Real Patient Endometriosis Testimonial Using Progestelle and Avoidance of Xenoestrogens 


It's Been Life Transforming. It Saved My Life!  Endometriosis. 

Hello, my name is Lyssa and I am 43 years old. I suffered from what my doctors feared was Endometriosis for 11 years. My symptoms were as follows. Periods that were so heavy that I was bordering on hemorrhaging every month. In addition my periods were so painful that there were times I would actually pass out. I couldn't leave my home, work and some months even get out of bed. There were months that my periods came twice a month and would last for weeks. Over the last couple of years I actually stopped bleeding and was just left with the unbearable pain. In addition to excruciatingly painful periods I also suffered from polycystic ovary disease. In my case I had ongoing ovarian cysts that I literally thought at times would do me in. My stomach would get so extended that I would have purplish marks on it that would appear overnight.

Each doctor I went to told me that my ONLY option was surgery and or high doses of artificial hormones. The surgery options consisted of an endometrial ablation and a complete hysterectomy. Surgery was not something that I was willing to consider, I did try the hormones for a few months and the side effects were unbearable. My quest for healing this also included dietary changes, chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopath consultation and tons of supplements. I was at the end of my rope about 7 months ago that I decided I could not longer live with this pain. I had heard that high doses of progesterone could possibly help my situation but I only want it try it in naturally form. I started searching on the internet for such a product and came across Dr, Eckhart's website, I immediately contacted him about my situation and he responded right back with several suggestions. I ordered the Progesterelle right away and added Endovan as per Dr. Eckhart's suggestion. I made changes to my personal care products and started noticing significant changes in the first 3 months including decreased pain, bloating, PMS and actually having a flow again. By the 5th month my periods were as close to normal as they have every been. It's been life transforming. It saved my life!

Belle-Lyssa D.

Sept. 28, 2010

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Thank You So Much!!! 

Hello Peter

I recently had a laparoscopy investigation to see how my endometriosis was doing, and the findings really surprised me.

You may be able to understand the findings better than I can, but the discharge summary reads:

Tubal-ovarian mass R side, frozen pelvis

Endometrioma extending into POD (which I understand to be the Pouch of Douglas)

Right ovary adjacent to cysts.

Left ovary not identified. No free fluid.

I felt disappointed, as I've tried so hard to persevere with the regime you recommend, and I do certainly seem to be better than in the past. I'm just wondering whether it's working sufficiently for me as I still have cysts and endometriosis. What do you think?

Kind regards

Siobhan W.

Hello Peter

I went to the hospital for an internal ultrasound on Monday, and they said I have no cysts, and that everything looks clear!!!!!

You are AMAZING! Thank you so much!!! So it looks like the iodine has certainly helped. The hospital did a scan before my laparoscopy and didn't see a cyst; then when they performed the laparoscopy, they saw one, but didn't remove it as they said it was too 'stuck' to my right ovary. Then, when they performed the ultrasound this week, it had gone again. So this means they're functional, doesn't it? Is that right? And that the diet I'm doing, plus the iodine is keeping it all at bay?

I still get extremely fatigued with my periods. Is that normal? I also can't seem to shift this dermographism. My skin is itching unbearably, and all since I had antibiotics from the hospital! I'm sorry I sound like such a hypochondriac!

Just one question; can I have Cilantro? (We call it coriander leaves over here.)

Thanks again!

Siobhan W.

Basingstoke,Hampshire, United Kingdom

December 16, 2010

I Have Been Suffering from Painful Periods for as Long as I Can Remember. I Now Have NO PAIN WHATSOEVER! Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts. They Found No Endometriosis or Cysts! Wow! My Surgeon Was Visibly Shocked.

I have been suffering from painful periods for as long as I can remember. However, they became unbearable about 12 years ago. I was unable to fall pregnant, and would regularly take time off work as I couldn't function normally. The pain would be so debilitating that my husband would have to carry me to the bathroom as I couldn't stand up.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis, cysts on my ovaries, and a tilted womb. The procedure, then, was a full laparotomy (a large incision through the abdominal wall) to laser all the endometriosis and cysts. The cysts they found on my ovaries were huge, one being 6” in diameter. The procedure, however, was successful, and six months later I fell pregnant with my son. My periods were good for about three after that, but then slowly the pain began to creep up on me. After about six years I had a keyhole laparoscopy, to laser out more endometriosis and more cysts. My periods were once again okay for about two years, and then once again began to worsen. I then had another laparoscopy, and was good for about a year, and then my condition, once again, deteriorated. During all this time I really wanted another child, but was unable to fall pregnant.

By this time, the pain I was suffering had reverted back to its original state. I was spending three or four days in bed with so much pain that, at times, I thought I would die and then was afraid that I wouldn't. I would regularly black out, have bad headaches, and be sick. I would feel that my whole body was listless, immeasurably tired, and heavy. When it came to ovulation mid-month, I would look like I was 6 months pregnant, and again, was subjected to an awful dragging pain in my pelvis. My periods were so irregular; I was unable to plan anything!

