Uterine Fibroids

I Now Have Three-day, Light, Painless Periods.  Fibroids Rapidly Shrinking. 

Hello Dr. Eckhart

I want to thank you for all the kind time and attention you have given me to solve my menstrual pain and disorders. I can say that after only three months of following all of your recommendations, my life is so much better. I have been menstruating since age ten, with excruciating pain, excessive bleeding, and severe stage four endometriosis and endometriomas, numerous surgeries.

Now, instead of bleeding for eight days, curled up in bed on prescription pain killers, passing massive clots, bleeding through an ultra-plus size tampon and pad every hour, dealing with the ongoing agonizing pain and pressure from cantaloupe sized tumors [ fibroids ], I now have three-day, light, painless periods, and the tumors, as evidenced by ultrasound, are rapidly shrinking.

I was already avoiding xenoestrogens and parabens (no lotions, perfumes, nail polish, make-up, deoderants, etc) for years and years, and eating only whole, vegan, unprocessed foods. The trick for me lay in the shampoo and laundry soap. I was using only "organic and natural" products for my hair and clothes, but, as you teach, these labels are tricky, and these products were keeping me sick and debilitated. I use borax and baking soda now to wash my clothes, but after months of trying to use what you recommend for hair care, my hair still felt like I had washed it in glue and vegetable oil. It was a snarled, sticky, un-combable mess! On Earthclinic, people recommended washing hair with Borax, and this left my hair soft and shiny (I just dissolve about a tablespoon of Borax in boiling water in a glass jar, let it cool a bit and wash as normal, rinse, then spray with apple cider vinegar as conditioner.....it works so well!...I wanted to leave this tip in case other women are having trouble following the 'no shampoo' rule!) (I also want women to note that your progestelle is the only progesterone product I have found that is safe to use.

The kind I got on prescription from my physician had a cream base that had chemical ingredients with names so long, I won't even try to spell them, and other Internet products also had hidden parabens and chemicals, and both the prescription and the Internet products just made things so much worse!) So I am so grateful to have found you, and your advice has made me well, when I was nearly suicidal with the effort of trying everything I knew to feel even close to normal. So, thanks aren't enough for what you have done for me, and are doing for women everywhere. You generously spent so much time speaking with me on the phone and through e-mail for no reason other than your kind and healing heart! You are an earth-angel, and you have given me back my body and my life.

Bless you bless you bless you,

Gina B.

Nov. 4, 2010

Monarch, Alberta


Yes, You Saved My Life, PCOS, Fibroids, Bloating, and Edema 

I have been suffering with PCOS for 7 years!

I've also developed fibroid tumors over the last few years as well. I initially tried your Progesterone oil to treat the fibroids, but with the combination of progesterone, avoiding xenoestrogens, and switching to Nature Clean laundry powder my period is back! And I am less bloated and I have lost the 15 pounds of water weight I've been carrying around for years! I cannot tell you what a life changing program this has been for me, and I'd like to give you my sincerest thanks for saving my life. Yes, you saved my life - I haven't felt myself in 7 years - between the mood swings, bloating, my health issues constantly consuming my life, I haven't been motivated to do anything... Now, I feel like I've been reborn.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Of course you can publish my testimonial!

I don't think my fibroids are completely gone yet, but I can certainly tell that they have shrunk. I can feel them when I lay down and they have definitely gotten smaller. Regarding the PCOS, I am convinced I am recovering from that as well. I've only been on your program for 2 months, so I am hopeful after another few months I will be symptom free. I had a sonogram a few months ago and my largest fibroid was about 2 inches in diameter, and I plan to get another sonogram in a few months to see any results.

Victoria G.

