I Just Got the Results of the Mammogram Yesterday and it is Normal.  Calcifications Gone.  45 Pound Weight Loss. 

I have some questions regarding the Progestelle.

I started taking the Progestelle in August because I had breast surgery last Feb. to remove some calcifications. They did a follow up exam in August stating the ones had not returned but I had new ones in the right breast. I explained I didn't want another surgery because I still have burning and itching from the original surgery scar. The scar is about 6 inches across and is reddish purple and has the waffled skin look to it. The surgeon told me that they would monitor it for six months but if the pain and itching still continued, I might have to go on male hormones, which I refused to do.

This is when I did my research on the internet about polycystic ovaries and fibrocystic breast disease, of which I have both and have never been able to conceive a child. I am now 41 and time is really running out for me. I was even on Clomid for awhile and all it did was to make my ovaries blow up like Popeye's arms. My OB/GYN wants to refer me to an infertility clinic in Indianapolis but the insurance won't cover any treatment since my husband works for a catholic hospital and our insurance is through his work. It basically covers the diagnosis. Most of these clinics want the money upfront and we just don't have that kind of money for treatment. I am really thinking about changing my OB/GYN to see if they can prescribe another infertility medication that might work for me.

I just had my follow up breast exam last week and during the interim, I have removed all caffeine from my diet and no longer use sunflower seeds as well as using the Progestelle oil. My OB/GYN basically told me a couple of weeks ago that this is a complete waste of money and doesn't do anything (this was before I had my mammogram).

I just got the results of the mammogram yesterday and it is normal. I see my surgeon on Tuesday for the follow up. He doesn't know I started this treatment last August and I have no idea what his reaction will be to it. The only thing I know is that there were calcifications in there last August requiring extra pictures and now I am clear. The only thing I have done differently is use the Progestelle and cut the caffeine and sunflower seeds. Is this a common result for the Progestelle and does it help with infertility?

I have also lost about 45 pounds since August and am still losing weight. The doctor had prescribed some diet pills for me but I don't like the side effects (they make you mean) and are addictive so I only take them once in a while (one a week at the most). Does the Progestelle cause weight loss of this magnitude as well?

Mary Ann C.

Mar 15, 2008

Tilton, Illinois

Editor's note: Yes, progesterone can have dramatic effects on weight loss if xenoestrogens are cut out. Yes, progesterone may be used to promote fertility and prevent miscarriage.  We do have a protocol for that.

Calcifications are caused by low Magnesium.  Low Magnesium is caused by xenoestrogens in your environment. To dissolve calcifications, cut out all xenoestrogens, and take Magnesium Citrate 800-1000 mg/day.  Keep on increasing the Magnesium Citrate until you almost get diarrhea and then back off on it.

The calcifications are mainly made of Calcium Oxalate.  Magnesium oxalate is 567 times more soluble than Calcium Oxalate.   The Citrate ion will complex the calcium to form a soluble ion.  Thus, Magnesium Citrate is the bee’s knees to dissolve calcifications.

Decrease In My Anxiety Level And Weight Loss

Dear Dr. Eckhart,
Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last Saturday providing me with the information I needed to know due to the fact I could not read the printed word in your pamphlet. What I find most interesting is that my anxiety level has dropped so much since I began taking the progesterone.

The next think that I find remarkable is that the I had been losing detail in my only eye which is a 10 degree field. Within the week I began to see some detail on a landmark that I have. I thought naw this can't be possible but it is. My dry eye appears to be dissipating.

According to my cornea specialist dry eye is suppose to be a fact of life as one gets older. My intestines seem to be cleaning themselves out since I began this liquid and bloating is going down. I had been given cyclosporine as an experimental drug to protect two human corneas from rejecting and the side effects have been incredible besides both corneas rejected. I have worked hard on my diet to maintain my sight but the weight gain was insane. Within this week my body appears to be deflating and my hair is silkier. that is strange to me.

I have eliminated the herbs and foods that are recommended and changed our laundry detergent.. I hope and pray that this is the answer that I have been seeking since 2004 to bring my body back to where it was going.

Thanks so much for the dialogue. It was very much appreciated.

Rita M.
Nov. 17, 2009

Dear Dr. Eckhart,
I have been taking progesterone now for two months. I have noticed a remarkable down in my anxiety level, weight loss and the ability to actually get to the bathroom in time due to less frequent incontinence.

I have also listened to your suggestion of how to handle chocolate cravings and went for half of a banana and noticed that this has done the trick I believe this correction only took place because I abandoned all of the herbs that were suggested not to use which you read to me. Before if I went for the orange or had half a banana it really didn’t make a difference I wanted the chocolate anyway.

I also noticed that there is a reduction in food intake without me forcing the issue or concentrating on not eating. When my stomach says its full it means it and doesn’t want anymore. Because I have been working on correcting and balancing my body all my life and have been giving medication most of my life i.e. steroids it has been a non stop balancing act without real results. The calm that I am now experiencing is enabling me to feel less anxious when I have to meet more challenges which appear to be never ending in my life.. but I do not have the same reactions to stress.

