and an 18 month old boy.

One month ago, I was ready to give up. Every morning I would wake up and convince myself to make it one more day. I would plod through the day waiting for the kids to go home, dinner to be over so I could bury myself in my hobby of cross stitching where all you have to do is count! I would go to bed plagued with panic attack dreams just to wake up in the morning to convince myself to make it another day.Natural Progesterone help for dysmenorrhea

I had started seeing doctors about 3 years ago for Panic Attacks - their suggestion (and prescription) was Zanax and Atenolol - which was for my prehypertension (caused from the panic attack I was having at the doctor's office). My heart had been sonogrammed and EKG'd and was said to be fine. Although no one told me what to do about the panic attacks except for drugs, I researched and learned how to help myself during an attack - especially those that were started from dreams. I must say, I am actually pretty good at stopping them now. Then there are the doctors that want to cut out the cysts in my breast lumps in my breasts which again I said no to. To make a long story short, not one doctor has given me any information that could have helped me either with the panic attacks, prehypertension that happens only when I'm in a panic attack (usually from the doctor!), or the lumps.

Then I found your website by searching for info on cysts in my breast - information gives you the power to overcome! That was one month ago.

Today, I must say to you "thank you for giving me my life back". After the second day of using Progestelle, I woke up and thought "I can do this". Now I wake up every day happy to greet the day and see my grandchildren and look forward to playing with them and teaching them. My life has changed so much - I am excited about each new day, no panic attacks for a month, I'm losing the belly fat, I AM LAUGHING AGAIN! I am amazed at the lack of desire for sugar. I can look at something sweet and think 'yuck'. (I think I was using sugar to get me through the day.) Having a bit of trouble getting rid of the cup of coffee but am working on that! The lumps in my breasts are getting smaller. By the way, my husband says 'thank you' too - we've been married 26 years and he's 14 years younger than I and happy to see me return to the world of the living. We are having fun together again.

Thank you, thank you -

Dona R. Spokane, WA

Fibroid Gone. Sex Drive Returns.

I am very satisfied with the quick results I have achieved using Progestelle for the last 5 months according to your instructions for treating uterine fibroids. I was feeling much improvement after one month, and could not feel my fibroid at all after 3 months.I am not experiencing any symptoms at all at present.Thank you so much for your research and clear instructions on what lifestyle changes, supplementation, and products to avoid in addition to the Progestelle.

In addition to the Indole-3-carbinol and bioflavanoid supplementation you recommended, I have added 50 mg Butterbur extract (Solaray) daily which has completely alleviated my menstrual one sided migraine headaches that I have suffered with for over 12 years. I rarely ever have a headache now with the above combination of supplements and the Progestelle.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and professional advice. I am so very grateful not to have any more discomfort, bloating or pressure from uterine fibroids and estrogen dominance.

One major improvement I forgot to mention was that my non-existent sex drive returned within just a few weeks of starting the Progestelle. This was a pleasant surprise.


Deborah E., Lafayette, CO

Pain from Endometriosis Gone.

Just for your endometriosis data collection: my first menses after started progestelle (used only about 30 mg/day from day 15-28) my pain was reduced from a 7 to a 4. The second menses (using it all month at 60 mg/day) pain reduced to about a 2. This third menses (80 mg/day) I've had NO pain at all. A Zero!! (Worse Pain is a pain of 10)


Melanie M., New Jersey

Menstrual Cramping Gone.

I really enjoy your product. It is really hard to believe that I can have my menses without any very very painful cramping, I would have to take 800 mg of Motrin every 4-6 hrs, for the last two months my menses have came without any pain. I started my menses when I was 14 y.o. and everyone would say it is all in your head, You cannot be having that much pain, I would lay in the on days 1-3 during my menses, it would last five days. I missed alot of school during H.S. I will be reordering your product whenever I only have one bottle left. thank you so much for the product and the information, all my MD wants to do is take my uterus. I wanted to try your product first. My follow up ultrasound is due the end of Jan. 2006. I will keep you update.


