Mood Swings

This Product Has Changed My Life! I Suffered From ... PMS, Weight Gain, Moodiness, Ovarian Cysts

This product has changed my life! I suffered from PMS, weight gain, moodiness, breast tenderness and ovarian cysts. Since I have been taking it, my symptoms have decreased incredibly AND I am FINALLY losing weight. 

I wish I had known about progesterone imbalance much earlier in life! 


November 7, 2014

I Ordered Your Product and Within 5 Days I Noticed My Hair Growing Back! 

I wanted to write about your product and it's amazing results in my life! I had suffered for many years and didn't know why or how the reasons! I am 39 and have 3 children. I suffered monthly moodiness and bloating after my children were born but after my 3rd child things began to turn ugly. I went to my doctor and she prescribed lexapro and ativan, even though I was not depressed, I thought at this point anything has got to help! It didn't! It got worse and I took myself off the meds. I continued to have mood swings, sleepless nights, fatigue and weight gain and nothing seemed to be working. With all this happening I noticed I began losing my hair on top of my head, which for a woman is total disaster! I quickly began researching on the Internet of my symptoms and found I may be estrogen dominate! Maybe this was my problem the whole time! I went to my doctor about what I found on your website and was quickly discouraged from purchasing anything from the Internet and was told "what I really needed was antidepressants"!! I couldn't believe it! I felt in my heart of hearts this was the answer, told my doctor I was going to pursue progesterone and not her meds. I ordered your product and within 5 days I noticed my hair growing back! I noticed my mood swings were gone and I was happier, sweeter and kinder to everyone around me! I felt like a completely new person!

I cannot thank you enough! You have a customer for life! I 've been taking it regularly (expect during my period) at night, and I can sleep now and get the rest I have been needing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I took Dr. Eckard's advice and started using natural makeup and now my face is more clearer and it has been in 4 years! Again, thank you for your product and your work!

Billie F., Kingston, Ohio

March 17, 2007

Gone are Those Days of Feeling Bloated and Suffering the Yo-Yo Weight Gain/Loss of around 5 lbs. Due to Fluid Retention. 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I think Progestelle is an absolutely fantastic product. I’m 37 years and I have been living with monthly bloating and moodiness for the past 17 years. Using Progestelle, as it’s recommended every month, has improved my quality of life two-fold. I suffer from many cysts on the ovaries, a small fibroid and from cysts in the breast. The cyclic changes my body went through for so many years are virtually non-existent today. Thank you Dr. Eckhart for such a marvelous product!

Progestelle has even ameliorated the “manic” and “chip-on-my-shoulder” episodes that would take hold of me about one week before my period. Gone are those days of feeling bloated and suffering the yo-yo weight gain/loss of around 5 lbs. due to fluid retention. I could go on and on about the benefits of Progestelle.

I do recommend this product to any women suffering from mood swings and bloating.


Cira C. New York, New York

March 10, 2007

No Stomach Aches, Bloating or Headaches, No Breast Pain and My Moods are More Consistent Day to Day 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

Just a short note to let you know that I am so great. I have removed as many xenoestrogens as possible from my environment, skin and diet, as you advised, for nearly a month now and the improvement has been amazing. I am using the Nature Clean powder detergent, no dryer sheets, Elysian Dream products for hair and skin (fragrance free and those without rosemary and lavendar oils, only ones with olive oil, and the organic, fragrance-free shea butter), and the crystal deodorant vs. regular deodorant (AMAZINGLY better), and we changed all of our household products to the Nature Clean line and no longer use any antibacterial foaming soaps or anything. Just Grandpa's baking soda soap for regular hand washing.

I have lost seven pounds this month, my last period cycle was 28 days (who knew!) and my hair has started to grow back (after four years of thinning!!). The biggest thing is that my body is, quiet, for lack of a better way to describe it! No stomache aches, bloating or headaches, no breast pain and my moods are more consistent day to day. My energy is coming back, skin is great -- I can't believe it.