June 24, 2011

Washington, DC

I Started Using it for the Fibroids, But it has Made my Hair Thicker, my Skin Younger, Anti-Depressants Discontinued 

I had suffered for many years with uterine fibroids. Most doctors will tell you (as mine did) that fibroid tumors will not shrink and can ONLY be treated surgically. My ultrasound showed many fibroids, some the size of a baseball. After about 10 years of heavy bleeding, anemia and abdomen pain, I finally scheduled the surgery, not knowing how I could pay for it, as I did not have health insurance at the time. A friend of mine recommended natural progesterone to balance my hormones and I started using a cream that I got from the local health food store. I also started researching alternative treatments on the internet where I found Progestelle. I started a regular regimen with Progestelle and an Edgar Cayce treatment of castor oil packs and in three months my fibroids were down by one third, as proven by a second ultrasound. Needless to say, I cancelled my surgery and continued the Progestelle regimen. Now, several years later, I recommend Progestelle to every woman I know that wants to feel "normal" again. I started using it for the fibroids, but it has made my hair thicker, my skin younger and it's even sailed me through menopause without a care! I have been able to discontinue my anti-depressants, too. Thank you SO much for Progestelle! It's been a lifesaver. 

Peggy L. age 55 

July 29, 2011

Seneca, Missouri

I've Been Feeling Better than I Have in Over 7 years!!!!! 


I recently switched to your natural progesterone and also have been changing all my skin products, detergents etc. (as best as possible)...I can honestly say that I've been feeling better than I have in over 7 years!!!!! My only concern is that when I stop applying the progestelle (on my 26th day) I immediately feel so much worse and my period doesn't come immediately either...I have read (Dr. John Lee and many other books relating to my condition of endometriosis and fibroids) and some have suggested using progesterone every day...I would like to know what your professional opinion and experience is on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

V. C.

Los Angeles, California

Editor's Note: V.C. should feel better in about 2-3 months if and only you have switched all the stuff that goes on the skin. It takes about 2-3 for months for these chemicals to wash out of the body. Some women use a little progesterone during cramping to stop cramping.

The [ Menstrual ] cramping was almost non-existent.  Fibroid Likely Provoked by Essential Oils. 

Prior to using the Progestelle and one bottle of the Fibrovan, the abdominal pain and cramping was exhausting. Never had a problem until after the birth of my son, almost ten years ago. I had an endometrial ablation in April of 2005 to help get a handle on my severe anemia as a result of heavy bleeding, along with a laproscopy and tubal ligation. I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis. In 2007 I had an ultrasound that revealed I had a 4 cm fibroid at the top of my uterus. The doctor said that was what was causing my pain plus an ovarian cyst that had burst so to continue taking ibuprofen. He said that because I was going to be menopausal within a few years (I was 48 at the time!) the fibroid would rectify itself. Nothing about hormones or the like. My naturopathic physician, who does my thermography did some blood tests and found that my progesterone was low and started my on natural progesterone tablets. Didn't do anything for me.

I experienced an amazing difference by the time my second period on the Progestelle rolled around. The cramping was almost non-existent. I followed all the recommendations as it pertained to my situation. Still had to take the occasional Exedrin but not anywhere to the extent I was prior.

Then we had a home situation where my son had to be treated for Uku's (Hawaiian for Headlice). The whole family got treated using natural oils that contained lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil and olive oil. I was concerned about how that would effect me. Well, my next period, in early September was THE worst I have ever had. I was nauseous from the sharp pains, like a knife in my abdomen. Horrid. Popped pain killers like candy. Not much relief. I was so concerned that I went to an outpatient clinic where the doctor diagnosed a bladder infection and prescribed all these medications. His diagnosis was wrong and I was out $170. I finally went to a family doctor at a new clinic (we had just changed our Healthcare provider plan) and when she poked and prodded she said that the pain was way to high up to be ovarian but requested an ultrasound which is what I wanted. The ultrasound revealed a fibroid about 7 cm in diameter that was pushing my uterus to the left of my abdomen and my ovary upward causing my pain.

