HypoAllergenic Ingredients

Attention to Quality

Only the highest quality ingredients are used. Pharmaceutical grade Natural Progesterone made from yams, the exact same hormone, your body produces is added to the skin oil. The molecule is a bioidentical exact duplicate of your own hormone - progesterone made to the exacting standards of U.S. Pharmocopeia (USP).

Some progesterone products have used herbs. While we believe that the correct herbs and may be of great use, some patients cannot tolerate them and are allergic to them. Also some manufacturers have unknowingly put herbs that mimic estrogens in their cream. These phytoestrogens have sometimes exacerbated women exhibiting estrogen dominance.

People seem to like progesterone creams because of the idea it is a cream. So from a marketing point of view people like creams better. However, a cream is just oil and water mixed together. To keep the oil and water mixed,a chemical called an emulsifier is used. Then, since water is in the cream a preservative must be used. Within a couple of minutes after putting the cream on the skin, the water evaporates leaving just the oil anyway. The oil contains the Natural Progesterone.

From a medical point of view, some emulsifiers used were toxic and some preservatives were estrogenic (parabens). Some patients also had allergies to the additives.

So, in general, we have had better luck with our product because we do NOT have toxic emulsifiers and estrogenic preservatives. Less ingredients microscope.jpgmeans less to be allergic to. Our product is not a cosmetic product, we are trying to get you well. This product was created from a medical point of view to help you get better.

Mineral oil will block the absorption of Natural Progesterone. So we use vegetable oil. Lanolin or sheep wool oil contains significant amounts of pesticide.

Of course, this brings up the concern of other cosmetics and toiletries that contain chemicals and herbs that are hormone disruptive. We have a list of “safe” cosmetics and toiletries devoid of hormone disruptive chemicals and herbs that can be used to get well. Buy any product from us and you will get the list of “safe” cosmetics and toiletries.


800 mg/oz USP Pharmaceutical Grade Natural Progesterone from Yams
1 ounce Fractionated Coconut Oil

If you develop a rash or itchiness, then you a probably allergic to the coconut oil, not the progesterone. About 1 out of 400 people are allergic to coconut oil. About 1 out of 10,000 are allergic to progesterone. We also have grapeseed oil and organic olive oil available.