Ruth W., Pittsburgh, PA

MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS and Menstrual Cramping Going Away

I wanted to say 'Thank you'. All of the info I have received both in the booklet with my first order, as well as several emails back and forth with you have been so valuable! I have started using only Bare Essentials/Minerals makeup, and my skin has never looked better.

I also now know what to avoid as far as preservatives/herbs and the difference has been phenomenal! I am no longer having any mid-cycle pain, my cycle has returned to normal, with minimal to no cramping. There is no longer any water weight retention or headaches, and no uterine pain or breast tenderness whatsoever at any point in any recent cycles! I am so happy! My weight has also returned to where I would like it to be without any dieting or diet changes at all. I feel wonderful! Thank you!

And, all this with just the modifications. I have not yet even begun to use the progesterone.

I am wondering about Ylang Ylang. I know lavender and chamomile were mentioned as ones to avoid, and I do. I did some research online regarding Ylang Ylang and noticed it's also listed as having estrogenic activity. I did want to double check this with you, as there is a hair conditioner which contains this, and I will definitely be avoiding this if this is true concerning Ylang Ylang.

Thank you in advance, and again, thank you!

Michelle P. Greensboro, North Carolina

Bye Breast cyst

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

You asked me to let you know how I've done after 2 to 3 months on your program. I can best sum it up in one word -- WOW!

I avoided xenoestrogens for one month prior to starting the Progestelle in November. In December I started taking Twin Labs vitamin B-100, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Within just 2 weeks of applying the Progestelle, my hot flashes totally disappeared and my night sweats were reduced by 90%. I still have occasional night sweats when I have very vivid/active dreams, but I can deal with this compared to being awakened several times a night from hot flashes and/or night sweats (not to mention the hot flashes had become almost continuous during the day).

Perhaps more importantly, the breast cyst that the surgeon aspirated in late September and that had already started to fill with fluid again in October began to reduce in size within the first month of applying the Progestelle. I am not able to palpate it at all now.

My periods are still quite irregular, which has made it a bit of a challenge to know when to apply the Progestelle. I had a period last week, after just having one the first week of January. My last period prior to that was at the end of September 2005. Unfortunately, the periods are still accompanied by a severe headache, but I am hopeful that this symptom will also disappear in time.Natural Progesterone help for breast cysts

I did have an interesting experience in December. One day I foolishly gave in and ate a rather large square of homemade double-chocolate brownie. The next day I not only had a headache and nausea, but I also had intense pain in my breast where the cyst had been. I learned a valuable lesson, and I have no desire to repeat the experience!

I am so appreciative that you have shared your wisdom and that you offer such a great product in your Progestelle. As you well know, the root of the word "doctor" comes from the Latin "to teach." You have done just that, and have thereby allowed me to regain my health and quality of life. I cannot thank you enough.

Given the opportunity, I am sharing my experience with other women. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Take care and God bless,

Claudia M., Richland, Washington

Ovarian cyst Gone with the Wind

Hi there,

Firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my medical problem. I have ordered your product because my gynae discovered in June 2005 an ovarian cyst on the right side, of around 3 cm diameter. She proposed to put me on contraceptives for three months and if she will not see any results to perform a laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst.

I started searching on Internet and found your company. I have ordered your natural Progestelle, used it as per instructions and after three months my cyst was gone with the wind. Forever! Even my gynae was puzzled. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU AGAIN. All my prayers for Dr Lee to rest in peace for his marvelous discovery. I would like to carry on with a maintenance treatment. How do I contact you. Should I go back on your page on Internet and follow the procedures or you send me a form by e-mail to fill in the quantity, my physical address and my credit card number. I live in Romania, which is located in Central Europe. Thank you for your help and hope to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Mirella D., Romania

Relief from a 20 year Breast cyst

To whom it may concern:

I have suffered with severe pain in my left breast due to cysts in my breast for more than 20 years. Doctors have told me to give up chocolate, caffeine and limit my salt intake, all with no affect. Then they put me on male hormones that cost more than $50.00 a pill, with again, no relief. Out of desperation I turned to the internet to research my problem. The pain had reached the point where I wanted to have my breast removed. Fortunately, I found your website through a number of links. I followed the instructions and quit using most of the beauty products contain the parabens and started using your oil. Within a week I had relief, the pain had lessened to a tolerable point. Since the first month I have been mostly pain free. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! It would not be an exaggeration to say that this oil has changed my life.


