Good Natural Product 

This is my 3rd purchase of this item. After using for over 1 yr. I have noticed :
1.) my abdominal bloating is gone
2.) my thinking is clearer
3.) i sleep better
I would buy again.

Jane Austin

Jacksonville, FL USA

Aug 18, 2014

Guys Have Progesterone Too.  Best Sleep Aid. 

First off, I'm a guy using this stuff. I decided to try this particular product because it wasn't paired with estrogen and overall am very happy with the results. Some results were expected and some results were not. What I've found, at least for me, to have NOT been affected by progesterone are as follows: I've not noticed thicker hair - either in density or actually thicker individual hairs, and I've not had any increased libido or what I will call a "viagra effect" from the nitric oxide boost. Not that I was looking for either mind you, just aware that it was mentioned in some of the research on the subject. What progesterone did do for me, and what I got it for in the first place, is that it reset my adrenals. For many years I've had insomnia to the point of having to stay awake until I was so fatigued that I finally drifted off. Trying before that point would only lead to a racing mind and a second wind. Put simply, progesterone for me has been the best sleep aid and mood enhancing/stress reducing product I've ever tried above and beyond any modern prescription with none of the side effects.


September 16, 2014

I Noticed that My Hair Loss Has Decreased, Sleep Better, Bloating Gone, Breast Pain Decreased 

I am sorry, Dr Eckart, I did not mean that my symptoms were getting worse, I think is my fault I did not make an effort to express my self correctly maybe and I have cut out lots and lots of xenos and natural estrogens since I already talked with you on phone I actually could see some definite improvements I could FINALLY have a really good night sleep two nights ago night, without using my NIGHT HERBS COMBO, after almost 4 days now of using Progestelle, and I am so glad about it 

Yes the first 2 nights I felt wired, and agitated, then two days ago I used just a tiny less, and now sleep has actually, definitely gotten better, even during day now I feel much calmer and less anxious, less excited about almost everything, I like it!! 

Also another positive change was that I noticed that my hair loss has decreased, when I combed it yesterday, I combed and combed and pulled but no hair would come out, I could not believe my eyes, and when I washed it today, (usually every time I washed, a little ball of hair would come out) today I could count my hairs, very few, this is really unusual for me, last 4 months have had hair coming out when combing or washing, lots of them, I can tell there is a change, and hope it will continue to be so 

Also, my bloating is almost gone, I had bloating and trapped abdominal gas, constantly especially at night, for last 6 months, every day, now is almost totally gone no more gurgling noises, almost no discomfort at all 

My breast, not huge difference yet , but it feels already less tender and less heavy, in general, yesterday at gym I noticed I did not feel any pain when I would do usual exercises,----- yes, when I get up in the morning I still feel some heaviness, but there is a difference, the swollen little glands that were painful, I can feel they are not that swollen any more and the skin feel more natural and flat, I can definitely feel the difference as of this morning and it is not getting worse, ---I do not know if all this improvement is due to that I have eliminated all that huge amount of junk and Phyto-herbs and food and all, since I talked with you on phone, or if it is the Progestelle, or both, but I hope it continue to feel better 

Lena G.

Feb 10, 2012

Portland, Oregon

My Breast Cysts and Pain Had Totally Disappeared.  Heavy Bloating, Lack of Sex Drive, Anxiety, Hair Loss, Insomnia

I wanted to thank Dr. Eckart for many things. Well first of all, for his product Progestelle, which has changed my life. Before I started to use Progestelle, I had been experiencing hair loss for over 4 months, heavy bloating, lack of sex drive, and painful breast tenderness with some swollen cysts, heavy sinus congestion (difficult breathing) and sleeping problems and night anxiety, I did not know then that these are all symptoms of estrogen dominance. 

For months I had been drinking lot of soy milk and other phyto-estrogens because I thought that they actually would help in these symptoms, and I was so confused, because my symptoms were actually getting worse. 

I found this website and I finally started to learn about estrogen dominance, so I ordered Progestelle immediately, I started to use only between 1 and 2 droppers a day. 

At first my symptoms got worse, except the breast tenderness, which seemed to improve immediately Dr. Eckart guided me with his advises and suggested that I first get rid of all xeno-estrogens I was using, and stop eating all strong phyto-estrogens included in his list, wait about a month then start Progestelle again. 

I did do exactly so, it was easier than I thought, and I also started taking iodine, as the Doctor suggests, and it actually seemed to make me feel better already, then after 3 weeks I started to use Progestelle again on day 14. 

This time, I started on a higher dose, to avoid delays or estrogen dominance reactions, I used 4 and half droppers a day this time, and already within 3 hours my anxiety was gone, I could breath normally, no short of breath at night, I could sleep like a baby, the day after my hair loss had totally stopped, my bloating was much less. 

