Premenstrual Syndrome - PMS

The Only One I Have Found with No Questionable Ingredients! PMS Better, Cramps Better, No More Cystic Breasts

By far the best progesterone out there! Two ingredients...(fractionated) coconut oil and USP progesterone. It absorbs into the skin very nicely so I just use it right when I get out of the shower....just during my luteal phase. It has drastically reduced my awful cramps from 2-3 days of hell to 1-2 days of hell. My PMS is so much better. My breasts no longer get cystic. My skin is clearing up even though I notice it is oilier in general during my luteal phase. I try to follow the doctor’s recommendations as best as possible without losing my mind and after 5 months of using this I can honestly say it helps and I am scared to stop using it. Good luck to you all! 


December 12, 2014

I'm Very Grateful for Progestelle 

In my early forties my uterus began to swell noticeably which made me start to look for information to see what the problem was. Also I was dealing with discomfort, very heavy periods with excruciating pain behind my uterus before I needed to go to the loo. The progestelle website was incredibly informative and the advice of Dr. Eckhart was crucial when I was being very cautious about the dosage. He suggested that I increase the dose to 2 pipettes per day from day 6 to 26. Now my endometriosis has resolved, 2 and a half years later, and my period is a swift 4-5 days and very little PMS. When the bleeding started to go back to normal I realized that I had been experiencing abnormal bleeding before (my period, then a gap of a day and then different bleeding from the endometriosis). I take a greens supplement daily along with vitamin C etc., and serrapeptase occasionally, as I find it a little strong. My overall health feels good and I'm very grateful for Progestelle and the information that I've learned.

Very best wishes

Louise S., Wiltshire, UK

Nov. 11, 2007

Crazy Hair Loss Has Stopped NO PMS

I am fine thank you, how are you? I went off the pill about two months ago and seem to be getting hot flashes for the past month. Still no period. But otherwise feel fine with no PMS symptoms like I used to, and the crazy hair loss has stopped.

May 6, 2009

C. L.

Baltimore, Maryland

I Am So Happy and Grateful. 

I bought progestelle about two months ago for severe fibrocystic breasts. I have drastically made changes in line with your recommendations. I feel almost 100% better in just a few weeks. This is my second month using the product and about mid-way through my cycle (ovulation?) I had breakthrough bleeding. It was light red, more brown, not heavy amount and mostly in the morning for about three days. Now I am on day 32 of my cycle and have not gotten my period (I assure you I am not pregnant). Before progestelle my cycles would be close to 45 days. Last month I (blissfully...with no PMS) started my period on the 26th day of my cycle.

I have only been using one dropperful of progestelle before bed. Should I stop for a few days to see if my period begins? Do you think that "breakthrough bleeding" was my period? I usually have a very heavy amount of blood for five days. Will I be at risk for endometriosis if I don't get my period and "shed" that lining? I would appreciate your opinion on this! Thanks so much for all the information you have made available. Not a day goes by (not a minute) that I don't feel utter gratefulness for being pain-free. I just want to continue making positive decisions about my body. I can't help but wonder if it is hormonally confused right now!

My children have noticed me being pain-free. I couldn't hug them tight because my breasts would hurt so badly. Now they run up and give me long, bear hugs... I can play jump rope with them (that used to hurt just thinking about). I am not on edge anymore. The progestelle has helped me be the person I really am (not jacked up on estrogen), I am relaxed and much more patient with everyone. I have more energy. I am so happy and grateful. But, most of all I am not fearful anymore. Being in pain is frightening and debilitating emotionally and physically. I have spent so much money trying to find a "cure" for fibrocystic breasts. The bulk of the work is up to me. I'm willing to do it now that I know what to do. And that little glass bottle of Progestelle is the most valuable thing in my house (besides my family!).


Laura G.

Charles Town, Alabama

Oct. 16, 2009

Love It!

