Hot Flashes

I Feel Great!! 


Yes, feel free to use my testimony. I feel great. I am only I may be coming back around to chat with you....who knows.

Before I used progestelle, I was highly estrogenic, had uterine fibroids, hot flashes, heart palpitations - the whole gambit of hormonal anguish. Now, after a few years of Progestelle, I feel great! My bone density scores have always been high and continue to be so. My skin is supple and my sex life is great.

I have no qualms.

Thank you!

Liz K.

July 15, 2010

Bethel, Vermont

Bye Breast Cyst and Hot Flashes 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

You asked me to let you know how I've done after 2 to 3 months on your program. I can best sum it up in one word -- WOW!

I avoided xenoestrogens for one month prior to starting the Progestelle in November. In December I started taking Twin Labs vitamin B-100, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Within just 2 weeks of applying the Progestelle, my hot flashes totally disappeared and my night sweats were reduced by 90%. I still have occasional night sweats when I have very vivid/active dreams, but I can deal with this compared to being awakened several times a night from hot flashes and/or night sweats (not to mention the hot flashes had become almost continuous during the day).

Perhaps more importantly, the breast cyst that the surgeon aspirated in late September and that had already started to fill with fluid again in October began to reduce in size within the first month of applying the Progestelle. I am not able to palpate it at all now.

My periods are still quite irregular, which has made it a bit of a challenge to know when to apply the Progestelle. I had a period last week, after just having one the first week of January. My last period prior to that was at the end of September 2005. Unfortunately, the periods are still accompanied by a severe headache, but I am hopeful that this symptom will also disappear in time.

I did have an interesting experience in December. One day I foolishly gave in and ate a rather large square of homemade double-chocolate brownie. The next day I not only had a headache and nausea, but I also had intense pain in my breast where the cyst had been. I learned a valuable lesson, and I have no desire to repeat the experience!

I am so appreciative that you have shared your wisdom and that you offer such a great product in your Progestelle. As you well know, the root of the word "doctor" comes from the Latin "to teach." You have done just that, and have thereby allowed me to regain my health and quality of life. I cannot thank you enough.

Given the opportunity, I am sharing my experience with other women. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Take care and God bless,

Claudia M., Richland, Washington


Thank God I found Progestelle! There is no way to describe how miserable I was with extreme hot flashes flaring all day long. I am 46 years old, and they began for me a little over a year ago. They gradually got so bad that I couldn't even sleep at night. I would wake up on fire at least 6 times every night (usually more). The way they came on. . .I should have been able to hear an audible "click" like a heater igniting! I would feel an instant radiation from my front torso to my back, and like a flash, I became a human heating pad set on "High". When it was night time (even in the winter with the heat off), I had to climb out from under covers, pull off clothes, fan myself and even use spare pillows on my bed as cool packs until the hot flash finally passed. I would fall asleep from exhaustion while I was cooling off and then wake back up freezing cold. It just went on and on all night and day. I read and researched and tested and tried different things until I learned that I was estrogen dominant and found Progestelle. PHEW! I had to begin with 2 full doses a day. . .1 in the morning and 1 before bed. It took a few weeks, but the hot flashes lessened and lessened until they were gone, and then I maintained beautifully on 1 full dose before bed. I also found DIM by Smoky Mountain Naturals helps to metabolize excess estrogen, 1 full dose of which is also taken before bed with my vitamins (DIM is fat-soluble). That was about a year ago. And I learned just how badly I need these 2 supplements when I had to stop taking ALL of my supplements a little over a month ago due to a different medical problem. After a couple of weeks, the hot flashes started to return. Eventually they became worse than ever! Back on the 2 full doses of Progestelle a day and 1 full dose of DIM before bed, the hot flashes are finally going away again. I will NEVER run out.

L. E. Gance
January 1, 2014

Great Product

This product really helps to reduce hot flashes, and I have been using it successfully for a number of months.

Barbara Laane
January 18, 2014

I Wish I Heard Of This Product Sooner!

This product is helping me get through those sunshine years; where hot sweats begin to present themselves! My symptoms have found plenty of relief! Read the directions on use; very informative! This company has conducted research to specific symptoms and has specific directions of use per case.

February 25, 2015

Hot Flashes Are Gone!

Before using Progestelle, I was having hot flashes about every 2 hours. I was irritable and unable to sleep, thus leaving me totally exhausted. Once I did get to sleep, like clockwork I woke at approximately 2:00 a.m every morning with hot flashes that I had to throw the covers off. Frequently, I just felt like I wanted to crawl out of my body. I also had a cyst in my right breast.