Within days the sex drive was back to normal, and my breast cysts and pain had totally disappeared. So I feel like a normal and healthy person again. 

So thank you Dr. Eckart.

But I also want to thank Dr. Eckart for being so kind to me and to be so patient to reply to all of my emails and to provide so much professional guidance and solid advises that have proved to be all so valid and true and helped me to heal and change my life. 

I am using Progestelle 14 days a month for now, and it seems that my cycle has become more regular than it was! I also wanted to add that if the dose you are using might seem to not work for you, do not get discouraged; it is a sign you need more. Everybody is different and we all react in different ways, so I would encourage to just increase the dose like I did, until it works and be committed to this life style and it will get better! 

It is hard to find doctors like Dr. Eckart, who are very knowledgeable in this subject, and who have been doing such a deep research on estrogen dominance symptoms, and especially who are able to provide such a large list of things that are dangerous to use and of the things that are safe to use!! 

I canceled my next appointment with a local naturopath, I feel fine now and I rather invest my money instead in getting myself larger amounts of Progestelle, which I know it works!! 

I can provide here my email if anybody would like to get in touch with me! 

micinomiau @ 

Lena C.

March 13, 2012 

Portland, Oregon


After About 3 months, I began to Notice an Improvement in My Energy, Headaches, Muscle Twitching, Sleep 

About 6 months ago, I was having several long term, chronic symptoms and would spend many a night perusing the internet to find a possible cause. I had been to many doctors over the years who informed me that it was all in my head because, "according to the blood work", I was healthy. It was all very frustrating. I was experiencing headaches that occurred around my menstruation, twitching around my eyes and in my abdominal region, dry flaky skin, constant sleepiness, high cholesterol, etc. I tried many things, especially, for the headaches and twitching. Nothing worked! Then I found Dr. Eckhart's website. I immediately tried the progestelle and purchased the magnesium he recommended. WOW! The Mag stopped the twitching within days!! The Progestelle worked just like he said it would. At first, I had a horrible panic attack. So, I kept the recommended dosage but took half in the morning and half at night. I followed his instructions so as to remove estrogenic substances from use. After about 3 months, I began to notice an improvement in my energy, stopped taking nsaids for the headaches, was sleeping much better, and noticed a marked improvement in my skin. I stayed on the full dose another 3 months and now am tapering off. I still continue to avoid foods and substances on THE LIST. I am very satisfied with this product and am currently taking the bioflavanoids and iodoral. It's refreshing to know there are still M.D. 's out there that seem to really care about women's health and well being.

Dr. Eckhart, my sincere thanks!

Dayna L.

March 27, 2012 

Santa Monica, California

The Most Important Thing was the Size of My Largest Fibroid Shrank from 5cm to 3 cm.  Sleeping like a Baby. 

I bless the day which I found out about this wonderful product. Maybe this is the only product on earth that truly works as it said. Even it works more than it says if you follow the instruction to change your lifestyle while using it. However from my personal experience this product helps you to change your life style and you can cure yourself in natural way. I had fibroids. The biggest was 5 cm in diameter and was told to have an operation to get rid of them. But as I extremely afraid of operations even afraid of doctors so I did little research and found out about Dr. Eckhart’s website and about Progestelle oil. I used the oil for 3 weeks and then had another X-ray to see whether it worked or not. For my amazement my largest fibroid was shrunk to 3 cm and G-gist said there is no need for an operation. I am 300% sure that this happened because of Dr. Eckhart All Natural Progestelle oil. I am going to use the product until I get rid off all the fibroids. It comes with very valuable booklet and separate lists of products describing what to take and use for iodine deficiency, estrogen dominance and fibroids etc. In a nutshell it is a real wonder-product I ever seen and used myself! Good luck for everyone who wants to use this product and I am sure you will benefit as much as I did. And also you can get consultation from Dr. Eckhart directly, which was wonderful!!! The information which your Dr, never tells and even knows, you can get from his website and benefit from his product. I highly recommend this product whoever is suffering from many health issues, which no one tells us. 