The only recommendation held out to me by the hospital was a total hysterectomy, which included removing my ovaries and cervix. I would then be put on HRT. I don't know why, but this blasé attitude didn't seem right to me. I know that in the past, the medical profession, as a matter of routine, would whip out people's tonsils and appendix as they said we didn't need them. And I suspected the same of them in the matter of hysterectomies.

I told them I wanted to keep my ovaries, but they informed me that they were stuck to the lining of my womb with the endometriosis, and it was not possible to separate them. And then on another occasion, they told me they had to remove them because of the risk of cancer to women of my age. However, in my research, I had discovered that when the ovaries are removed, and the woman is given HRT, this would feed the endometriosis, as HRT is oestrogen! I put this to my surgeon, who agreed this was true, but dismissed it, as he said the dose was so low, it probably wouldn't be a problem. I wasn't willing to risk having my insides cut out on the basis of this supposition. And by this time I had had enough of being pulled about by the hospital, and didn't entirely trust their judgment. I had perceived that they too readily recommended hysterectomies to women, without really understanding enough about their finely tuned makeup.

I was determined to go on a mission to find an alternative. And, voila, I discovered Dr. Eckhart! It took me quite a while to tweak all the recommendations that he advises as I started adjusting my way of life, but I think now, I have it down to a fine art, and it has become second nature to live this way.

First of all, the results of adhering to Dr. Eckhart's directions are nothing short of a miracle! I now have NO PAIN WHATSOEVER! And after a recent visit to the hospital for an ultrasound, they found no endometriosis or cysts! Wow! My surgeon was visibly shocked. Some things I struggle with are avoiding herbs and spices, and 'real' tea. But it just proves to me that this diet works, as, on occasion if I do succumb to things on the 'avoid list' my tummy bloats out before my period! But as long as I don't cheat too often, I don't suffer overly. I still don't get any pain.

I take the recommended supplements, so I never crave chocolate. I also rub 5 drops of Lugol's Iodine on my skin, twice a day. This has really helped!

The Progestelle has regulated my periods. I never used to know when they were coming, but am now very regular. I used to alternate between being incredibly angry and really tearful before my periods, but I feel much calmer and happier now. I experimented one month by not taking any Progestelle, and didn't tell my husband, just to see what happened. He asked me one day what on earth was wrong with me as I was so moody and cranky. He told me I hadn't been like that for ages! Ha ha! So it definitely affects my moods.

The only thing that makes me sad is that I didn't discover Dr. Eckhart sooner, as perhaps I would have been able to have more children. But never mind! I am able to enjoy my life with my husband and son because I have more energy, and because I no longer spend my life in bed.

Some girls I know thought I was slightly strange for trying all these things. But now that they see me well, they are not so sure. I wish the medical profession was more open-minded about alternatives to surgery. But meanwhile, many uneducated people will continue to suffer an unnecessary procedure, which is so sad, when the alternative is so much kinder to the body. I am truly grateful to Dr. Eckhart for the time and patience he manifests in assisting a gender he is no part of, and yet seems to truly understand.

Thank you Peter!

Siobhan W.

February 13, 2011

Basingstoke, Hampshire

United Kingdom

I Tried Progestelle and Within One Month I was Cured. 


I just wanted to tell you that Progestelle worked wonders for me. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in the summer of 2005. I bled irregularly and sometimes for weeks straight. I tried Progestelle and within one month I was cured. I had more regularity of bleeding and the abdominal pains left completely. It's a wonderful product and helped me to change how my family lives as well. We have cut back on paraben containing products and overall my family is very pleased with the results. Thank you!,


Halyssa R. , Oviedo, FL

April 20, 2007

I'm Very Grateful for Progestelle 

In my early forties my uterus began to swell noticeably which made me start to look for information to see what the problem was. Also I was dealing with discomfort, very heavy periods with excruciating pain behind my uterus before I needed to go to the loo. The progestelle website was incredibly informative and the advice of Dr. Eckhart was crucial when I was being very cautious about the dosage. He suggested that I increase the dose to 2 pipettes per day from day 6 to 26. Now my endometriosis has resolved, 2 and a half years later, and my period is a swift 4-5 days and very little PMS. When the bleeding started to go back to normal I realized that I had been experiencing abnormal bleeding before (my period, then a gap of a day and then different bleeding from the endometriosis). I take a greens supplement daily along with vitamin C etc., and serrapeptase occasionally, as I find it a little strong. My overall health feels good and I'm very grateful for Progestelle and the information that I've learned.

Very best wishes

Louise S., Wiltshire, UK

Nov. 11, 2007

The First Improvement I Notice was My Hair. It Doesn't Fall as it used to. 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

This is my third month of treatment with progestelle. After my endometriosis surgery I started with Progestelle. I feel much better. I followed all your recommendations and feel great, no more xenoestrogens for me.

