Progesterone Cream Videos

Progesterone Cream Videos

The reason why you are sick is because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself with chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen.  These chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen are collectively known as xenoestrogens, hormone disruptors, or endocrine disruptors.  The main route of entry into the human body is through the skin.  Anything on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency.  Anything on the skin goes directly into the body.  However, anything eaten is 90% 1st pass metabolized by the body.

Thus, you must be ten times more concerned with what is put on the skin than what is eaten.

If you completely remove all the strong xenoestrogens from your body, in most instances, the female disease completely goes away.  You don't even need progesterone.  For 16 years, my wife only used a very simple soap and a very simple laundry detergent listed on our "SAFE" product sheet.  We used the soap to wash our hair, body, and even dishes.  She used no toothpaste, no deodorant, no lotion, no cosmetics except for a safe eyeliner when she went out, and no hair fixatives.  She used no progesterone cream at all for 16 years all the way up to menopause.  She had no PMS, no ovarian cysts, no breast cysts, no fat on the belly and hips, no chocolate cravings, no sugar cravings, no endometriosis, no adenomyosis, no uterine fibroids, no cold hands, no cold feet, no restless leg syndrome, no sudden weight gain, and no acne that varied with the cycle.

She was normal.

The reason why you are sick is because you are unknowingly poisoning yourself with xenoestrogens.  If you remove the xenoestrogens from your environment, you will become normal.  It usually take 1-3 months for the chemicals and herbs to wash out of the body.  Endocrine Disruptors are also stored in the fat.  If you begin to lose weight, the fat releases the xenoestrogens stored in the fat, and you will get sick from that.

The fastest way to health is knowledge.  Knowledge is power after all.  The best way to get healthy is to watch these three overview videos and 6 informational videos.  Most questions that I get as a physician are answered on these videos.  People call me on the phone and I usually end up repeating the videos to them.  People usually like the videos, better than talking to me.

Overview Videos

See PBS video of Professor Emeritus Robert Larwrence, MD of John Hopkins Medical School talk about common chemicals and herbs (hormone disruptors -xenoestrogens) that mimic estrogen.  You are sick because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself by putting hormone disruptors on the skin.

Lectures Given to Family Practice Medical Doctors

Why Women are Sick

Eckhart, MD explains the reason why Women are sick from Hormonal issues.  Chemicals and Herbs that are hormone active are entering into the human body mainly through the skin and scalp are making women sick.  Simply eliminating these "Franken Estrogens" routinely makes women healthy and well. See this 1 hour and 15 minute video.  This knowledge will make you well.

Transition of Life Solution

In addition to eliminating "Franken Estrogens", women sometimes need help during the Transition of Life.  Fear/Stress/Anxiety can force the body to make more cortisol to deal with the stress, be it psychological or physical.  To make cortisol, the body will use up the raw materials needed to make progesterone and estradiol.  If too much stress is encountered, too much cortisol is needed.  And estradiol levels are very very low.  Levels of estradiol in these high stress patients are typical 10 pg/gm or less.  These patients have rip roaring hot flashes and night sweats.  This desperate scenario is easily remedied by using the Natural Hormone Estriol.  Estriol has been in use in Europe for 60 years.  It is the same estrogen that the woman makes in abundance during pregnancy.  Women that are pregnant and deliver 8-9 times have a lower chance of breast and uterine tumors.  So, estriol is considered to be the safest estrogen to use.  See this 45 minute video.