I Do Feel Much More 'Alive' and Healthy 

Since I have started using progesterone, my thyroid meds have had different effects on me. Am in the process of re-regulating them and, hopefully, not needing them any longer. During this time period, my endocrinologist asked that I use less progesterone. He really wanted me to use none, but I refused. I am back on my original dosage, but I do have 4 unused bottles that I need to use before receiving additional shipments.

Since I began using your progesterone, I do feel much more 'alive' and healthy. I have discontinued the synthetic estrogen and now use a compounded Triest. Since I had a total hysterectomy in 1996, I have had comments from my OB/GYN and endocrinologist about not needing any progesterone. I inform them that I feel better while using it, so I will continue to use it.

Thank you for providing support for me and others.

Yes, please feel free to use my testimonial, especially if it could help others realize there is a difference in the way they will feel with the progesterone.

May 4, 2009

Vivian S.

Hondo, Texas

Taking Fibrovan for Endometriosis has Diminished the Constant Pain to Almost 0 (Zero) – Thyroid Medication Reduced 

Hi there,

Just wanted to tell you how the progesterone oil has improved things for me over the last four months. I also added Fibrovan two months ago as the constant pain with endometriosis was not entirely gone, however I can say that taking Fibrovan has diminished the constant pain to almost 0. I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medication.

The problem is that I have had very heavy bleeding during my period and also my period came a week early this month. I have felt faint during the bleed and it has been quite painful with intestinal upset too. None of this is particularly a problem, its just that I am trying to work out why I am now nauseous with stomach discomfort after the bleed. I'm not sure if it is hormonal or a virus. I also have a lot of acne.

I cant seem to get rid of the nausea with slight diarrhoea and constipation alternating which I have had for six days now. I am putting on around four pipettes of oil a day and have stopped the Fibrovan for now.

Any advise would be gratefully received.
Many Thanks
Joanna S.(age 42 in July)

Apr. 11, 2010


The pain is far less, more like just a feeling now. I feel like this is very positive for me! Thyroid issue is always a bit complicated but armour thyroid dose reduced and overall am able to do more work which is important as a freelancer.

Thank you so much, I will continue with the oil and fibrovan at the level that works. I am excited at the ongoing possibilities and have hope which I havent for a long time!

Thank You

Joanna S.

May 6, 2010