I am very careful with my diet, mostly organic, lots of vegetables, no red meat, a little fish and organic chicken. The first improvement I notice was my hair. It doesn't fall as it used to. Also pain during and after my period is almost gone, this is just great. I want to ask you what would be the next step. I am still taking Indole-3 carbinol, no problems so far, no hot flashes.

Progestelle as indicated for endometriosis. I drink alkaline water. Should I change doses of progestelle or Indole? What about Natokinasse? Can I start taking omega oils? borage oil, salmon oil, or other kind of omega. What about vitamins or antioxidants? I am not taking any other supplements or vitamins. The only concern at this time is my skin. It is really dry and itchy.

I used elysian dream castile soap and almond, avocado or even olive oil for my skin. Thanks a lot for all your help.

Sincerely, Sandra H.

Chicago, Illinois

Nov. 11, 2007

I've Been Feeling Better than I Have in Over 7 years!!!!! 


I recently switched to your natural progesterone and also have been changing all my skin products, detergents etc. (as best as possible)...I can honestly say that I've been feeling better than I have in over 7 years!!!!! My only concern is that when I stop applying the progestelle (on my 26th day) I immediately feel so much worse and my period doesn't come immediately either...I have read (Dr. John Lee and many other books relating to my condition of endometriosis and fibroids) and some have suggested using progesterone every day...I would like to know what your professional opinion and experience is on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

V. C.

Los Angeles, California

Editor's Note: V.C. should feel better in about 2-3 months if and only you have switched all the stuff that goes on the skin. It takes about 2-3 for months for these chemicals to wash out of the body. Some women use a little progesterone during cramping to stop cramping.

I Want my "Recovery" to Encourage People!  From Home Crying in Pain and Vomiting to Camping, Work, or School 

I want my "recovery" to encourage people who take longer in responding effectively to the benefits of progesterone. Even my husband says I am about 100% better than I was a year ago. I used to call him at work while I was home crying in pain. Now I can make it through a period and still go camping, or be at work or school, without having to be home rolling on the floor in pain and vomiting. I have been to ER/Urgent Care twice in the last 8 years for vomiting and dehydration related to my period. Doctors tell me there's nothing they can do and I should be on hormonal Birth Control. They tell me I probably have Endometriosis and the first protocol is BC. I never took the BC for fear it would feed my problems, based on the estrogen content. I have suffered month after month for years. I used to be fine with periods until I was about 18 when I started with the pain and nausea. My mother used to tell me it is probably normal because she and her sister had bad periods too. My mom's got better after pregnancy and my aunt stays on Birth Control hormones.

After using Progestelle regularly, FINALLY I have found a GREAT deal of relief and have returned to almost pain-free periods. Now I might need Aleve or Advil a few times a day for a couple days but no more debilitating pain. I actually have completely pain free days during my period as well! It took me a good 6 months to feel that I was measurably, considerably improved. Now I still do not have 100% easy periods but looking back, I am doing worlds better than I have in YEARS!!!! When I stopped the Progesterone it was a few months before I started suffering again, so I knew it was helping me and got back on it. Now even if I use it every month or every other month I still maintain a constant betterment from where I was a year or 2 ago. I would recommend anyone who suffers like I did, to PLEASE just give it a try and don't give up even if it takes 3 months or more to feel a lot better. When you are suffering like I was, it was so hard to believe anything would really help. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that I have found something that WORKS! It is just so amazing. I thank God all the time for giving me resources, because it was after asking Him to help me find an answer, that I stumbled across Progestelle (I felt it was my last resort before trying hormonal birth control pills that I was sure were bad for me). Thanks to Dr. Eckhart for taking the time and compassion to explain why this works and give helpful recommendations.

To avoid hormonal birth control, my husband and I took advantage of the Fertility Awareness Method, based on signs of fertility and using condoms during fertile time. It has worked for us for three years and is a wonderful alternative to hormonal Birth Control. AND! After abandoning our birth control method in order to conceive, I got pregnant on our first try!!! I had no idea if I would have fertility issues but if I did, I certainly don't now.

THANK YOU for your help!! GOD BLESS!!!,

Rachel M. Sept 12, 2008

Chardon, Ohio

I Did Get a Control Over my Endometriosis 

I wanted to let you know that I did get a control over my endometriosis, just saw my doctor 3 weeks ago and he was very happy with the results! I took all the vitamins and I´m still using the progestelle. But I did a lot of other things too, like nutritional and all sorts of stuff. So I don´t need to use the birth control pill anymore, which totally saved my life, since I feel very bad on it.

Wanted to let you know and thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards from Iceland

Gudrún Helga
February 14, 2009

I Have Been able to Eliminate the Need for the Surgery Again to Remove the Endometriosis Which is WONDERFUL! 

Thank you.