Since I have tried everything in my life to correct my body weight and other problems I am so appreciative especially to have the ability not to be in constant worry.

Thanks so much,
Very truly yours,
Rita M.
Apr. 26, 2010

Dear Dr. Eckhart,
I thought the following may be of interest to you. the scare tissue on my hand is now just a freckle and we can actually see the hand underneath. This is incredible.

I have eliminated all of the foods and herbs on the list that you gave me...The interesting think is that I just wanted time off from my over all diet. I DID NOT USE ANYTHING FROM the LIST though. So last week i gave my self a break on all the legal things. The two days of being free cost me 5 days to be able to move forward again. The ability to move forward without becoming depressed or destructive was a first in my history of dieting.

The clarity of my mind is really the big change. There is a big shift here that I can notice. I can't say to you it is all due to the progesterone balancing act, but i can say to you that this never happened before. Something is going on here definitely as my hypothalamus is speaking loud and clear to me about observing when I am almost full now. The last time i wrote you i was able to figure out when I was full this time it is stating to you STOP before you are full. My balancing act is a life long 50 year battle so all i can do is state to you what i am observing.

My education, experience and my knowledge of health and nutrition never hit upon this balancing act. The professionals that taught me or I went to always would blame the patient for not moving forward. Drugs and behavior and telling the patient that they are not disciplined were the common practice of informing a patient of their failing the diet they were given. Ah, but at this point of my life.. it appears that must be more to all this. So this is my update .. thanks for listening.

Rita M.
Apr. 26, 2010

Dr. Eckhart,
Thanks for the quick response. The scar on my hand was scar tissue from i.v.'s over the years in the same place. I .. in the last month i began putting some of the progesterone drops on the scar tissue.. after i noticed it was considerably smaller with the treatment of the drops over the last few months and voila it is almost gone.

All I can do is tell you what is going on not why. I have been on this journey or taking back my life from being ill since birth from one thing or another. I think the elimination on the food list you suggested enabled me to have clear thinking. I can not come to any other conclusion as i HAVE BEEN TRACKING THINGS ALL MY LIFE AND FOLLOWING OTHER ALTERNATIVE WAYS WHICH DID NOT HELP ME IN THE LONG RUN. THE SWELLING AND PAIN IN MY ARMS is almost gone since i eliminated all of the products on the food list and changed the laundry products.

I have a question for you... Calcification in the breast does it eventually go away? Yes you may publish what you think would help others.. as this is what is most important and that is to encourage others to not give up and continue to balance themselves.

All the Best,
Rita M.
April 27, 2010

Hello.. sorry to bother you but I have been thinking on how I responded to you about the scar tissue on my hand.. as it kept on going round and round in my head. and I sounded to me very stupid...after the fact

I thought of this and realized after 7 months I responded to you in this fashion BECAUSE I learned to trust you over the months that I have been taking the progesterone. All of the things you stated that would take place have. I am sleeping at night .. the scar tissue on my ovaries seems to have disappeared and i can turn in bed without screaming in pain.. anxiety level has dropped.. so why shouldn't the scar tissue on my hand disappear?

For the first time i do not have to second guess a MD or look up the side effects as i have none nor is the cure making balancing act making me feel miserable. i have tried everything and everyone...including my own education and ability.

I couldn't help myself though everyone else around me gets better from my educating them..

People will not take you seriously as a healer if you are a blimp happens to me all the time.. I won't be able to do what i wish in this area unless the weight comes off.. nice to say i couldn't figure out which bathing suit to put on this morning as i have two the same but in different sizes and i can't read the tag . I accidentally put on the smaller one and it fit without being tight. oh i couldn't even pull up the bottom to the suit three weeks ago. I realized at this point of this program .. I am learning to trust you without looking up things because I am seeing results.. it is nice to sleep though the night.

Question: While your are cringing reading this i have to ask ah does caffeine free diet coke cause calcification on the breast? ye yes I have been drinking a can a day and stopped yesterday.. for the last 24 days... ...other than this i have been honestly sticking to the what the plan is...

Thanks for taking the time to read this answering my questions and finding out all the estrogen and environmental chemicals that cause problems..

Rita M - New York, New York

smiles.. and is still somewhat scared as i move forward...

Editor's Note: Estrogen Dominance (too much estrogen) from Environmental Estrogens cause a magnesium deficiency. This magnesium deficiency causes calcifications in the breast, uterus, and other places. The solution is to take a good Magnesium Citrate 800-1000 mg/day, take progesterone cream and cut out Environmental Estrogens. In many cases, the calcifications dissolve away.  Take the Magnesium Citrate until you almost get diarrhea, then back off on the dose.  Most calcifications are made up of calcium oxalate.  Magnesium oxalate is 567 times more soluble than calcium oxalate.  In addition, the citrate ion complexes with the calcium ion to form a water soluble complex.