Lorann G.

Breast Pain Away

I've told many people about my experience. I would add that I first sought help from my gynocologist who told me I had cysts in my breasts and that it would only get worse with time. The only advice she gave me was to stay away from caffeine. Needless to say, I did not accept that and looked for alternatives. I am diligent about staying away from parabens and have decreased or eliminated most household chemicals. I do stay away from caffiene as it does aggravate the situation, I follow a vegetarian diet that includes whole soy foods, take a multiple vitamin supplement, sea weed capsules daily, and get daily exercise. The initial pain that sent me to the doctor was so bad that I couldn't decided which was worse - wearing a bra or not wearing one! I do get occasional tenderness now but only if I do not follow my typical regimen. I will add that not following the regimen even for a few days results in mild tenderness. I have also been able to decrease my thyroid medication as well.

When I first started, I had a lot of breast pain. Within a few months, it almost entirely went away. I still get some occasional pain, but it is minor.

Maggi P., Clearwater, Florida

Menstrual One sided migraine headaches No More

Dr. Eckhart,

Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer having headaches with my periods as I had reported to you last. I did purchase a bottle of butterbur as you recommended. I'm happy to say that I did not have to use it. I have had 3 periods over the past 3 months (much more regular than I've been in quite awhile, by the way) and I did not have even a hint of a headache with any of them!

I have moved from the desert in eastern Washington to the west side of the state on the Long Beach peninsula. The reason for my move was because of my love to be near the Pacific Ocean. However, I am hoping that the environment will be healthier in regard to xenoestrogen exposure since I am no longer surrounded by farming and since there is an almost constant breeze of fresh ocean air!

Without a doubt, I will remain a faithful user of Progestelle. Thank you again for all your help.

God bless,

Claudia M., Nahcotta, WA

Menstrual One sided migraine headaches Lessened after 2 months


I wanted to tell you how happy I am with Progestelle. I have been using it now for just over 2 months and I feel great. I originally started using it to lessen my menstrual one sided migraine headaches and it has really helped. If I get one, it is only one, and mild and goes away in about an hour or so. I'm hoping that they disappear completely as time goes on. Also, my periods are very regular which hasn't been the case for the past 2 years. Definitely the oil. No PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME too!

Natural Progesterone help for monthly moodiness and monthly bloatingI also want to tell you how nice it is to have a Dr. who actually responds to your emails and phone calls. You really sound sincere and take the time to explain everything. I've recommended the product to others who I'm sure will experience the same benefits as I have.

Thank you again.

Tish M., Huntington, New York

Breast cysts and Ovarian cysts Improving

Dr. Eckhart - your product has produced marked results in my case, I was on a path to increased cysts in my breast, ovarian cysts and other problems, in a downward spiral headed towards what I believe would have been an RX nightmare should I have gone to a traditional MD at that time. Now, things are definitely on the right track, reduced lumpiness, much relieved extreme tenderness (now only a little in the right breast, and I keep wondering if it is the right one because I tend to sleep on that side due to my nose etc. I wonder if fluids tend to flow to that side then.) I have not experienced an ovarian cyst and delayed cycle in quite some time (which happened quite often) and when the ovarian cysts did finally go, they created a endometriosis belly ache scenario that would last for a few days.

Not happening now, I'm sure thanks to Progestelle.