I don't cry for no reason anymore. PMS is much improved. Mid-month break-though has stopped. I sleep better. I'm happier.

February 1, 2015

Amazing Stuff!

I have used creams with good results, but this oil worked amazingly! Mood swings, anxiety and sleep issues were my dominating concerns. The day after the first use (mind you I had been using cream prior), these symptoms of pre-menopause had diminished and eventually went away completely. Heaven sent relief! Additionally, I eventually began to notice other advantages-- thicker hair (or maybe less hair loss), libido increase, some neurological acuteness increase, and less digestion problems.
The only trouble I've had with this product is that it is so easy to clumsily tip that bottle over in the night (when you need to get a little sleep-better boost), such a sad loss!

July 14, 2013

Life Has Changed Dramatically

Hi Dr Eckhart,
I have been using Progestelle for over a year now (1 dropper day 14 - 26) .... life has changed dramatically even though I had no underlying problems other than pre-menopausal symptoms and PMS.

4 of my friends have started using bio-identical progesterone , 2 of whom are using Progestelle. Happily, 2 of my friends' symptoms changed very fast but the two who used other creams have not seen much of a change at all. They are now considering ordering Progestelle ..

Ordering a product over the internet is a little scary ... happily it has been a huge success :)
Last month I ran out of oil 3 days early :(

Finances were a little tight and so I have only been able to order this week . I really hoped that it would not make a lot of difference ....

I am so impatient to get back to where I was .... I am not sleeping the same, brain fog is back, I am irrationally irritable, emotions all over the place and miss the desire for my darling husband (who is happily recommending the oil to his friends).

Lesson learned ... this is too important to go last on the budget ... when Mum is happy, everyone is happy :)

Thankyou for your marvellous product and giving women hope that they can live a hormonally balanced life.

Best regards,
Judith W - New Zealand
May 17, 2010

It Did Wonders!

Your product has been a great help the few years I've been using it. When I first started using it, I had been having bad P.M.S., cramps and many cysts in my breasts. I got off parabens for the most part and started using the oil. It did wonders! My husband couldn't even tell when I was about to start. Hormone Headaches and profuse underarm sweating were a thing of the past and very light if any hot flashes in the night or breast tenderness.

My question is: I am almost 49 and the past couple of years have had a "regular cycle of 25 days then a break through period two weeks later, then 25 days and two weeks later, etc. My periods were pretty light, lasting maybe 3-4 days. The past few months, they started getting heavier/longer and in January I had a very heavy one lasting over a week. Now this month I was supposed to start on the 10th but have not had a period yet. I usually stop applying the oil the day I start and then wait 8-12 days before applying it again. When should I start/stop applying the oil if I don't have a period? I'm assuming this is part of the menopause process, but want to apply the oil at the proper time to get the most benefit. Thank you for your time,

Kim H - Marietta, Georgia
March 17, 2009

Editor's Note: Periods becoming heavier indicates a xenoestrogen or phytoestrogen in your environment. Get rid of it and the problem will go away.
Take Progestelle whenever you do not have a period.

-Eckhart, MD

I’m Doing Better, Fibrocystic Breast Disease Much Improved. PMS Greatly Reduced.

Thank you!
I'm doing better. I started the Progestelle in December after being diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease (like around 30 small cysts were found in addition to one really huge one which tipped me off). I strictly followed your booklet's guidelines and threw out all sources of chemicals - makeup, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. - changed my diet entirely to organic and raw foods, eliminated coffee (boo hoo) and sugars and other high-glycemic foods, switched entirely to grass-fed beef and other non-toxic meats, and stopped pumping my body full of soy and flax and disruptive oils (switching completely to virgin expeller-pressed coconut oil) etc., and the large lump is no longer palpable, although when I press where it was, there is pain sometimes (like now, at 11 days after my period). Before changing my lifestyle, in the two weeks before my period, my breasts would start to swell and become huge until menstruation, and now there is only pain in my right underarm which radiates into the right breast (the one that had the huge lump) a few days before menstruation.