I am doing well, the laundry soap switch made a HUGE difference, I was very surprised. Prior to getting worse I had been using Shaklee “clean, free and clear” but had switched at some point to seventh generation. I had not made the connection until I read your information. I immediately switched back to Shaklee and within 6 months of the switch had the pain back under control. With continued use of the Progestelle and back to the Shaklee laundry soap I have been able to reduce to the “maintenance” dose of Progestelle and need only a few pain pills a month instead of the 3 or 4 a day for 2 weeks a month I had been up to. I have been able to eliminate the need for the surgery again to remove the endometriosis which is WONDERFUL! I am very very pleased with the information you provide in the booklet, and with the progestelle and have passed the information along to many friends.

I will be to autoship in about 4 months with the supply I have and the amount I am using currently unless something changes.

Thanks again,

Jody M.

June 23, 2009

Farmington, Utah

I am a True Believer that I am Better Because of your Research (Endometriosis patient) 

Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using Progestelle since the first of this year with very good results. I have also cut out xenoestrogens from the products that I use and consume. I am a true believer that I am better because of your research.

I am currently dosing two dropperfuls of Progestelle a day until my period begins. My husband and I are considering conception. How would I use the Progestelle to try to conceive? What would be the dosage, number of days etc?

I appreciate your time.

Thank you

Kimberly S.

Whitehouse, TX

Sept. 15, 2009

Editors note:  Please email us at  ewomhoo at Hotmail.com for a protocol on natural infertility treatment.

The Pain was Lowered Almost to Nothing, Thanks for Your Advice. 


During the last two (2) years I am suffering of pain in the low abdominal area. It started after working in the backyard using a shovel. The pain has increased gradually with higher pain after the menstrual period. Then I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The pain can NOT be eliminated with the medicaments; it was recommended a laparoscopy surgery and/or treatment to advance menopause. Yesterday (20/AUG/2009) I discovered the product Progestelle in the internet and bought it (order 21233)‏. I wonder to know if I can use the product Progestelle, how it is used, and what dose. Which book is recommended, to know more about endometriosis treatment without a performing a surgery periodically. We will appreciate any advice and/or recommendations. Thanks for your attention.



On 03/OCT/2009 I completed 21 consecutive days using the Progestelle. The pain was lowered almost to nothing, thanks for your advice . From 04/OCT/2009 to 12/OCT/2009 I did not used the Progestelle. It was supposed to have the period on 08/OCT/2009 but until now I do not have any period.

Is reliable the result of a pregnancy test found in any pharmacy even if I’m using the Progestelle?


Carmen R.

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Oct. 14, 2009

Stage 4 Endometriosis 

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using the Progestelle since Day 6 of my cycle (My last period started on 11/4 so I started on 11/10) I have been using 2+ to 3 dropperfulls per night daily. I have gone through an entire bottle so far and just opened the second one tonight. I just got my period (early) today so it has only been 19 days since my last one.

1. Is this normal? Mine are usually very regular and about 26 - 28 days apart.

2. Do I continue the Progestelle during my period or stop and then start again at day 6 of my new cycle?

I am also having acupuncture to balance my hormones and deal with the pain as well as having eliminated xenoestrogens. All of this seems to be helping GREATLY with the pain. It was not even noticeable this month and usually I have plenty of warning with pain before my period starts.


T. Smith

Also, if you would include that I have eliminated laundry detergent in favor of 1/3c. white vinegar and 1/3c. salt for colors and replacing the salt with 1/3c. washing soda for whites.

I think that would help a LOT of people, and saves money. No need to read ingredients! I am also making my own natural cleaning products from common ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and corn starch. Recipes can be found on the internet.

I really think the elimination of the xenoestrogens (endocrine disruptors) has been KEY.

I will send you an update next month.

Thank you!

T. Smith

Nov. 24, 2009

West Allis, Wisconsin

Editor's Note:

Don't worry about irregular periods. This is common. The real question is whether or not you feel better or not.

Just take the Progestelle whenever you do not have period.

IF you have diligently cut out xenoestrogens, especially the ones on the skin, then the period should normalize after 2-3 months. The xenoestrogens should wash out, in general.

Constant estrogen ingestion in the form of pills or xenoestrogens causes the estrogen receptors to down regulate. In other words, the woman's body has so much estrogen that the estrogen receptors become less sensitive. A good analogy would be when you enter a noisy room. When you first enter the room you notice the noise. However, after being in the noisy room for a while, the noise becomes less noticeable. Your ears become less sensitive to the noise. In effect, your ears down regulate. Thus, if you take estrogen supplements or get doses of xenoestrogens, after a while, your body will become less sensitive to estrogens. This is because your body has too much estrogen, and the body tries to become less sensitive. However, when you take progesterone the estrogen receptors are resensitized to their original sensitivity. In other words, when you begin to take progesterone, you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen.

So, the irregular period is due to this tug of war between estrogen, progesterone and fluctuating sensitivity to both hormones.

Worked Wonders for me so far with my Endo Symptoms, No Cramps, No Swelling of my Chest, and No More Bloated Stomach. PCOS Improved. 