I saw the gynecologist and he basically said my alternatives were 1) deal with the pain until I hit menopause which probably wouldn't be for another 6 years. 2) have a partial hysterectomy because the fibroid couldn't be removed as it was and that he felt I also was experiencing adenomyosis (sp) as a result of the ablation or 3) some other treatment that he said my healthcare wouldn't cover and it was very expensive so he never expounded on what it was. He was really pushing the hysterectomy but I wasn't about to make any decisions right away about that. I reread your testimonial about your mom and believe that the oils in the lice treatment were definitely responsible for such a rapid increase in the size of the fibroid.

I have been doing the Fibrovan, Indole-Carbinol, Bioflavinoids since mid-September, along with the Progestelle, avoiding the things that contribute to the estrogen overload problem. I use magnets and soap nuts for my laundry that work amazingly. My last period, September 29 was again relatively uneventful. I took ibuprofen in doses of 600 mg but only once a day rather than the prescribed 4-6 hours for about 4 days and then for the next 6 days, dropped to 400 mg. Finally, the pain simply subsided. This is HUGE for me and I hope to go see the doctor again for a follow up and another ultrasound once I'm done doing the "dissolving" phase of the Fibrovan which should be mid-December. I am due for my next period and am confident it will be even more uneventful. It seems to also have regulated a lot better. I was on a 21 day cycle for years.

Any suggestions would be welcomed but I have read and re-read the information you provide with the product and it has been extremely helpful. Thank you for going above and beyond the conventional. I have told a lot of my friends about Progestelle and pass the website along to them.


Judi P. Oct. 22, 2008

Kihei, Hawaii

After Only About One Week of Beginning, I am Happy to Say My Bleeding has Stopped. Later, Large Ovarian Cyst Gone, Fibroids Reduced 

Thank you Dr. Eckhart for you prompt reply. As of Thursday, March 5, 2009, after only about one week of beginning, I am happy to say my bleeding has stopped. I feel much less foggy in my thinking and reacting and when I lay on my back I have noted that the height of my uterus is lower down from my belly button. The intense pressure that I'd felt in my lower back is somewhat diminished. I am no longer having as many night sweats as well. I am absolute amazed by these products and I am continuing to change the products I use on my skin and hair. I have discontinued using red raspberry, flaxseed oil and powder, oregano, and I am weaning myself from garlic(very difficult for me). Do you suggest that I start taking the Fibrovan to help dissolve the Fibroids? Also, I am not sure when to stop the progestelle for 7 days. Since my periods have become irregular, I am not sure when I will start again and when to stop the progestelle.

Thank You,
Sabenia B.

March 10, 2009

Westerville, Ohio

Dr. Eckhart,

I had an ultrasound yesterday (06/01/09) and my technician said that my ovaries looked fine, however I had several very small fibroids. She is the same tech that did my initial ultrasound, however she did not remember that at my first visit I was told that I had a huge cyst on my left ovary and very large fibroids that were contributing to my bleeding and lower back pain. I feel so much better, I am continuing to use the progestelle and vit.B and Indole-3 carbinol. I also added vit. B-6 and magnesium. I truly believe that all of these things as well as, and if not more importantly, avoiding parabens, and the xeno's has all added to the reversal of my problems. As I said before, I wish that every woman knew about this and I am doing my best to spread the word. Thank you for educating me and also the information from Dr. Lee. I will keep you posted until I am completely free of the fibroids.

Thank You,


Sabenia B.

June 2, 2009

Westerville, Ohio

My Fibroids Are So Small The Doctor Couldn’t Find Them

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excrutiating cramps before, during and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids and yuckiness in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts in my breast.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used it a month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. The first period after using the product, I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping. Actually, it has been a year now and I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. My fibroids are so small that, at my last obgyn appt., the doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen and, at a recent check-up, my cholesterol is at a normal level. I no longer have breast tenderness and the lumps are gone or so small I can't feel them anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product, Dr. Eckhart. Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.