PMS has been greatly reduced to one day just before menstruation, and sometimes not even that, although after dosing with Progestelle at full-strength for four months, last month I'd reduced it to the maintenance dose and exposed myself for a week or so to a moisturizer that was all organic ingredients but contained safflower oil, and I ate quite a bit super-dark chocolate and peanut butter, which I hadn't had for four months, and the PMS definitely worsened: my breasts both became swollen although not to the degree they had been, my skin broke out and I felt irritable, aggressive and depressed; it was so sharply noticeable that it felt like a memory of a completely different phase of my life and drove home the point that my body had indeed changed, so this month I will return to applying the full dose (and have had less chocolate).

I'm a bit concerned about the pain in my underarm, but anticipate it's eventual correction since your booklet said it could take years for the body to fully re-balance. Any advice?

Audra D - New York, New York
May 14, 2007

I Am The Recipient Of A Second Miracle, Dysmenorrhea, PMS, Vomiting Cured 

Little did I know that this weekend I was the recipient of a 2nd Miracle, thanks to your information (which is more palatable to people as it is both biochemical/physical and at least somewhat studied). My 16 year old has probably had "dysmennorrhea" for years, but I didn't find out the official name until she spent hours vomiting one day last month. Her cycle has been for years: 5-7 days of PMS, 36-48 hour of bloating/gastrointestinal discomfort prior to onset, a rarely regular occurrence, -then- unbearable pain and discomfort, even on 800mg of ibuprofen (esp. given the eating necessary to actual take that OTC. I was told by one nurse "By the way, 800 mg ibuprofen is NOT "all drugged up!") My daughter is debilitated and non-functional even on 800 mg and -I- consider regular massive doses, even of OTCs, to be poison/"all drugged up"!!! She can't function to go to school, read or watch TV or even text!! The pain is a 10.

Vomiting and OTCs maybe okay with that nurse, but I went in search of answers. I digressed to something about PCOS because my 20 year old has that, although I thought it was dietarily caused and cured--related to insulin and the glycemic index. ALLOWING MYSELF TO DIGRESS HERE SEEMS TO ADDRESS ALMOST EVERY PROBLEM OF ALL THE WOMEN IN MY FAMILY!!! After watching the videos and reading as much as possible, I realized lavendar and stress caused my 80 year old aunt's severe male pattern baldness (wigs worn), undiagnosed PCOS and Severe Worrying (accepted as part of her "personality"). All of us are "barrels on stilts" 96.7-97.3 body temp, etc. My aunt and I have perceived thyroid issues but the tests always come back "normal". But I "knew" this estrogen-receptor stuff is the answer! I also expected MONTHS to see any results.

Although my fair-haired 16 y.o. has bathed in sunscreen for 75% of her life, it's winter, so her worst xenoestrogen offender was make-up base. We got a powder ($27) and threw out chemical lotions (but they weren't used regularly). We added 3 supplements--LifeExtension Cruciferous vegetable (inc. 14mg DIM and 80mg I3C), Swanson's Seaweed (400mcg iodine) and DIM 100mg. Claire already exercises and does yoga, but added walking the dog 15-20 minutes 5 days of the week (entertainment), and tried to eat a few extra servings of brocolli. She's been vegetarian for 5 years; we try to buy more and more organics, and she's more health-savvy than a normal teen, but she's a teenager, not a purist.

Saturday night, she asked me, while lusting over chocolate chip cookies in the grocery store, "Could I be PMSing?" I keep track because of my own post-menopausal sensitivities--my back will go out in response to -her- PMS! and said "Oh, sure, definitely." Sunday morning, she got up early and had cleaned while I was at exercise class. SHE HAD STARTED HER PERIOD THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier!!! She had virtually NO warning! (My teeth had been hurting and I had a Tues. noon appt. for "a cavity". There was none! We were just blind-sided by the unheralded arrival of what has been practically a NON-EVENT of a monthly cycle. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

We ordered Progestelle for my 20 y.o. old's PCOS. She says if this works she will tell my (processed food eating, drugs cure all) sister that she MUST listen to 100% of what I say!