About 3 or 4 years ago, I had a lump in my stomach the size of a cantaloupe, it turned out to be my right ovary that had grown to be that size, so I went to my gynecologist and he said I needed immediate surgery to have it removed. So a week later I went into the hospital for surgery and had it removed along w/ my appendix b/c it was attached to it. Luckily it was not attached to my bowel. He diagnosed it was endometriosis after the surgery. For a while everything felt better, but shortly after all of my symptoms came back. As of now I've been on Depot Lupron twice for a period of 6 months throughout the years to stop my period so that my body could recover for a while, also I have been on and off birth control. Currently I have been on continuous birth control for about 3 months, and right b4 that I had a round of depot lupron. So I've only had my period abt. 2 times within the last 9 months. My doctor recommended I see a infertility specialist, so I did and was told it would be impossible to become pregnant on my own without doing in-vitro fertilization due to my severe endometriosis and only having one ovary. He was afraid that if I went off the birth control pills long enough to try to conceive that my endo cysts would grow back and prevent it. He also said I have PCOS. My chest is sore and swollen all of the time, I feel nauseas and I have gained about 20 lbs within the last year, and I get severe cramping without any warning. I've been exploring tcm, acupuncture for fertility, I don't know where to turn. I want to get pregnant on my own b/c I can't afford to do ivf and I don't want to be on all of these medicines that make me all wacky. Please help. Can progestelle help me?? I can't even have a sexual relationship w/ my boyfriend b/c having sex is so painful and burning, I've lost the desire b/c I don't enjoy it anymore.

-Amy G.

Dr. Eckhart,

This has worked wonders for me so far with my endo symptoms, no cramps, no swelling of my chest, and no more bloated stomach. But for the entire 2 weeks I've been on progestelle I have had migraines like every other day and have had to leave work early quite often. Do you have any suggestions as to why I would be getting such bad headaches like this??? I really need to stop them so that I don't miss soooo much work.

Thank you for your quick responses on my questions.

-Amy G.

I am still using the progestelle, just finished my first bottle yesterday and my headaches have subsided since I last e-mailed, which is awesome, so I am feeling better on the progesterone oil and cut out the xenoestrogens I put on my skin.

But, do I have to stop using the progestelle oil in order to get my period??? Or do I continue using 3 dropfuls at night like I have been until my period arrives then stop the progestelle?? I'm just a little confused abt. that part of the regime.

The last time I had my period was Nov 20th, and it lasted for 12 days.

-Amy G.

Dec. 16, 2009

Honesdale, Pennslyvania

Editor's Note: The increased headaches with the use of Progestelle is from xenoestrogens or chemical or herbal estrogens in her environment. To get rid of the headaches, get rid of the xenoestrogens. Sometimes lotions and sunscreens take about 1-3 months to wash out of the body.

Constant environmental estrogen exposure leads estrogen receptors to down regulate or become "sleepy". Taking progesterone cream "wakes up" the estrogen receptors and estrogen now has a greater effect. This greater effect of the estrogen yields headaches. The solution is to cut out xenoestrogens.


Taking Fibrovan for Endometriosis has Diminished the Constant Pain to Almost 0 (Zero) – Thyroid Medication Reduced 

Hi there,

Just wanted to tell you how the progesterone oil has improved things for me over the last four months. I also added Fibrovan two months ago as the constant pain with endometriosis was not entirely gone, however I can say that taking Fibrovan has diminished the constant pain to almost 0. I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medication.

The problem is that I have had very heavy bleeding during my period and also my period came a week early this month. I have felt faint during the bleed and it has been quite painful with intestinal upset too. None of this is particularly a problem, its just that I am trying to work out why I am now nauseous with stomach discomfort after the bleed. I'm not sure if it is hormonal or a virus. I also have a lot of acne.

I cant seem to get rid of the nausea with slight diarrhoea and constipation alternating which I have had for six days now. I am putting on around four pipettes of oil a day and have stopped the Fibrovan for now.

Any advise would be gratefully received.
Many Thanks
Joanna S.(age 42 in July)

Apr. 11, 2010


The pain is far less, more like just a feeling now. I feel like this is very positive for me! Thyroid issue is always a bit complicated but armour thyroid dose reduced and overall am able to do more work which is important as a freelancer.

Thank you so much, I will continue with the oil and fibrovan at the level that works. I am excited at the ongoing possibilities and have hope which I havent for a long time!

Thank You

Joanna S.

May 6, 2010

Goodbye Stage IV Endometriosis! 

At long last I am taking time to write - at length - my tremendously improved endometriosis and positive experience using both Progestelle Natural Progesterone Oil and my doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Peter Eckhart, M.D.

After 25+ years of being plagued with recurring, severe pelvic pain symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis & "Kissing" Ovaries at the age of 39. While my surgeon went above and beyond the call of duty by performing 4.5 hours of intensive laprascopic surgery to address a myriad of issues within my pelvic region, etc., during my post-op recovery I again found myself dealing with severe pelvic/bowel spasms that the surgeon could not help me with. He wrote me one synthetic progesterone pill prescription after another, only to find that they were not helping. They were actually making me worse - which I didn't think was possible.