Andrea R. - Carson City, Nevada
Nov. 9, 2006

My Five Fibroids Were No Longer Seen

To the best of my understanding, according to ultrasounds prior to and after taking the remedies, my 5 fibroids were no longer seen on the test. (One was over 5 cm in length, previously.)

I'm doing great. I have been on this product for some time due to extremely heavy cycles due to fibroids. Over time, the cycles become regular although not lighter. For the past several months I have not menstruated, but after starting to drink an occasional coffee again, I have now had break-through.

I am 52 1/2. Is there some point in the future that I will not have to take this?

Sandra V - Houston, Texas
May 12, 2010

Editors Note: If you are really good about your avoidance list, then after while you will not need to take the supplements.

There Were NO Fibroids!

Dear Doctor,
I have been using your progesterone skin oil [ cream ] since July of 2007. Last summer, after approximately one year of use, I became concerned that the daily dose of a hormone might be causing my half dozen grape-sized uterine fibroids to grow. I felt I couldn't continue use without first visiting my gynecologist for an ultrasound re-check of my condition. To my surprise, the technician's phone call reported my doctor very pleased that there were now NO FIBROIDS!

Thank you for a wonderful product. I was previously unable to use progesterone creams because of problems with chemical additives, but Progestelle is so pure I have been able to use it regularly. Your formula is truly a blessing.

Cheryl C - San Diego, California
Dec. 9, 2008

My Largest Fibroid Shrank

I bless the day which I found out about this wonderful product. This may be this is the only product on earth that truly works as it said. Even it works more than it says if you follow the instruction to change your lifestyle while using it. However from my personal experience this product helps you to change your life style and you can cure yourself in natural way. I had fibroids, the biggest was 5 cm in diameter and was told to have an operation to get rid of them. But as I extremely afraid of operations even afraid of doctors so I did little research and found out about Dr. Eckhart’s website and about Progestelle oil. I used the oil for 3 weeks and then had another X-ray to see whether it worked or not. For my amazement my largest fibroid was shrunk to 3 cm and G-gist said there is no need for an operation. I am 300% sure that this happened because of Dr. Eckhart All Natural Progestelle oil. I am going to use the product until I get rid off all the fibroids. It comes with very valuable booklet and separate lists of products describing what to take and use for iodine deficiency, estrogen dominance and fibroids etc. In a nutshell it is a real wonder-product I ever seen and used myself! Good luck for everyone who wants to use this product and I am sure you will benefit as much as I did. And also you can get consultation from Dr. Eckhart directly which was wonderful!!! The information which never tells and even knows your Dr, you can get from his website and benefit from his product. I highly recommend this product whoever is suffering from many health issues, which no one tells us.

Thank you very much for your e-mail as well as for your great product! I used the progestelle for the first time in May & June. I was diagnosed as having many fibroids in January 2012, the largest was 5 cm in diameter. Since then I started to read about the cause of these fibroids and found out about your wonderful helpful site and ordered the product. I used it as soon as I received it (it took long to arrive in Calgary, Canada) I threw away everything which accounted as xenoestrogen at home and switched to organic foods completely (except some aqua fish and toothpaste) and used the oil. It completely changed my overall health, it was amazing. The most important thing was the size of my largest fibroid shrank from 5cm to 3 cm when I had X-ray at the end of May. I was so surprised by the result and when I told the Gynecologist that I used the progestelle oil she said "that's nonsense ,no such thing which can cure the fibroids" however she couldn't explain why it had shrunk and suggested me to have Miranda. I said no and left the office promising myself never come back to her or to similar people. I used the remaining of 1st bottle and second one in June and July so just ordered another four bottles today because it took more than 2 weeks last time because it was held at border service or something. As it is finished two weeks ago, I am not feeling so great as I was using it in terms of sleeping. During the use I was sleeping like a baby all the time for 8-9 hours but now having little difficulty sleeping like that. So can't wait to receive the oils again. Thank you thank you.