I am still guilty of not surrendering coffee yet! I have reduced my intake to just mornings instead of morning, afternoon and late afternoon. I have also tossed out a whole grocery bag of paraben-laden lotions, soaps, shampoos etc. That has been a bit of work, but fun to discover (just found at Walmart a brand called Nightingale Naturals, 100% paraben free is one of their focuses. Inexpensive and great stuff.) I do hope with final adjustments and a couple more months of Progestelle that I will resolve this problem, but still need to make other "adjustments" that I am aware of :(

One question - I do see a traditional doctor next week for a delayed annual check-up, I'm sure he will hound me for a mammogram at age 41 (which my husband is really against!). How do you feel about those? From what I've read, women with dense breasts make for a difficult read anyhow (I had one 2 years ago and it did show breast density) - that DMIST machines are the only ones reliable etc. with less exposure time. Curious your opinion on that - also I hate for them find a lump and want to biopsy when it just might go away etc. What do your other patients encounter? I have read online, maybe at some of your resources, that many women (including some friends) undergo dozens of biopsies for nothing at all. The new MD I will see seems to be open to alternatives, and I will tell him what I'm doing - hope he respects that (he is supposedly very well rated for "caring" and personal choice). I also expect him to question the thickness of my uterine linings (I have 2 uteruses) as sometimes one thickens, last time I was put on Provera or one of those (and I hated it!). I do hope for more time and adjustments before they try to do anything - I think traditional medicine does more damage than good sometimes.

In result - keep up your good works to spark women onto better health by taking control and making decisions. That is fantastic. Thanks for all you do and your advice. Your e-patient.

Michelle M. Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Editors note: For Mammogram advice readWhat Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancerby John Lee, MD.

Follow up:

Hello Dr. Eckhart,

Just a quick note - I received my package, thank you very much. Just had my check-up, new GYN, thought you'd be interested to hear results. Explaining my use of Progestelle, I handed your booklet over to him, while asking if he was familiar with the term "estrogen dominance". He replied yes, while thumbing through your booklet. Then he looked up at me and said - this is good stuff, use it. He commented all the info., such as diet, seemed to be there and if I was following it - I was doing all the right things to help myself. Upon examination, he was very pleased to note that the left breast is practically fibro-free while the right breast has significant reduction in cysts in just two months application (and one month prior elimination of parabens). One particular pea sized lump is virtually gone. He then exclaimed "Keep using this product - it's working." About the mammogram, he was very respectful of my desire to avoid one (and I did start reading Dr. Lee's book and see why) - so he simply remarked "be certain to know and check each month - call me immediately with any change."

I was very surprised, hope you find this interesting. I told my husband, I distinctly picked up on a look my doctor had on his face - sort of a "I can't believe I can't recommend this stuff ... or maybe "I can't believe I prescribe dangerous drugs instead because of the FDA etc. etc." Something of sick look. Interesting.

Thanks for all you do - and for most of all - caring for your e-patients. One last thing - in the case of we cysts in my breast patients, one of our BIGGEST frustrations is learning to self-exam when so many lumps make it so hard to figure out what's what. Any recommendations on that?? I still cannot feel certain that cyst lumps are just as such - though the doctor assured me they felt just like the regular cysts.

Thanks again!

~Michelle M. Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Healthy Baby Boy Born!


You probably don't remember me but, I'm Kathy K. from Kaneohe, Hawaii and I contacted you about quite sometime ago about the Progestelle. I've had been ordering on a regular basis and it finally happened. I got pregnant. I kept using the product until my 3rd month of pregnancy and slowly tapered off like suggested. I'm glad to inform you that my son was born healthy on 6-22-06. I'm just want to thank you for giving the gift of motherhood which I thought was never possible for me.

How do suggest I use the product now for maintaining hormonal balance and avoiding post partum depression? Also, I do believe I have a fibroid and my period was always irregular (until I started using the product).

Thank you,

Kathy K., Kaneohe, Hawaii

Dysmenorrhea cured in Two Months with Progesterone Cream!

Looking back over my life, my menstrual cycles were often an area of concern. In my teen years, they stopped for 6 months on two different occasions, and I was always irregular. I am now 47. Ever since a loosing baby at age 21, I've had reoccurring bouts with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, varying in severity. On two occasions, I was close to needing a blood transfusion, so needless to say, fear would grip me at the first sign of heavy bleeding. Over the past 26 years, I've had many D and C's, blood tests, sonograms, and came close to having a hysterectomy. Birth control pills were the usual remedy, and sometimes Provera. I would eventually discontinue the pill and would be fine for several years. In more recent years, however, it was harder to get off of the pill, although I really wanted to.

