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Why Glass Bottles?

Why Glass Bottles?

We use Glass Bottles to pack Progestelle Natural Progesterone.

We use glass bottles to ship our product because glass is inert. Plastic leaches and out gasses. On the bottom of plastic bottles there is a small triangle with a number in the center of it. The higher the number, the less the outgassing and leaching. In general, the harder the plastic, the less the manydaisy-sm.jpgoutgassing is present. However, recently even some high quality polycarbonate water bottles were found to leach bisphenol-A at 2-5 parts per billion into the water inside. Even at very small amounts of 2-5 parts per billion, this concentration of bisphenol-A, mimicked estrogen. This synthetic estrogen mimic stimulated breast cancers cells to multiply in the test tube.

We use glass because it is good for our customers.  Natural Progesterone is better in glass bottles.