I'm Living Proof that it Really Works!!  Infertility Protocol Works! 

Dear Peter Eckhart,

I wanted to give you a little update.

I started following your infertility protocol in March of 2012. We conceived the end of September and I am now 23 weeks pregnant, our little baby girl is due June 22nd. She's developing well and everything looks great! I am so excited, we couldn't be happier!!! I have shared your information with many others and will continue to do so but surprisingly enough not everyone is willing to try it even though I'm living proof that it really works!! 

Do you have any recommendations for after the baby is born?

Thank you!!

Esther V.

Clive, Iowa

Feb. 23, 2012


I Can't Thank You Enough for Helping Me Bring into this World a Healthy, Beautiful Baby Boy.  An Alternative to IVF. 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I can't thank you enough for helping me bring into this world a healthy, beautiful baby boy. He is truly an amazing blessing!

After more than a year of trying to conceive, my doctor suggested the typical route for medical interventions. I refused and started researching. I suspected I had estrogen dominance and took a saliva test to confirm it. I then started using Progestelle.

Years prior, I'd switched to natural and organic products, but took it a step further after reading your information. I bought Nature Clean detergent. I changed shampoos and hand soap. I eliminated flax seed and other phytoestrogens.

Within 45 days, I was pregnant. I never expected such fast results.

Thank you for being such a strong advocate for women's health. The world needs more doctors like you.


Emily R.


November 28, 2010

Words cannot describe the joy of having a wonderful little boy. I'm so grateful to you and your research for helping make my dream of becoming a mother possible! Had I not discovered Progestelle, I would have gone the fertility doctor route. I'm thrilled to have avoided medical interventions. My body just needed progesterone to correct estrogen dominance and maintain a healthy pregnancy. I also followed your recommendations about laundry detergent, makeup, etc. My beautiful son is almost 17 months old. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks again.


Emily R.

Jan. 30, 2012 Update

I Just Wanted to Follow Up and Tell You that I did Conceive and am 17 weeks Pregnant. 

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

I just wanted to follow up and tell you that I did conceive and am 17 weeks pregnant...just about to start tapering off my progesterone. I had more than 4 miscarriages due to lack of progesterone. I would spot the week leading up to my period every month, and I could never figure out why. And I had short 25-26 day cycles. Finally after a little research and finding your site, I'm going to have a baby. I conceived the 2nd month being on the progesterone. The first month my spotting stopped completely and I knew it was going to work. And then the 2nd month I conceived! My husband was amazed! With all my miscarriages, I wouldn't show positive pregnancy until a week or more past my missed I knew hormones were low. And I would spot the whole time, and then eventually within a few days or a week would just lose it. With this pregnancy...not a single drop of blood, and I showed positive day 21...I didn't know it was possible to see that early!

My OB, of course, didn't feel the progesterone did anything to conceive, but I insisted it did. This is my 2nd child. I had no issues the first time; I conceived immediately. After all the miscarriages this time, it was pretty clear something was up. She labeled it a "Luteal Phase Defect." Any thoughts on that? Seems like that's just a fancy way of saying progesterone deficiency. She tried to get me to switch to oral progesterone she would prescribe, but I told her I would just keep doing what I was doing. She also told me I could simply STOP taking the progesterone at week 12. I was so surprised to hear an OB say that...especially after what you have said regarding miscarriage. STOP? Not even a suggestion to taper? Well I obviously ignored her and the pregnancy is progressing wonderfully. I will continue to use the oil after my baby and beyond.

I want to thank you so much for everything you do. I'm so excited for this baby, and so amazed at how the progesterone worked. You are an amazing individual! Thanks for caring, and thanks for all the time and effort you put into your work! I hope other women out there don't settle for the health care we are given, and go searching for truth! It's worth it!


Jennifer K.

April 6, 2011

Edgerton, Wisconsin

Thanks :) The Progesterone was a Real Blessing to Me. 

Thanks :) The progesterone was a real blessing to me. It seemed to normalize my hormones after getting off the pill. I'm so thankful for all your research and product. It took me from a miserable, bloated, joint hurting, abnormal pap smear woman to a happy, healthy and PREGNANT (yay) lady!! 

Sure, publish on. I think women need to know that there is help available when pharmaceuticals cause awful trouble and "trusted" doctors don't help. I'm on pregnancy week 11 now and all is fantastic (other than being tired and having indigestion.) You sent the protocol for preventing miscarriage already, thanks :) but I haven't used it. In fact, it got so that when I would apply the progesterone cream I would get cramps so I quit. Don't know what all that was about, but it's been smooth sailing since. The only battle I have now is gardnerella and bacterial vaginosis that I figure was caused by the aftermath of two courses of 2nd generation cephalosporin back in February (either that or in combination with Yaz) and a subsequent yeast infection. I'm sure I've had the BV infection since March or so but didn't know the symptoms until they did a UA this past month and found it. So now it's either ciproflaxin or flagyl but I'm going to combine that with garlic vaginal suppositories and apple cider vinegar washes because I don't need another yeast infection or recurrence of BV. So much for conventional medicine. It makes me thankful for people like you that look for the cause and develop NATURAL remedies that ACTUALLY WORK instead of focusing on artificial patented money making drugs that have nasty side effects. 

Thanks again,

Sheri J.

Glenpool, OK

Sept 16, 2011

Editor's Note: After a while, if stopping progesterone makes you feel better (ie, less cramping), then there is likely still a xenoestrogen in your environment. Progesterone can only balance out small loads of xenoestrogens. If the load of xenoestrogens is large OR strong, then progesterone can temporarily make it worse.

This is because large estrogen loads cause the estrogen receptor to become sleepy, and progesterone wakes them up.

Get rid of the xenoestrogen, THEN the progesterone will work. It may take 1-3 months for something topically put on the skin to wash out of the body.

Women with anxiety, fear and stress can be exquisitely sensitive to xenoestrogens. I have had 3 unrelated women tell me that their mascara made them bloat and have breast tenderness.

I Wound up Having a Very Healthy Baby 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

Hello! We spoke several times on the phone. I became pregnant while on progestelle ( we were trying) and took it as you described below, and wound up having a very healthy baby boy! He is now 6 weeks old. I am feeling good. It is time for me to start some sort of birth control again, my ob just prescribed the mini-pill or the progesterone only pill. Is this a good idea? I wanted to check with you first, our other option is just to use condoms. I am not on any progestelle at all right now, and I am nursing my baby.

thank you!

Karen C.

Meridian, Idaho

Oct. 12, 2009

Healthy Baby Boy Born! 


You probably don't remember me but, I'm Kathy K. from Kaneohe, Hawaii and I contacted you about quite sometime ago about the Progestelle. I've had been ordering on a regular basis and it finally happened. I got pregnant. I kept using the product until my 3rd month of pregnancy and slowly tapered off like suggested. I'm glad to inform you that my son was born healthy on 6-22-06. I'm just want to thank you for giving the gift of motherhood which I thought was never possible for me.

How do suggest I use the product now for maintaining hormonal balance and avoiding post partum depression? Also, I do believe I have a fibroid and my period was always irregular (until I started using the product).

Thank you,

Kathy K., Kaneohe, Hawaii


Baby Girl! 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

You helped me just over a year a nine months ago with my trying to conceive. Our daughter, N., just turned one. My difficulty was not getting pregnant, but keeping the pregnancy. I took Progestelle, and that ensured my pregnancy. Our daughter is very healthy, happy, and bright. My husband and I are trying to conceive again. I was 42 when I conceived N., and now am 43 going on 44.

Thank you kindly,

Helen V., Boulder, CO, Aug 18, 2006