Endometrial Hyperplasia


I Just Really Need to Give You a HUGE Thank You!!! 

Good morning! I just really need to give you a HUGE thank you!!! I just had a transvaginal ultrasound last week ad got the results. I had a large cyst on my remaining ovary (left one was removed with a very large cyst a couple of years ago) and it has gotten significantly smaller AND my endometrium lining as also gotten quite a bit smaller! It went from 16 to 6!!!!!!!!!!! That change has taken place in about 4 months.

If you recall, I was not using the correct dosage of the progestelle for quite a while. Once you pointed that out which was about 4 months ago, my periods came back. That was my theory anyway, that if I would get a period, the lining would shed and become thinner. Although I was confused as to if I was simply starting to go through menopause which is why no period and that the thickened lining was a true sign of something more serious..

I think I've made a believer out of my doctor! She was not at all onboard with the natural progesterone.

Thank you again so much! I'm so glad you are there!.

Tawana C.

Madison, Wisonsin April 12, 2008


What a Huge Relief! 

Of course you may publish it. I am so thankful that I need not go through any invasive procedure and hope women with similar problems would benefit from the right product which is unavailable in my country.

My situation:

(1) Bad MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for many years --both pre and post mens migraine headache as well as lower abdomen cramp during mens.

(2) Previous scan report said "Monthly abdomen endometrium appears slightly nodular which may be due to monthly abdomen endometrial hyperplasia or underlying polyps. The thickness of 11mm is still within normal limits. No uterine or adnexal mass present. A corpus luteum is noted within the right ovary." The scan was done in May and I started progestelle in late June till now. The latest scan on 29 August showed EVERYTHING HAS BECOME NORMAL. My slightly bulging stomach has gone down again and I don't feel bloated anymore.

(3) I totally kicked caffeine and switched to conti olive oil soap as well as beauty products without paraben since June as advised.

(4) Also took vitamins B, calcium + E as recommended in the booklet.

I would certainly continue to use Progestelle at a maintenance dose for many, many more months. Thanks for the advice. Noted about pregnancy but no big issue with that as I am still single.

Look forward to getting progestelle with thanks!

I just had my scan result and what a huge relief-----that my monthly abdomen endometrium has gone from 11mm to 4mm!!!!! And the scan shows no other abnormality!!!!! Its truly amazing that I have used progestelle only for 3 months and the problem has cleared up. Indeed, it was a good decision I did not rush into committing to any invasive procedures!!!!

A BIG thank you to you, Dr Eckhart!!!

I am applying progestelle full dose in the 4th month now. Do you advise I could continue it with a maintenance dose the 5th month on? I must say the olive oil base is great, it absolutely did not give me any itch. Progestelle is running very low, would very much appreciate if you could mail the remaining balance to me.

As for my gal friend who is using the double strength I passed it on to her, she is applying only the maintenance dose because beside MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, she does not have any problem with her reproductive system, is it ok? Please advise too.

Meiling L., Singapore Sept. 6, 2006

I went for another follow-up scan a few days ago since the last one in September. Like that of September, the scan shows NO abnormality and my endometrium is 3mm thick which is excellent!!! I attribute it to the continual use of progestelle.

I would like to place order for myself as well as two of my gal friends. As two of them are ordering through me, is it still possible to still enjoy the 1 bottle free for each of them?

These two gal friends of mine only suffer from MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS. Can they go on just maintenance dose of 1 bottle of olive/grapeseed or 1/2 bottle of double strength every month?

Hear from you soon.

Meiling L.,
Singapore Dec. 20, 2006

As I have a clean bill for the past 3 years consecutively, my gynecologist discharged me therefore I have no result to share with you. I am positive I am doing well. I still diligently apply progestelle from day 6-26 every month and am down to the last bottle. Hence, I am placing a fresh order.

Thank you once again for the wonderful product.

Meiling L., Singapore Mar. 16, 2009