Post Partum Depression

Helped With Wife’s Post Partum Depression

After reading about estrogen dominance and xeno and phyto estrogens, I concluded that my wife may have an issue with estrogen/progesterone balance. After using 2 droperfulls per day for a week, she noticed a significant improvement in her mood.

I read the included booklet, which suggests a very extreme avoidance of any plant or man-made chemical that contains estrogen-like substances, which is in about 95% of consumer products. We replaced some of our household/personal products, but did not go all the way because of inconvenience and cost. Some of the alternative estrogen free products available on the market are 4x the cost.

From the research I have done, some people are much more sensitive to products containing estrogen. The booklet is very strict because it tries to encompass all people's problems. That's why I did not follow it 100%. For instance, it says to avoid aloe, a product contained in a large amount of personal products: lotions/makeup. There are some websites that suggest aloe could help people with certain types of cancers. The booklet says to avoid it all the time. So make sure to do your research to take into account your personal situation.

Overall, because the product had a good effect, I feel it is a good quality.

In the past, my wife's postpartum depression went away when she stopped nursing our baby, around one-year-old. When my wife stopped taking the progesterone oil, her symptoms returned. So, this suggests that it is a temporary fix. And is not healing her completely. But, it is still worth it because she feels significantly better and can function normally.

The booklet claims you will never get better if you don't completely avoid estrogen-like products, even natural plant-based estrogens. I'm not sure if that's true, because initially we did not change our personal products, and she used the oil and saw improvement. And, when she stopped the oil, her symptoms got worse, indicating she just needs more progesterone.

More scientific studies are needed on Xeno and Phyto estrogens. But overall I am happy with the knowledge that I learned from the booklet and relief my wife has experienced from the product.

David Shaheen
May 24, 2015