Enkh M - Calgary, Canada
July 27, 2012

Operation Avoided Again!

I'm writing to let you know about my results from the IVP test and the ultrasound done last week. The IVP was normal (I expected that), and the ultrasound showed the fibroids to be smaller and my uterus reduced in size by 2 centimeters. I was overjoyed. I've only been doing the Progestelle for 3½ months. Also, I was three pounds lighter than the visit on 10/7 (yearly well woman and PAP test).

I'm feeling a lot better. I feel more restful and less stressed than I had * I know the vitamins and supplements, as well as exercise has a lot to do with that. I've lost a total of 10 pounds so far. That in itself helps me feel better.

You have my permission to publish. Is it the same website I went to when I found your information about Progestelle? If so, I read all the testimonials of others there, which is one of the reasons I decided to use try it. If what I've experienced can help someone, I'm glad to do it. I'm already telling everyone I come in contact with. (Even a stranger at the grocery store!! I don't even remember how we got started in the conversation to the point of me telling her about your website and Progestelle. I also told her to get the book by Dr. Lee.)

Phyllis T.

Editors Note: After adding 200 mg/day of Indole-3-Carbinol and 1000 mg/day of Bioflavinoids to the regime of avoiding xenoestrogens and taking Progestelle, our success rate with uterine fibroids may be better than 85%. Uterine fibroids also seem to be linked with low level anxiety and stress that impairs the body's ability to excrete xenoestrogens.

Uterine Fibroid Gone

A 68 year old elderly postmenopausal lady came in to see her Ob/Gyn. The Ob/Gyn found a Uterine Fibroid the size of baseball on ultrasound. The surgeon recommended a hysterectomy. The elderly lady read Dr. Lee's book and decided to stop taking her estrogen supplements and go on progesterone skin cream. Two months later a follow up ultrasound showed that the uterus had shrunk and the uterine fibroid had disappeared. The operation had become unnecessary.

Fibroid Gone. Sex Drive Returns

I am very satisfied with the quick results I have achieved using Progestelle for the last 5 months according to your instructions for treating uterine fibroids. I was feeling much improvement after one month, and could not feel my fibroid at all after 3 months.I am not experiencing any symptoms at all at present.Thank you so much for your research and clear instructions on what lifestyle changes, supplementation, and products to avoid in addition to the Progestelle.

In addition to the Indole-3-carbinol and bioflavanoid supplementation you recommended, I have added 50 mg Butterbur extract (Solaray) daily which has completely alleviated my menstrual one sided migraine headaches that I have suffered with for over 12 years. I rarely ever have a headache now with the above combination of supplements and the Progestelle.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and professional advice. I am so very grateful not to have any more discomfort, bloating or pressure from uterine fibroids and estrogen dominance.

One major improvement I forgot to mention was that my non-existent sex drive returned within just a few weeks of starting the Progestelle. This was a pleasant surprise.

Deborah E - Lafayette, CO

I Am Telling Everyone About This Product

YES OF COURSE.I am telling everyone about this product. My stomach has gone down from looking like I was 3 mths pregnant to almost flat and my libido is back, plus my hair that was dropping out is now being complimented by my hairdresser at the salon as being thick again(she even charged me extra for service).I thank God that I found out about this because I prayed for an answer when I found out about the possibility of having less children and/or immediate surgery that came up when I found out about the fibroid. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders because there is no more hemorrhaging and hair loss, and the worry about surgery is gone.

My husband and I are ecstatic and I look forward to haing kids normally and I WANT EVERY WOMAN WITH THESE PROBLEMS TO KNOW THAT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO SURGERY- PROGESTELLE. It take a change in lifestyle for some but it is worth it. I am 28yrs and I did it comfortably. When I return for my next visit, I expect that the fibroid will be totally gone.

Stachenne R - Couva, Trinidad
Sept 14, 2008