While doing internet research one night, I felt a divine hand lead me to the Women's Therapeutic Institute website and began reading about Progestelle. I also began reading the copious amount of material on the website detailing how so many other things (both environmental and dietary) were likely fueling the re-growth of my endometriosis - especially parabens!!

I placed my order for the Progestelle, immediately stopped taking all my synthetic progesterone medications and waited. It wasn't more than 2-3 weeks before I saw dramatic improvement.

While I was awaiting my Progestelle delivery, I went through every product that I used on my skin (soap, shampoo, skincare, makeup, etc.) and if the ingredient list had ANYTHING that appeared to mimic estrogen, it went in the garbage. This wasn't a fun thing to do - I probably trashed approximately $300.00 worth of items in the process - but it was necessary if I was going to be serious and take control over my health.

I've also amended my dietary behavior, removing all foods that are heavily processed, eliminating all artificial sweeteners, drinking only purified water, no fast food and trying to eat as much organic food as possible.

The next big hurdle was removing the chlorine from my showers. We bought good-quality shower filters to yank the chlorine out of the water before it was allowed to be absorbed into my pores while showering each morning. this was yet another MASSIVE step in the right direction. The only thing that caused me to have a relapse was making a trip to the beach and taking a dip in a heavily-treated swimming pool. The chlorine overload threw me back into a horrific pelvic/bowel spasm within 4 hours from exposure. Lesson learned!!

The final (to date) item that has put me over the remaining hump of painful periods was making the swap to organic tampons. I don't know why it took me 12 months to make the connection that putting a chlorine-dyed tube of cotton inside me while bleeding (releasing dioxins all the while) was probably not a good thing but once my brain finally kicked into gear on that front, my pelvic health has been as good as it was during my early teens. That is truly remarkable.

I want to also take a moment to tell you how wonderful, kind and helpful Dr. Eckhart has been and remains in my journey to pelvic health. He always answers my e-mail questions in a VERY timely manner, listens to my concerns, questions and treats me like a person . . . not like a lab rat. Despite their best intentions, most OB-GYNS in the conventional medical universe spend very little time actually listening and most of their time making one feel like a cow running through a feedlot.

Dr. Eckhart has earned his gold stars in dealing with me and I cannot sing his praises loudly enough. He even took time to help me find safe, organic hair color to protect all the positive improvements with my endometriosis.

Can you imagine ANY other doctor doing that? I can't . . . and believe me, I've seen enough traditional gynecological doctors over the years to speak from much experience.

If you have yet to take the time to try Progestelle or speak with Dr. Eckhart about your unique situation, please don't waste any more precious time. Each of us are born with an innate sense of what our bodies need to heal and be healthy. Listen to your own voice, trust it and take back control over your health. I did . . . and thankfully I will never be the same.


Stephanie M. H., Lincoln, Alabama

Healing from Endometriosis 

Life with endometriosis was not easy! I began to get sick off and on about five years ago after my second pregnancy. My OBGYN didn't really want to listen to my complaints when pain was the only thing that was on my mind. I began to have so much pain in my pelvis I didn't want to go to work. Then I began to have nausea to the point where it was like having the flu three weeks out of the month. Then one night after three days of not being able to eat and feeling so sick I could not get out of bed; I thought to myself, "you can't go to sleep because you won't wake up. When I told my husband my thoughts he said, "we are going to find some help, I don't care what the OBGYN say's, your sick!" So my husband did the searching on the Internet for me. He came upon the Progestelle web site. Immediately he new this was going to be my "cure". I thought he was nuts when I heard I had to change every product in the house with certain chemicals in them and use the Progestelle oil everyday. I didn't think that could change how ill I felt. But I had to do something, so I tried it for a few months. The first month I only was sick for about two weeks. the next month for about a week, the next about 3 days, until finally the nausea was hardly noticeable if at all. This is how good I should have felt when my OBGYN told me I should not have nausea with endometriosis. Me and my husband are so grateful to have found your web site. It changed both of our lives. I'm back to my full of energy self and the only pain I feel is when I work to hard!

Thank you

Josh and Melissa S., Vernal Utah

Editors note: Before Melissa complained of pain 9 out of 10 with endometriosis(10 being the pain of child birth). 6 months after starting Progestelle and avoiding xenoestrogens, Melissa now claims to have pain 2-3 out of 10. She says now she has “ just a twinge” now and then as opposed to constant pain before.

Pain from Endometriosis Gone. 

Just for your endometriosis data collection: my first menses after started progestelle (used only about 30 mg/day from day 15-28) my pain was reduced from a 7 to a 4. The second menses (using it all month at 60 mg/day) pain reduced to about a 2. This third menses (80 mg/day) I've had NO pain at all. A Zero!! (Worse Pain is a pain of 10)


Melanie M., New Jersey

Pain from Endometriosis Gone! 