Natural Progesterone help for endometriosisI read Dr. Lee's books a few years ago, but was afraid to get off the pill because I could not find a doctor who knew anything about natural progesterone. A little over a year ago, I got brave and discontinued taking Lo-Ogestrel. I was fine for a year, but then started to show danger signs of reoccurring trouble once again. Fortunately, at just about that time, a friend referred me to Dr. Eckhart's website. Finally, I could have some oversight! I was surprised to find that my problem, which seemed such a mystery to all the doctors to date, was no big deal to Dr. Eckhart.

I slowly started making the changes to avoid xenoestrogens along with using Progestelle. I eliminated caffeine, except for an occasional cup of coffee or tea. Primarily, I focused on what went on my skin. As with foods, I became a careful label reader. Parabens in shampoo and soaps were the first to go. My skin care products were fine, but I did have to avoid other lotions, so I switched to organic coconut oil. For deodorant, I went back to the mineral salt deodorant stone, which is working fine. I avoid plastics and styrafoam, never microwave in plastic, and store food in glass as much as possible.

It took a month or two to be totally rid of unexpected, but brief, heavy-bleeding episodes. My periods have become regular, as well. Although symptoms of breast tenderness and bloating worsened during those first few months, I am happy to say that is not a problem anymore. Best of all, I no longer live in fear of dysfunctional uterine bleeding or unhealthy consequences from being on the pill.

It still amazes me that the solution was so simple. I recommend Dr. Lee's books and Dr. Eckhart's site to practically every woman I meet. I am continuing to read about women's health issues and do what I can to educate others.

Linda K. Jersey Shore, PA Nov. 4, 2006

Healing from Endometriosis

Life with endometriosis was not easy! I began to get sick off and on about five years ago after my second pregnancy. My OBGYN didn't really want to listen to my complaints when pain was the only thing that was on my mind. I began to have so much pain in my pelvis I didn't want to go to work. Then I began to have nausea to the point where it was like having the flu three weeks out of the month. Then one night after three days of not being able to eat and feeling so sick I could not get out of bed; I thought to myself, "you can't go to sleep because you won't wake up. When I told my husband my thoughts he said, "we are going to find some help, I don't care what the OBGYN say's, your sick!" So my husband did the searching on the Internet for me. He came upon the Progestelle sight. Immediately he new this was going to be my "cure". I thought he was nuts when I heard I had to change every product in the house with certain chemicals in them and use the Progestelle oil everyday. I didn't think that could change how ill I felt. But I had to do something, so I tried it for a few months. The first month I only was sick for about two weeks. the next month for about a week, the next about 3 days, until finally the nausea was hardly noticeable if at all. This is how good I should have felt when my OBGYN told me I should not have nausea with endometriosis. Me and my husband are so grateful to have found your sight. It changed both of our lives. I'm back to my full of energy self and the only pain I feel is when I work to hard!

Thank you

Josh and Melissa S., Vernal Utah

Editors note: Before Melissa complained of pain 9 out of 10 with endometriosis(10 being the pain of child birth). 6 months after starting Progestelle and avoiding xenoestrogens, Melissa now claims to have pain 2-3 out of 10. She says now she has “ just a twinge” now and then as opposed to constant pain before.

Goodbye Stage IV Endometriosis !

At long last I am taking time to write - at length - my tremendously improved endometriosis and positive experience using both Progestelle Natural Progesterone Oil and my doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Peter Eckhart, M.D.

After 25+ years of being plagued with recurring, severe pelvic pain symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis & "Kissing" Ovaries at the age of 39. While my surgeon went above and beyond the call of duty by performing 4.5 hours of intensive laprascopic surgery to address a myriad of issues within my pelvic region, etc., during my post-op recovery I again found myself dealing with severe pelvic/bowel spasms that the surgeon could not help me with. He wrote me one synthetic progesterone pill prescription after another, only to find that they were not helping. They were actually making me worse - which I didn't think was possible.