I think I have finally tapped into what has been ailing me for the past six years and I couldn't be more pleased! I plan to use these products regardless... the "clean" feeling from them is just so great. My husband has been using them too, and we are thrilled!!

Thank you so much!


D.S., Huntington, New York

Dec. 19, 2007

Editor’s Note:  Recently I found that Shea Butter contains higher levels of theobromine than cocoa nibs.  I was using Shea Butter for nine months on my legs and experienced insomnia, tiredness during the day, peeing at night, and a headache behind my eyes during the day.  All these symptoms went away after I stopped using Shea Butter as a moisturizer on my legs.

I was so Glad when it [the bleeding] Stopped within 2 days of Using the Product! (Progesterone cream) 

When I first starting using it, I had been bleeding for about 3 months. The bleeding stopped within two days of starting the Progestelle. As long as I take it, mood swings are less frequent, and my period is more regular, though of less duration. Sometimes I am off the Progestelle for a couple weeks before my period actually starts.

I did an experiment last month and didn't use the Progestelle at all. It was a bad month! mood swings, depression, crying. I am back on it now and feeling much better. Also, I have been battling vaginal yeast, and the symptoms seemed to be less while I was off the Progestelle. I'm not sure if there's a correlation. Any thoughts on that? I'll let you know when I'm ready for another shipment. Thanks!

Caryl F.

Yes, you can publish my testimony. If you need any other background info for it, let me know. I am 45 years old, always had a "regular" period, and they started getting somewhat irregular in the past year,(sometimes very light, sometimes 2 in a month) While I was bleeding for those three months, it was variable, but continuous. I even had times when it was so heavy, one clot or burst of blood would soak me and I had to leave work immediately. That's why I was so glad when it stopped within 2 days of using the product!

I use extra virgin coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer, and Larenim (supposed to be the cleanest)brand make-up over the top of that. I do use some shampoo that may have some bad stuff in it, but mostly Kiss My Face, Giovanni, or other "health" brands of shampoo and lotion. I use soap that a friend of mine makes for washing, and "green" type products for cleaning. I do, however, use clorox wipes on occasion. It may be a while before I have time to send ingredients, but I will keep it in mind, and appreciate your offer to look it over. Thank you!

Caryl F.

May 29, 2009

Mosinee, Wisconsin

Editor's Note: Usually yeast infections go away with progesterone. Usually yeast infections are due to estrogen dominance. Chronic estrogen exposure leads to yeast infection and a lessened sensitivity to estrogen (down regulation).

The reason why the yeast infection got worse is after taking progesterone Caryl's sensitivity to estrogen went back up to normal. It seemed like she was getting more estrogen even though she was not. Thus, she got a yeast infection. The solution is to cut out all xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens.

I have a History of Recurrent Miscarriages @ 4-8 weeks 

My story has been a long 7 year journey.  I have been plagued with weight gain, heavy cycles, severe PMS, PCOS, migraines, acne, mood swings, breast tenderness, and infertility (8 first trimester miscarriages in 7 years) It was heart wrenching to keep feeling like I was dying, knowing there was something going on internally that no doctor could "diagnose." I took matters into my own hands and typed in all of my symptoms into a search engine and up came "estrogen dominance" and natural progesterone for the treatment. While I was researching progesterone, I came across your site and liked the fact that your product did not have all of the added herbs and chemicals of the other "natural" progesterone creams had. I ordered your product and LOVED the buy one get one deal! I used it from ovulation to the beginning of my monthly cycle. I quickly noticed my moodiness acne cleared up, headaches lessened and low and behold within a few months got pregnant. I contacted Dr Eckhart to ask if Progestelle was safe to continue in pregnancy. He assured me it would protect my pregnancy and gave me the dosage recommendations for someone with my history. I continued to use Progestelle until my 6th month and am proud to say I now have a very happy and healthy 3 month old baby boy! Thank you for your support while taking Progestelle! It changed my life! I will continue to use Progestelle and eliminate the use of products on the avoidance list to assure my hormones and body stay in balance! And may even try for baby #2....