You are more than welcome to use my testimony! I had a lap last June and had a large endometrioma cyst (tennis ball size) on my left ovary drained. The surgeon said I was covered with endometriosis everywhere and said I was already in the Third Stage of Endometriosis. He just shook his head, he felt my only options were a hysterectomy or to go on Lupron. I was only 25 and haven't been married or had children yet so that was out of the question! I never went back and saw him again! I immediately got on the Progestelle and the U-O-Clear and stopped using any product with parabens and you know the rest of the story :)

I have been on Progestelle for a year now and have been taking U-O-Clear as well and all my Endometriosis symptoms are completely gone, I don't even get menstrual cramps anymore! It's like I don't even have Endometriosis :) It's amazing how much everything changed for me in less than a year! It's wonderful to have pain-free cycles :)

Thanks So Much,

Cynthia S.

Endometriosis Improved - Operation Avoided! 

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the summer of 2001 during laproscopy surgery. I have always had problems with my periods, especially the pain involved. I was given two choices of further treatment by the surgeon which was a hysterectomy or drugs. I was not willing to do either of these, so I never went back for my follow-up appointment. I then was on my own to search for an alternative to drugs and surgery. I read a lot and searched the internet. The information that was most beneficial to me was found on the internet at the website www.endometriosis101.com. Before that I knew there was a missing link that I had just not discovered yet. I followed all of the advice on the website including throwing away all of my personal care products and using only those with no parabens (chemical estrogens) in them. This made a tremendous difference in my bout with the severe pain of endometriosis. Since I began to follow the guidelines presented, the severe pelvic pain that I had been experiencing off and on was completely gone and hasn't returned. I also use the progesterone product that can be purchased on the website. I was also diagnosed with low progesterone and high estrogen through a saliva test. It's amazing how many progesterone products contain parabens. This one does not. Using progesterone is very important in the healing process of this . I am now onto the next phase of getting my thyroid in balance as this problem usually goes hand in hand with endometriosis. I am very thankful to have found this website. I also appreciate the help that Dr. Eckhart has given me over the phone and through e-mails as well. I only wish more women knew about this information so that they could make an informed choice regarding treatment for endometriosis.

Deb H.

Impressive Product!!

I was very impressed with this product for myself and my mother. I suffer from endometriosis and helps the fibroids and my mother has stage 1 of uterine cancer and stopped her bleeding and pain!! Very impressive product for the cost

March 11, 2015

Endometriosis - The Progestelle Has Been A Life Saver For Me

I have endometriosis and have been using Progestelle since March.

The pain has greatly improved since I started using the Progestelle in March. Before I began using it I missed work 3 - 4 days a month because of pain and I ended up in the ER because I had lost nearly half of my blood. Now, my periods are normal and I'm no longer missing work because of pain. I still have some bad days (although I don't even remember when my last one was) but they are few and far between. And, on a bad day the pain isn't bad enough to make me throw up anymore and I can usually take just Aleve and that is enough to make the pain stop.

The Progestelle has been a life saver for me. I used to be afraid to go anywhere or do anything because I was afraid the pain would start (it came on very fast, very bad, and at any time of the month) and I'd end up leaving or throwing up. Fear was taking over my life. Now I do stuff. My husband and I can go on vacation or dinner or out with friends and I don't have to worry anymore. It has quite literally given me my quality of life back.

Thank you,
Cheri T - Marshfield, Wisconsin
Nov. 6 2006

Desperate For Relief From The Pain….I Am Now Surprised When My Period Starts

This website has been a lifesaver for me. I found it while searching for alternative treatments to endometriosis (rather than complete hysterectomy). I thought it all sounded pretty wacky, but I was desperate for relief from the pain. I followed the advice about cutting out parabens & what not, ordered my Progestelle, laundry & dish detergent, Indole-3-carbinmol. I followed all the rules & waited 2 months for the chemicals to leave my system before using the Progestelle. Wow, what a difference! Even before starting the Progestelle, my monthly pain decreased dramatically during that 2 months. I am now surprised when my period starts, whereas before I had plenty of advance pain to let me know it was coming. I was taking Hydrocodone for the pain, now I take a couple ibuprofen the first day & that is all! I don't have to consider having surgery & going on hormone replacement therapy at 37. I'm not completely pain free, but I feel like a normal woman now. I'm no longer desperate for relief, because I have found it here. Thank you! I'm telling every woman I know about this website. Please feel free to use my name and comments on your website.

Also, I have a comment about the Bare Minerals makeup. Many of the products do not list parabens, but the Mineral Veil & the moist products like mascara & lipstick do have parabens in them. I'm still using the products that don't have them & I'm quite happy with them. I also wanted to know if you could point me in the right direction to find a sunscreen that will not be harmful? My family is moving back to coast North Carolina, where we spend hours & hours fishing on the beach. I absolutely must use some kind of sunscreen or be burned to a crisp. Thanks for any advice you can give on this matter.