Thank you very much for your e-mail as well as for your great product! I used the progestelle for the first time in May & June. I was diagnosed as having many fibroids in January 2012, the largest was 5 cm in diameter. Since then I started to read about the cause of these fibroids and found out about your wonderful helpful site and ordered the product. I used it as soon as I received it (it took long to arrive in Calgary, Canada)I throw away everything which accounted as xenoestrogen at home and switched to organic foods completely (except some aqua fish and toothpaste)and used the oil. It completely changed my overall health. It was amazing. The most important thing was the size of my largest fibroid shrank from 5cm to 3 cm when I had X-ray at the end of May. I was so surprised by the result and when I told the Gynecologist that I used the progestelle oil she said "that's nonsense, no such thing which can cure the fibroids" however she couldn't explain why it had shrunk and suggested me to have Miranda. I said, “No,” and left the office promising myself never come back to her or to similar people. I used the remaining of 1st bottle and second one in June and July so just ordered another four bottles today because it took more than 2 weeks last time because it was held at border service or something. As it is finished two weeks ago, I am not feeling so great as I was using it in terms of sleeping. During the use I was sleeping like a baby all the time for 8-9 hours but now having little difficulty sleeping like that. So can't wait to receive the oils again. Thank you thank you. 

Enkh M.

July 27, 2012 

Calgary, Canada

Hot Flashes are Gone. I Have No Problem Sleeping! And the Cyst in My Right Breast is Gone. 

Before using Progestelle, I was having hot flashes about every 2 hours. I was irritable and unable to sleep, thus leaving me totally exhausted. Once I did get to sleep, like clockwork I woke at approximately 2:00 a.m. every morning with hot flashes that I had to throw the covers off. Frequently, I just felt like I wanted to crawl out of my body. I also had a cyst in my right breast.

Now after using Progestelle for about 1.5 months, the hot flashes are gone. I have no problem sleeping and actually have a peaceful sleep, no more 2:00 a.m. hot flashes. My emotional state is more grounded. And the cyst in my right breast is gone.

Dr. Eckhart, I can't thank you enough for your product. I'm also taking magnesium and a B complex as you recommended. Working on eliminating the xenoestrogens and keeping and maintaining positive relationships.


Janice G.

Kailua, Hawaii June 16, 2008


The Side Benefit is I Do Not have Insomnia at All 

I received my Progestelle over the weekend and I read the booklet and other information that came with it several times. Now I understand better what I was going through. I will NEVER use birth control again! I can also tell you that I have eliminated some, but not all Xenoestrogens and do not use plastic in the microwave anymore, and I already see a difference.. I also went to the farmer's market and got all organic fruits and veggies. In addition, I didn't really know that progesterone causes sleepiness so now I only use the oil at night, and the side benefit is I do not have insomnia at all. I sleep like a baby and I am not as tired and sluggish during the day. All of these changes are already making a difference and I have only been using the oil for about 3 days.

Thanks again for all you do for women everywhere. I went ahead and cut and pasted my medical form into this e-mail, but it may be moot at this point now that I read the booklet. (See below).

Thanks & best regards,

Shianne S.

Portland, OR

Aug 18, 2009

The Tenderness is Greatly Improved and the Pain All but Gone. “Bubble Wrap” around the Middle Improved.  Sleep Better. 

Dr Eckhart,

I was told a couple of years ago that I had polycystic breast disease. The cysts had been increasing in number and size over about 8 years. They didn't bother me until about a year ago. One Cyst became very obvious, and I had it aspirated and tested. Last summer, I started having very uncomfortable pain and tenderness in the areas of the cysts. I was also experiencing common symptoms of estrogen dominance.

I am now 49. In researching, I came across your information and made some changes. I have eliminated a lot of the xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and been using Progestelle since September. The tenderness is greatly improved and the pain all but gone. I no longer have fluctuations in my energy level and I have been able to loose some of my "bubble wrap" abound my middle. I sleep better, focus better, and just don't feel so old and tired. I have followed your plan of one ounce for three months and then reducing the dosage, and am beginning my 5th month now. I will continue to use Progestelle.

Thank You.

Lenee T.

Jan. 6, 2010

Prosser, WA

Life has Changed Dramatically 

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using Progestelle for over a year now ( 1 dropper day 14 - 26 ) .... life has changed dramatically even though I had no underlying problems other than pre-menopausal symptoms and PMS.

4 of my friends have started using bio-identical progesterone , 2 of whom are using Progestelle. Happily, 2 of my friends' symptoms changed very fast but the two who used other creams have not seen much of a change at all. They are now considering ordering Progestelle ..

Ordering a product over the internet is a little scary ... happily it has been a huge success :)

Last month I ran out of oil 3 days early :(

Finances were a little tight and so I have only been able to order this week. I really hoped that it would not make a lot of difference ....

I am so impatient to get back to where I was .... I am not sleeping the same, brain fog is back, I am irrationally irritable, emotions all over the place and miss the desire for my darling husband ( who is happily recommending the oil to his friends ).

Lesson learned ... this is too important to go last on the budget ... when Mum is happy, everyone is happy :)

Thank you for your marvelous product and giving women hope that they can live a hormonally balanced life.

Best regards,

Judith W.

May 17, 2010

New Zealand