Best Regards,

Jody L C

I sent this email over a year ago and am pleased to announce I have a healthy, happy 12 week old baby boy! I started using your oil @ 4 weeks and had a very healthy uncomplicated pregnancy! THANK YOU!!!

I do have a question..can I use this and still breastfeed? I want to keep my hormones balanced and ready to go if we try for baby #2. Are there any side effects or harm for the nursing baby? Thank you!!!

Jody C.

Dr Eckhart,

I have a history of recurrent miscarriages @ 4-8 weeks (6-8 total). I have a history of horribly heavy cycles with heavy bleeding and clotting. I started the use of progesterone cream about 4 months ago. It wasn't your oil at the time and did not feel much of a difference, but pressed on. I found out last week I am pregnant. While I was researching progesterone 2 weeks ago, I came across your site and quickly ordered your product and started it @ 4 weeks pregnant. ( i have been on it one week) I have never made it this far (5 weeks) without spotting, so we are hopeful that this time, we may be successful!

Because of my severity of symptoms, I am opting to use the oil, 3 dropper fulls, 3 times a day. I do have extra weight on me and I was concerned about my absorption, so I wanted to assure I was getting the highest dosage possible. Is this an appropriate dosage for my situation. Also, I do not want to stop the oil until I reach 8 months to assure all is okay.

Does this sound like a good plan to you? Are there any dangers to having too much natural progesterone in early pregnancy? I am in the process of changing my soaps and detergents as we speak and am taking my list of things to avoid with me where ever I go.

Thank you for your information! I have read other testimonials and feel I too will have an amazing story to share in about 9 months!

Best Regards,

Jody C.

Colonial Heights, Virginia

Aug 11, 2009

Actually, I am Much Better Now 

Actually, I am much better now that I moved to this product from the progesterone cream. No more night sweats, migraines or mood swings!

My cycle is still unpredictable some months (in arrival date, duration and flow) but I know it's also in part aggravated by traveling and food intolerances.


Hartland, Vermont

Oct. 20, 2009

In General I Feel more Stable and Balanced. 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I feel better than 2 months ago. I am taking additionally vitamine B and Sumacazon (food supplement containing maca, and aimed at strengthening the endocrine system.

Progestelle is making me being a bit sleepy indeed, I am taking it mainly before bedtime, and a bit in the morning, on the face.

In general I feel more stable and balanced. I will continue with Progestelle, and I believe the monthly period will stabilize.

Best regards,


Nov. 15, 2009

United Kingdom

Life has Changed Dramatically 

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using Progestelle for over a year now ( 1 dropper day 14 - 26 ) .... life has changed dramatically even though I had no underlying problems other than pre-menopausal symptoms and PMS.

4 of my friends have started using bio-identical progesterone , 2 of whom are using Progestelle. Happily, 2 of my friends' symptoms changed very fast but the two who used other creams have not seen much of a change at all. They are now considering ordering Progestelle ..

Ordering a product over the internet is a little scary ... happily it has been a huge success :)

Last month I ran out of oil 3 days early :(

Finances were a little tight and so I have only been able to order this week. I really hoped that it would not make a lot of difference ....

I am so impatient to get back to where I was .... I am not sleeping the same, brain fog is back, I am irrationally irritable, emotions all over the place and miss the desire for my darling husband ( who is happily recommending the oil to his friends ).

Lesson learned ... this is too important to go last on the budget ... when Mum is happy, everyone is happy :)

Thank you for your marvelous product and giving women hope that they can live a hormonally balanced life.

Best regards,

Judith W.

May 17, 2010

New Zealand

No more "Crazy Lady" every month! AMEN. 

Prescription (natural 200mg) progesterone was making me EXHAUSTED, but I'm doing quite well on Progestelle - no more "Crazy Lady" every month! AMEN. =)

Laura A.