Alberta S - Amarillo, TX
March 12, 2007

Within One Month I Had NO PAIN

This is my testimony. This is more than you want probably but chop out anything you don't need. I had the scraping surgery for endometriosis April 16, 2002. In 3 months the pain was back, actually worse than before. They put me on birth control pills for 3 years. I didn't realize that the birth control pills allowed the endometriosis to grow unchecked. They basically just reduced the pain somehow and gave me a false sense that I was getting better. By the time I realized I wasn't getting better, but worse, it was everywhere. My gallbladder was removed in 9/2004 and the surgeon took pics of the endometriosis for me. My gyno took one look at the pics and said something had to be done but she wouldn't touch me. I foolishly waited until May 2005 but found a wonderful doctor who did a surgery not considered conventional. He had 20 or 30 years experience in treating endometriosis and someone that had the surgery told me about him. By now:

The pain was intense,
I couldn't hold my urine,
I urinated constantly,
I had a constant headache - nothing made it go away,
My skin hurt to touch it,
I had diarrhea a lot and it would hit with no warning
Depression had started
My joints ached and I was convinced I had lupus or arthritis or cancer.
I couldn't sleep due to the pain and only had 1 week a month that I did NOT have intense pain.

The surgery worked. I was hospitalized for 5 days and wore a catheter for 3 weeks. But over a couple of months - most immediately, the pain went away. I had a life again. There is a 90% success rate with this surgery. But I was the worst he'd ever seen. They cut out part of my small intestine and bladder because the endometriosis had pierced them. They burned off the peritoneum (however you spell it) from all my internal organs. It grows back in 7 days.

Well, about 1 1/2 years later, the pain came back in my bladder area. To urinate was getting painful for about 3 days. Then over 3 months the pain got to the point where walking was painful at times. The pain was probably about a 7. I would be walking and just stop and take a deep breath. I was crying and terrified because surgery wasn't going to help. That was obvious and I almost lost my bladder the first time Dr. Kelly said.

On November 6, 2006 I stopped all xenoestrogens - I went full force - detergent, hair products, food, no makeup. On November 13, 2006 I ordered the Indole 3 Carbinole and started taking it when I received it along with all the other vitamin recommendations. I ordered the Progesterone oil but I am not sure of the date. I started with 1/2 dropperful and now use 1 dropperful a day. Within one month I had NO PAIN. The next month I cheated in small ways - chocolate mainly and some spices. Unfortunately I cooked with a lot of oregano and thyme. I had minor pain (2). My last period was great so I am cheating with a little hairspray right now (this week). My ovarian cysts seem to be better also. They had left for 1 1/2 years as well and started coming back in May 2006. Combined with the endometriosis, the cysts are extremely painful.

I hope you can use some of this. If it's way off base, please let me know and I can do something else. Basically, I was a case that had no hope and your methods seem to have worked with no knives to boot. My gyno is completely for it. Marcy L., Tampa, FL and feel free to use my full name and city. I don't mind at all. I talk to a lot of women about endometriosis because no one cares to research it or treat it and it's a horrible that can rob your life. It almost took mine. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kelly for cutting it out and you for keeping it from growing back.

Marcy L - Tampa, FL
Jan 17, 2007
Marcy L. has graciously agreed to email anyone that wants to know more.
luthmarlaura @ yahoo.com


Thank you so much for your wonderful product. For the past several years I have suffered from severe endometriosis, ovarian cysts, MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, debilitating cramps, and infertility. I have had multiple surgeries to remove the endometriosis and spent nearly six months enduring the hot flashes associated with receiving Lupron injections. When my doctor wrote me a prescription for the birth control pill in October to try to control the endometriosis, it was the last straw. I couldn't bear the thought of putting more chemicals into my body, and I knew there had to be a more natural way of dealing with the endometriosis. So, after searching the Internet, I found your product and decided to try it.

After eliminating a majority of the phyto- and xenoestrogens mentioned in your information packet and trying the progestelle for 2 months, I was amazed at the results. My cysts are gone, I had no MONTHLY BLOATING AND MOOD SWINGS, and—for the first time in my life--I had absolutely no cramps with my period. I was ecstatic—this is the best I have felt in years. I have shared my story with my friends, family, doctors, and colleagues, and everyone has been amazed. In fact, my physical therapist was so amazed that she tried it for one month with the hope that it would help shrink her grapefruit-sized fibroids. It did. Recently she had an ultrasound, and her doctor was shocked to see that the fibroids had totally disappeared. As a result of me “spreading the news” to everyone who will listen, I have had numerous requests to try my Progestelle and to borrow the information packet that you sent with my initial order. Unfortunately, one of these requests resulted in my information packet getting lost. If possible, would you please send me another information packet? (Or several more—they are awesome marketing tools for the Progestelle and I would love to be able to give them to friends who are interested so that they might purchase the Progestelle and enjoy the same success that I have found.)

Thank you so much for your help. You are making the world a healthier and happier place—one woman at a time.

Jennifer C - Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 8, 2007