Panic Attacks

Feeling Better, No Sugar Cravings, Breast Cysts are Disappearing! Panic Attacks!

Hello Dr. Eckhart: I just had to email and tell you how Progestelle has changed my life. I am a 59 year old wife, mom and grandma who takes care of 4 grandchildren 3-4 days per week - a 6 year old girl, two 4 year old girls and an 18 month old boy.

One month ago, I was ready to give up. Every morning I would wake up and convince myself to make it one more day. I would plod through the day waiting for the kids to go home, dinner to be over so I could bury myself in my hobby of cross stitching where all you have to do is count! I would go to bed plagued with panic attack dreams just to wake up in the morning to convince myself to make it another day.

I had started seeing doctors about 3 years ago for Panic Attacks - their suggestion (and prescription) was Zanax and Atenolol - which was for my prehypertension (caused from the panic attack I was having at the doctor's office). My heart had been sonogrammed and EKG'd and was said to be fine. Although no one told me what to do about the panic attacks except for drugs, I researched and learned how to help myself during an attack - especially those that were started from dreams. I must say, I am actually pretty good at stopping them now. Then there are the doctors that want to cut out the cysts in my breast lumps in my breasts which again I said no to. To make a long story short, not one doctor has given me any information that could have helped me either with the panic attacks, prehypertension that happens only when I'm in a panic attack (usually from the doctor!), or the lumps.

Then I found your website by searching for info on cysts in my breast - information gives you the power to overcome! That was one month ago.

Today, I must say to you "thank you for giving me my life back". After the second day of using Progestelle, I woke up and thought "I can do this". Now I wake up every day happy to greet the day and see my grandchildren and look forward to playing with them and teaching them. My life has changed so much - I am excited about each new day, no panic attacks for a month, I'm losing the belly fat, I AM LAUGHING AGAIN! I am amazed at the lack of desire for sugar. I can look at something sweet and think 'yuck'. (I think I was using sugar to get me through the day.) Having a bit of trouble getting rid of the cup of coffee but am working on that! The lumps in my breasts are getting smaller. By the way, my husband says 'thank you' too - we've been married 26 years and he's 14 years younger than I and happy to see me return to the world of the living. We are having fun together again.

Thank you, thank you -

Dona R. Spokane, WA

Editor Notes:  John Lee, MD has written in his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" that Estrogen Dominance causes the copper levels to increase.  When copper levels get too high, this may cause mood swings and panic attacks according to John Lee, MD.  Estrogen Dominance means too much Estrogen.  This excess estrogen is coming from chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen. These chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogens are known as xenoestrogens.  These xenoestrogens do NOT appear on the hormone test. The main route of entry of these xenoestrogens is through the skin.  Many cosmetics and toiletries contain xenoestrogens. 

The solution is simple.

Simply use safe cosmetics and toiletries that we list on our "purple sheet". Buy any product from us and get a "purple sheet" of recommended products.  Progesterone can be used to balance out small amounts of weak xenoestrogens only.   I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were ok.