Avoid Chemicals to Cure Estrogen Dominance

Avoid Estrogenic Chemicals and Herbs (Xenoestrogens)

This is only a partial avoidance list. The full avoidance list comes with our product after you order it.  We also provide a safe products list.  It is extremely difficult to find safe products to use.  I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were safe.

You are sick because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself with chemicals and herbs that act like estrogen. These chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen are called xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens cause Estrogen Dominance. If you remove these xenoestrogens from your environment many times the female disease condition disappears. They are also chemicals and herbs that cause hormone disruption. Many times women that completely change all their personal care products to products from our “safe” list don’t even need progesterone after a while.

The root cause of your estrogen dominance (too much estrogen) disease is xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogen). This is a very good list that we have used clinically with all our patients since 1999. Almost all our patients that diligently follow the list will see improvements after 2 months even without taking Progestelle ®. Generally, major improvements following this Brief and Important list are seen after 2 years. You really need to get Nature Clean Powdered Laundry. It is about $80.00 for four 7.5 pound boxes including shipping. Natural Progesterone counteracts weak roses.jpgxenoestrogens. These 4 boxes last my wife and I 6 months. Rea, MD a cardiothoracic surgeon based in Dallas, TX recommends Nature Clean powdered laundry detergent. Rea, MD is widely considered to be the #1 MD in chemical injury in the world. I called the president's son of Nature Clean myself and talked to him about the formulation of Nature Clean. We have had good clinical results with Nature Clean since 1997.  There are other laundry detergents on our "safe" list, you may also use.  Buy anything from us and you will get our "safe" list.

See e.hormone.tulane.edu/learning/learning.html for a discussion of xenoestrogens from Tulane and Xavier University.

You MUST avoid xenoestrogens or the progesterone will NOT work. Bloating and breast tenderness, weight gain, hair loss may get worse if you do not avoid xenoestrogens, and use Natural Progesterone, Progestelle ®. The most important things to avoid are things that you put on the skin.

Whatever is put on the skin has 10 times the potency of what you eat. Anything put on the skin goes directly into the body. However, anything eaten is 90% prefiltered by the liver. I am not saying to ignore what you eat. I am saying that you should pay 10 times as much attention to what you put on the skin.

Xenoestrogens do not appear on the hormone test.  There is no routine lab test for xenoestrogens.  I wish there was a lab test for xenoestrogens, but there is none.

Again, the full list comes with our product. The below is only a partial list.  Buy anything from us and you'll will get a list of recommended products that are safe to use and a full no-no list of herbs and chemicals to avoid derived from 1999 until the present.  In 1999-2018, I have treated 30,000 patients.

1) Do not heat food or water with plastic in the microwave. Do not drink hot liquids in styrafoam or plastic cups or receptacles.

2) Change your laundry detergent because the laundry detergent cannot be fully washed from the clothes and is absorbed directly through the skin. Do NOT use dryer sheets or fabric softener. If you want to soften your clothes, use 1/2 cup of baking soda in the rinse cycle. Read about it @www.ourlittleplace.com. Use powdered Nature Clean laundry detergent.

Natural Progesterone counteracts weak estrogens. Temporarily avoid weak phytoestrogens Soy and Ground Flax Seed because these may interfere bigdaisy.jpgwith Progestelle’s ® effect. Soy in the traditional form of tofu or natto may be OK. The fermentation process on soy destroys soy’s anti-nutritive effect. However, the powdered soy that Americans eat is not made safe by the traditional fermentation process.

Some xenoestrogens are extremely potent.  For instance lavender and tea tree created "man boobs" or gynecomastia in 3 young boys.  Clifford Bloch, MD pediatric endocrinologist had 3 young boys with gynecomastia.  He measured their own endogenous hormones and found them to be normal.  He found that the parents had been giving them tea tree oil and lavender oil.  On a hunch, he asked them to stop.  In 3-6 months, the "man boobs" disappeared.  He took the lavender and tea tree oil and put them in breast cancer cells sensitive to estrogen in a test tube and found that lavender and tea tree oil caused them to proliferate.  The conclusion is that lavender and tea oil mimic estrogen, but do NOT appear on the hormone test.  Just because something is "organic and natural" does not mean that it is safe to use.  Would lavender and tea tree oil stimulate breast cancer to grow?  Yes, most likely this would be true.  I am not against tea tree oil and lavender.  I personally think that it is fine to use lavender or tea tree oil on a short term basis.  However, long time use or lavender and tea tree oil use with a female disease or condition that is stimulated by estrogen is not an intelligent thing to do.