May 24, 2010

Adel, Iowa

MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS and Menstrual Cramping Going Away 

I wanted to say 'Thank you'. All of the info I have received both in the booklet with my first order, as well as several emails back and forth with you have been so valuable! I have started using only Bare Essentials/Minerals makeup, and my skin has never looked better.

I also now know what to avoid as far as preservatives/herbs and the difference has been phenomenal! I am no longer having any mid-cycle pain, my cycle has returned to normal, with minimal to no cramping. There is no longer any water weight retention or headaches, and no uterine pain or breast tenderness whatsoever at any point in any recent cycles! I am so happy! My weight has also returned to where I would like it to be without any dieting or diet changes at all. I feel wonderful! Thank you!

And, all this with just the modifications. I have not yet even begun to use the progesterone.

I am wondering about Ylang Ylang. I know lavender and chamomile were mentioned as ones to avoid, and I do. I did some research online regarding Ylang Ylang and noticed it's also listed as having estrogenic activity. I did want to double check this with you, as there is a hair conditioner which contains this, and I will definitely be avoiding this if this is true concerning Ylang Ylang.

Thank you in advance, and again, thank you!

Michelle P. Greensboro, North Carolina

Feeling Better, No Sugar Cravings, Breast Cysts are Disappearing! Panic Attacks!

Hello Dr. Eckhart: I just had to email and tell you how Progestelle has changed my life. I am a 59 year old wife, mom and grandma who takes care of 4 grandchildren 3-4 days per week - a 6 year old girl, two 4 year old girls and an 18 month old boy.

One month ago, I was ready to give up. Every morning I would wake up and convince myself to make it one more day. I would plod through the day waiting for the kids to go home, dinner to be over so I could bury myself in my hobby of cross stitching where all you have to do is count! I would go to bed plagued with panic attack dreams just to wake up in the morning to convince myself to make it another day.

I had started seeing doctors about 3 years ago for Panic Attacks - their suggestion (and prescription) was Zanax and Atenolol - which was for my prehypertension (caused from the panic attack I was having at the doctor's office). My heart had been sonogrammed and EKG'd and was said to be fine. Although no one told me what to do about the panic attacks except for drugs, I researched and learned how to help myself during an attack - especially those that were started from dreams. I must say, I am actually pretty good at stopping them now. Then there are the doctors that want to cut out the cysts in my breast lumps in my breasts which again I said no to. To make a long story short, not one doctor has given me any information that could have helped me either with the panic attacks, prehypertension that happens only when I'm in a panic attack (usually from the doctor!), or the lumps.

Then I found your website by searching for info on cysts in my breast - information gives you the power to overcome! That was one month ago.

Today, I must say to you "thank you for giving me my life back". After the second day of using Progestelle, I woke up and thought "I can do this". Now I wake up every day happy to greet the day and see my grandchildren and look forward to playing with them and teaching them. My life has changed so much - I am excited about each new day, no panic attacks for a month, I'm losing the belly fat, I AM LAUGHING AGAIN! I am amazed at the lack of desire for sugar. I can look at something sweet and think 'yuck'. (I think I was using sugar to get me through the day.) Having a bit of trouble getting rid of the cup of coffee but am working on that! The lumps in my breasts are getting smaller. By the way, my husband says 'thank you' too - we've been married 26 years and he's 14 years younger than I and happy to see me return to the world of the living. We are having fun together again.

Thank you, thank you -

Dona R. Spokane, WA


Editor Notes:  John Lee, MD has written in his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" that Estrogen Dominance causes the copper levels to increase.  When copper levels get too high, this may cause mood swings and panic attacks according to John Lee, MD.  Estrogen Dominance means too much Estrogen.  This excess estrogen is coming from chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen. These chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogens are known as xenoestrogens.  These xenoestrogens do NOT appear on the hormone test. The main route of entry of these xenoestrogens is through the skin.  Many cosmetics and toiletries contain xenoestrogens. 