Here's the sad part--my Vigilant, oranic-food-eating, non-paraben-sunscreen-using, even bar-soap-using niece, 70 pounds, age 9, has breast buds and hair :(((( I'm further educating my sister-in-law. I think our family might be pre-disposed to these receptor issues, -or- that there is some on/off gene activation involved that could explain why my 16 y.o. responded so profoundly and so quickly. I'm hoping she'll consider the above 3 supplements to "wake-up" either the gene or the receptor. Even if progesterone were a pre-pubescent option, I'm sure my sis-in-law wouldn't want to be that aggressive. But you've provided enough science, studies and MDs for her to consider these more innocuous seeming supplements. My 20 y.o. will begin just a few drops a day of Progestelle for her PCOS. If she's cured, you'll probably want me to promote for you. I'm already your devoted servant and word-of-mouth promoter, Teri R.

Terri R - Denver, Colorado
Feb 17, 2012

Editor's Note: Taking I-3-C or DIM before the age of 18 should be taken with caution in my opinion. I-3-C or DIM will decrease estradiol. In a woman before the age of 18, decreasing endogenous estradiol may not be the best idea. This is because the breast tissue has not matured yet. A young woman needs her endogenous estradiol to develop normally, and the levels should not be tampered with unless you really need to, in my opinion.

Using progesterone is a more conservative therapy because during a normal cycle, a woman produces 20-40 mg/day of progesterone. However, during one day of third trimester pregnancy a woman produces 400 mg/day of progesterone. A baby is bathed in progesterone. Also a young woman of 16 that does become pregnant is healthy (with good nutrition). In fact, women that are pregnant many times have a smaller chance of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.
Progesterone use is fairly safe - safer than many nutritional supplements.

I Feel In Control For The First Time In Many Years

I forgot to ask for the free information booklet worth $19.95 about avoiding chemicals and xenoestrogens and phytoestregens, will it automatically be sent with my order? Also, I have ordered this product for severe PMDD which affects me 2 out of every 4 weeks. I have tried everything else and this is my last hope. I am 45 and have 2 children aged 9 and and have always had PMDD but it has got worse since having the children. I am currently on 40mg per day of Citalopram (an SSRI), for my PMDD but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Should I stop it as soon as I start progesterone or can I use both side by side? Dr. Elizabeth Smith on recommends 500 - 1000mg /oz and initially 60-70mg per day. Do you agree with this amount? How long should I stay at the higher dose for? Should I stay on it when I go through the menopause? Thanks very much for your help.

Lindsay S.

Hi Peter
Realized my last email was not very explanatory! I have always had PMd but it has definitely got worse. Gave up smoking 11 years ago. Put on 20 lbs. Got pregnant, had daughter, back to the plus 20lbs I was prior to pregnancy. Over the next nearly three years, put on another 20 lbs, got pregnant, had another child, got back to the pre pregnancy + 40 lbs. Then over the last 5 years I have put on a further 30 lbs. Lost 7 lbs, put it back on, lost 14 lbs, put it back on etc etc. All because for 2 weeks a month I have no control over my eating and gorge on sweet things. I can't seem to get past the oral fixation of smoking. Plus my whole life style has changed from being busy at work to being a mum so I am probably eating out of boredom. I also drink about 2 liters of caffeine free diet coke a day as I hate water. Do you think the phosphoric acid could be also causing a problem? I don't drink or take any drugs apart from the 40mg citalopram (for PMD). I drink only decaff beverages. I am fairly healthy but I am a Jekyll and Hyde and pre-menstrually for 2 weeks I am a monster but refuse to accept I am pre-menstrual! I take regular exercise. I need to fix this as I am so cruel to my children and others around me. I am paranoid, hyper sensitive, exhausted and mess everything up for 2 weeks a month then spend the other 2 weeks trying to make it all better again. I have to stop making these bad decisions that affect others. Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you very much for your time