While doing internet research one night, I felt a divine hand lead me to the Women's Therapeutic Institute website and began reading about Progestelle. I also began reading the copious amount of material on the website detailing how so many other things (both environmental and dietary) were likely fueling the re-growth of my endometriosis - especially parabens!!

I placed my order for the Progestelle, immediately stopped taking all my synthetic progesterone medications and waited. It wasn't more than 2-3 weeks before I saw dramatic improvement.

While I was awaiting my Progestelle delivery, I went through every product that I used on my skin (soap, shampoo, skincare, makeup, etc.) and if the ingredient list had ANYTHING that appeared to mimic estrogen, it went in the garbage. This wasn't a fun thing to do - I probably trashed approximately $300.00 worth of items in the process - but it was necessary if I was going to be serious and take control over my health.

I've also amended my dietary behavior, removing all foods that are heavily processed, eliminating all artificial sweeteners, drinking only purified water, no fast food and trying to eat as much organic food as possible.

The next big hurdle was removing the chlorine from my showers. We bought good-quality shower filters to yank the chlorine out of the water before it was allowed to be absorbed into my pores while showering each morning. this was yet another MASSIVE step in the right direction. The only thing that caused me to have a relapse was making a trip to the beach and taking a dip in a heavily-treated swimming pool. The chlorine overload threw me back into a horrific pelvic/bowel spasm within 4 hours from exposure. Lesson learned!!

Natural Progesterone help for endometriosisThe final (to date) item that has put me over the remaining hump of painful periods was making the swap to organic tampons. I don't know why it took me 12 months to make the connection that putting a chlorine-dyed tube of cotton inside me while bleeding (releasing dioxins all the while) was probably not a good thing but once my brain finally kicked into gear on that front, my pelvic health has been as good as it was during my early teens. That is truly remarkable.

I want to also take a moment to tell you how wonderful, kind and helpful Dr. Eckhart has been and remains in my journey to pelvic health. He always answers my e-mail questions in a VERY timely manner, listens to my concerns, questions and treats me like a person . . . not like a lab rat. Despite their best intentions, most OB-GYNS in the conventional medical universe spend very little time actually listening and most of their time making one feel like a cow running through a feedlot.

Dr. Eckhart has earned his gold stars in dealing with me and I cannot sing his praises loudly enough. He even took time to help me find safe, organic hair color to protect all the positive improvements with my endometriosis.

Can you imagine ANY other doctor doing that? I can't . . . and believe me, I've seen enough traditional gynecological doctors over the years to speak from much experience.

If you have yet to take the time to try Progestelle or speak with Dr. Eckhart about your unique situation, please don't waste any more precious time. Each of us are born with an innate sense of what our bodies need to heal and be healthy. Listen to your own voice, trust it and take back control over your health. I did . . . and thankfully I will never be the same.


Stephanie M. H., Lincoln, Alabama

Breast cysts and Menstrual Cramps Cured, Menstrual One sided migraine headache Improving!

Dear Sir,

I have used your product for two months and my symptoms are greatly improved. The cysts were gone after 3 weeks, but returned just before my period with much less force, then gone after 2 days, monthly bloating and mood swings is much improved, cramping is almost gone, periods went from 21 days to 25, and best of all my libido is back as strong as ever. My husband is as thankful as I am. My one sided migraine headaches are better, not as severe, but I am hoping they will soon be gone. They were so bad I had blood in my eyes and face afterwards. The first month after your product the menstrual one sided migraine headache was barely there but lasted 2 days, the 2nd month I forgot and ate oregano and had a hard one but not near as bad as I have in the past, and it was gone the next day.

I just ordered more and I am hoping things will continue to get better.

My 8yr old daughter has been avoiding everything on your list, but so far there is no improvement. I got rid of everything beauty product wise, and I am trying to see that she gets the right foods, but with other people giving her things, when I'm not there, it's hard.

Thank you for your product, and the info.

Laura H., Wilson, Oklahoma

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