The solution is simple.


Simply use safe cosmetics and toiletries that we list on our "purple sheet". Buy any product from us and get a "purple sheet" of recommended products.  Progesterone can be used to balance out small amounts of weak xenoestrogens only.   I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were ok.

Miscarriage Avoided - Healthy Baby Born! 

I am 43 years old now.  At 41 years of age I began to experience some symptoms of MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS that were worse than I had ever had before.  Mood swings and anxiety at times were very hard to deal with.  I was also feeling far angrier than the offense would warrant.  This was causing a great deal of difficulty in the parenting of my 5 children.  As time went on I was having irregular periods as well and then I suffered the loss of two babies due to first trimester losing babies.  I read the book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" and decided to ask my pc doctor to evaluate my hormones in the hopes that she would be able to help with the imbalance.  She asked me several questions about my emotional symptoms and diagnosed me with depression.  She prescribed an anti-depressant.  I had a feeling that she would be approaching my condition this way so I had a copy of the book with me, along with some of the web pages I had downloaded from your site.  When I told her that I believed the problem was hormonal she excused me saying, "It looks like we're finished here.  I can see that I'm not convincing you...but when you decide that you want this prescription it will be waiting for you at the front desk."  A few days later she called me to let me know that my test results indicated that I had a thyroid condition which was causing my hormonal problems.  I was low in progesterone as well as estrogen and I decided to begin the natural progesterone oil.  I shopped all over the internet for a type of NP which would not contain the additives that were undesirable and found this one as the only one based in oil.  I was also placed on Synthroid for my thyroid condition and I can't tell you which one if not both of these helped "even me out" but I can tell you that a couple weeks later I was pregnant!  Had I followed my doctor's advice I probably would've caused my baby to suffer with birth defects. I was concerned that I would miscarry again but through much prayer and continuing on the natural progesterone through my first trimester things went very well!  I want to say that Dr. Eckart was very responsible in my care even though I have never met the man face-to-face.  He quickly responded to my many questions and once even called me on the phone to make sure I knew that I needed to taper off the NP as I progressed to the second trimester of the pregnancy.  I gave birth to a ten and a half pound baby boy named Uriah in February and we are all doing wonderfully.  I thank God for leading me to your website and have referred other women to your company already.  They are pleased with the results also.  I know that there will be many more because it seems that often I find that the women I meet are struggling with hormonal changes and have never heard that there is a natural way to solve this problem.  So many of them believe that antidepressants are the only answer!  Thanks again for providing a better way. 

Sincerely, Sarah N. (mother of six)

Editors note: Estrogen dominance can cause a hypothyroid clinical picture with a normal T3 level. Women are tired and have a body temp. of approximately 97F, and gain fat on the belly and hips. Hair may thin. Avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone will reverse this. A repeat first trimester miscarriage is almost always a Natural Progesterone deficiency. 


I wanted to provide you with the results of my first month usage. All I can really say is that I am truly amazed that I have found a product that delivers what it claims. I have been afflicted with MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS for years and after a month of modified diet and product changes I feel I am on the road to recovery and a more quality life. If it gets better through continued usage I can only tell you I have never felt better in my menstrual life as I do now. Thank you for your research and product. I have passed my success to my family and friends who also may suffer from the many side effects of hormone imbalance and hopefully have offered them a drink of water.


For three months now, I have been on the Natural Progesterone skin cream therapy and have been using paraben-free shampoo, conditioner, and make-up. The results have been nothing short of amazing! No more MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS!

I have gone from what used to be a week or more of suffering every month to a virtually symptom-free premenstrual cycle. In addition, although my periods still run long (typically 8 or 9 days), my cycles have normalized from 25 days (prior to adopting your Natural Progesterone therapy) to a normal 28 to 29 day cycle.

Natural Progesterone therapy is a miracle! Thank you for giving me my life back!! :)