Dear Peter
I have just paced an order with you for 5 more bottles of Progestelle and wanted to let you know how I have been doing. First of all, I looked on the internet for iodine and managed to get the Iodoral on-line. For the past 2 months my PMS symptoms have practically gone away! The system you suggested worked immedietely! My whole family are delighted and I feel in control for the first time in many years. No bad thoughts, no outbursts, no being horrible to my children. It's wonderful. I have cut out all Xenoestrogens as best I can, even making my own laundry powder!! I use bicarbonate of soda for almost every cleaning job now - saving lots of money as well as my health. This month, I am going to try to stop the Citalopram - scary but I think I won't need it any more.

Thank you so much for making my life a happier and healthier one.

Best regards
Lindsay S - Cumbria, United Kingdom
April 27, 2011

Bloating Is Less, Ovarian Cyst Pains Gone, Menstrual Cycle Pain-Free, Lighter, And No Cramps Or Heavy Bleeding

Thanks so much for your reply.
I will be sure to view the videos you mentioned. Yes, I'm following everything on the enclosed literature to the letter, eliminating everything as detailed. (I did keep my one cup of morning Lipton Tea with honey) What a great improvement in my uterine fibroid / ovarian cyst / fibrocystic breasts symptoms in these first couple weeks already, starting only on the Fibrovan, Lugol's Iodine, Bioflavinoids, Indole-3-Carbinol, & magnesium & avoiding phytoestrogens! Bloating is much less, sharp ovarian cyst pains gone, menstrual cycle was pain-free, lighter, and no cramps or heavy bleeding/clots. Overall I feel great and intend to keep taking these supplements. I hope to improve my thinning hair as well, which was mentioned in the booklet.

Should I start the 1.75cc Progestelle on day 16 of cycle according to directions in blue booklet? (Age 48 / 5'4" / 125lbs /Premenopausal)
Please send the bonus Progestelle when you can.

Debbie P - Boynton Beach, Florida
March 4, 2011

This Product Has Changed My Life!

This product has changed my life! I suffered from PMS, weight gain, moodiness, breast tenderness and ovarian cysts. Since I have been taking it, my symptoms have decreased incredibly AND I am FINALLY losing weight.

I wish I had known about progesterone imbalance much earlier in life!

November 7, 2014

I Can’t Thank You Enough

I have had a terrifically difficult year, seemingly becoming allergic to my own estrogen. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since childhood, and since trying for my first baby have been on steroids and had difficulty getting off them. I finally figured out two things, I couldn’t get off them because I was horribly estrogen dominant and also the steroids (prednisolone) were converting directly into estrogen in my body and making me very, very unwell with dizziness, swollen veins(?) in my head, crushing fatigue, dry infected eyes, ovarian cysts, swollen uterus, poor digestion, and finally, and worst of all an inability to breathe when my estrogen spiked at ovulation and a few days before my period. I was hyperventilating and twitching involuntarily… basically in a state of shock I think.

Since working out the connection with the steroids, I have halved my dose and only take 1 mg at a time, which has helped immensely. I hope to get off them fully when my arthritis allows me to. And since using a combination of progest e and progestelle (the progestelle is wonderful for rubbing on inflamed joints) my ‘allergic’ response has calmed down almost entirely, my periods are pain free, my headaches are down to only one day per month, my arthritis is improving every day, my energy is better, my digestion is back on track, my ovarian cysts are gone, my dizziness is gone, and many, many other wonderful improvements.

I can’t thank you enough.
Please feel free to use this on your web site.

Thanks again,
Ruth H - Great Britain
July 13, 2013