Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - PMDD

My Whole Family is Delighted and I Feel in Control for the First Time in Many Years, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PMDD. 


I forgot to ask for the free information booklet worth $19.95 about avoiding chemicals and xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, will it automatically be sent with my order? Also, I have ordered this product for severe Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. PMDD affects me 2 out of every 4 weeks. I have tried everything else and this is my last hope. I am 45 and have 2 children aged 9 and have always had PMDD but it has got worse since having the children. I am currently on 40mg per day of Citalopram (an SSRI), for my PMDD but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Should I stop it as soon as I start progesterone or can I use both side by side? Dr. Elizabeth Smith on recommends 500 - 1000mg /oz and initially 60-70mg per day. Do you agree with this amount? How long should I stay at the higher dose for? Should I stay on it when I go through the menopause? Thanks very much for your help.

Lindsay S.

Hi Peter

Realized my last email was not very explanatory! I have always had PMDD, but it has definitely got worse. Gave up smoking 11 years ago. Put on 20 lbs. Got pregnant, had daughter, back to the plus 20lbs I was prior to pregnancy. Over the next nearly three years, put on another 20 lbs., got pregnant, had another child, got back to the pre pregnancy + 40 lbs. Then over the last 5 years I have put on a further 30 lbs. Lost 7 lbs., put it back on, lost 14 lbs., put it back on etc etc. All because for 2 weeks a month I have no control over my eating and gorge on sweet things. I can't seem to get past the oral fixation of smoking. Plus my whole life style has changed from being busy at work to being a mum so I am probably eating out of boredom. I also drink about 2 liters of caffeine free diet coke a day as I hate water. Do you think the phosphoric acid could be also causing a problem? I don't drink or take any drugs apart from the 40mg citalopram (for PMDD). I drink only decaf beverages. I am fairly healthy but I am a Jekyl and Hyde and premenstrually for 2 weeks I am a monster but refuse to accept I am pre menstrual! I take regular exercise. I need to fix this as I am so cruel to my children and others around me. I am paranoid, hyper sensitive, exhausted and mess everything up for 2 weeks a month then spend the other 2 weeks trying to make it all better again. I have to stop making these bad decisions that affect others. Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you very much for your time

Dear Peter

I have just paced an order with you for 5 more bottles of Progestelle and wanted to let you know how I have been doing. First of all, I looked on the internet for iodine and managed to get the Iodoral on-line. For the past 2 months my PMS symptoms have practically gone away! The system you suggested worked immediately! My whole family is delighted and I feel in control for the first time in many years. No bad thoughts, no outbursts, no being horrible to my children. It's wonderful. I have cut out all Xenoestrogens as best I can, even making my own laundry powder!! I use bicarbonate of soda for almost every cleaning job now - saving lots of money as well as my health. This month, I am going to try to stop the Citalopram - scary but I think I won't need it any more.

Thank you so much for making my life a happier and healthier one.

Best regards
Lindsay S.

April 27, 2011

Cumbria, United Kingdom