Now after using Progestelle for about 1.5 months, the hot flashes are gone. I have no problem sleeping and actually have a peaceful sleep, no more 2:00 a.m. hot flashes. My emotional state is more grounded. And the cyst in my right breast is gone.

Dr Eckhart, I can't thank you enough for your product. I'm also taking magnesium and a B complex as you recommended. Working on eliminating the xenoestrogens and keeping and maintaining positive relationships.

Janice G - Kailua, Hawaii
June 16, 2008

The Progesterone Has Helped With My Hot Flashes

I am doing great, thanks for asking. The oil helped with my HOURLY hot flashes immediately at the beginning. The third or fourth day they had subsided completely. After a while I found myself using less and less. Then I forgot it on a week long trip and had no hot flashes at all. I now use it when I have a flare up and it is wonderful to have. I have two bottles on hand now so I think I'll be good for a while. Thank you again.

Beverly L - Vancouver, Washington
Jan. 5, 2009

Thank You For Making Such A Wonderful Product!!

I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with Progestelle. I've tried 5 different creams and Progestelle oil. Progestelle is by far the best I've tried. It got rid of my hot flashes completely, helped me feel more calm and helped with my migraines!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!

Also, I glanced at the medical form on your site and noticed it even mentioned pesticides and the toothpaste one uses. Do they contain xenoestrogens too? What is it in toothpaste that should be avoided?

Thank you for your help!

Sue B - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
April 17, 2008

I Wanted To Let You Know How Great Your Product Is!

Hello Dr Eckhart,
I wanted to let you know how great your product is! I started using it 6/1/12 and only 19 days later I am no longer having hot flashes!! It is amazing! I was having hot flashes so bad in the night it would happen almost every 15 minutes for about an hour and I was getting migraines from that.

Thank you so much for all your hard work to figure this out!

Now I am hoping to loss some weight from taking this. You did mention that some women are able to get their metabolism back to running and begin to lose weight. Do you know how long that normally takes?

Dianna B - Jacksonville, Florida
June 22, 2012

It Has Healed Me In So Many Ways

I love this product! It has healed me in so many more hot flashes at all after 4 years of them..... it was so miserable for me now I have no stress...after 6 months of no period I got it again and that relieved a lot of inflammation in my face looks wonderful! I swear I have no wrinkles because of this product. Very important part of my health regimen.

Michele N - Shirley, New York
March 12, 2012

I Feel Amazing, Haven’t Felt This Good In Years!!

Hey just had to write again and tell you that I'm doing so good. I have lost weight around my middle and it's starting to go away on my thighs and hips too!! I feel amazing, haven't felt this good in a few years!! Really you have saved my life and brought me back to myself. I have been on Progestelle for 3 1/2 months. I have told so many people about this site and what you are doing for us!!! Thank you Thank you!!! I don't have hot flashes anymore, can think and do things like I always could. I'm out of the Big Fog and it's a good life again!!! I'm so glad God led me to your site and I fell like I have been healed. I'm also taking Iodine and Magnesium chelated. I just hope more people will believe and try this!!! It works and works fast!!! I have had people see the different in my looks and weight and have been asked what I doing to look so good and have so much energy. My skin is looking so much younger too!!! Well I guess I said it all, but thanks again for being their for me!!! God Bless you and yours.

Ritajo R - Mount Zion, Georgia
July 16, 2011

I No Longer Have Night Sweats

I continue to improve daily.... I also forgot to tell you that before I started taking the Progestelle, I had night sweats, did not have many problems during the day. Nor did I get them if I feel asleep on the couch. The night sweats were occurring more and more..... until I washed my sheets and blankets in Nature Clean Laundry Powder. I no longer have night sweats.... none...

I want to post your website all over the place. I am very happy with Progestelle. Its so good to be off all HRT, anxiety meds and sleeping better..even my drive is beginning to return. I have been telling everyone about your product and your website.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Anne B - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
January 19, 2011

Love This Product

This is a re-purchase. Love this product! Couldn't live without it. After becoming hypothyroid, I was always overly hot. Wore sleeveless tops even in the winter. On top of it HOT flashes left me feeling like I would spontaneously combust! Happy, very happy to say "NO MORE HOT FLASHES" and my overall feeling of being overheated has greatly improved.

April 6, 2015