Leg Pain

My Health is Returning Thanks to You. Lose Weight, More Energy, Chocolate Cravings Gone, Leg Pain Gone. 

Dear Dr. Eckert,

I just wanted to thank you again. My health is returning thanks to you. I have done everything you have told me to do and most of my symptoms have disappeared. The stinging is gone. I have more energy again. I can lose weight. My strange chocolate cravings are going away and oddly enough, so is the terrible leg pain I've been suffering from. Your list of xenoestrogens was a huge help to me. I could not find them all. I have also been removing xenoestrogens from my family's life too. Just out of curiosity, I've noticed some commonalities between estrogen dominance caused by xenoestrogen and Alzheimer’s. I believe many of those same chemicals contribute towards that disease. Have you noticed the same thing? You have truly been a blessing to me. I cannot thank you enough.


Jamie B.

Doylestown, OH

Aug 12, 2014

It has Healed Me in So Many Ways... 

I love this product! It has healed me in so many ways...No more hot flashes at all after 4 years of them..... It was so miserable for me now I have no stress...After 6 months of no period I got it again and that relieved a lot of inflammation in my legs...My face looks wonderful I swear I have no wrinkles because of this product. Very important part of my health regimen.

Michele N.

March 12, 2012

Shirley, New York