Skin Younger

I Feel Amazing, Haven't Felt this Good in a Few Years!! 

Hey just had to write again and tell you that I'm doing so good. I have lost weight around my middle and it's starting to go away on my thighs and hips too!! I feel amazing, haven't felt this good in a few years!! Really you have save my life and brought me back to myself. I have been on Progestelle for 3 1/2 months. I have told so many people about this site and what you are doing for us!!! Thank you Thank you!!! I don't have hot flashes anymore, can think and do things like I always could. I'm out of the Big Fog and it's a good life again!!! I'm so glad God lead me to your site and I fell like I have been healed. I'm also taking Iodine and Magnesium chelated. I just hope more people will believe and try this!!! It works and works fast!!! I have had people see the different in my looks and weight and have been asked what I doing to look so good and have so much energy. My skin is looking so much younger too!!! Well I guess I said it all, but thanks again for being their for me!!! God Bless you and yours. 

Ritajo R.

July 16, 2011

Mount Zion, Georgia

I Started Using it for the Fibroids, But it has Made my Hair Thicker, my Skin Younger, Anti-Depressants Discontinued 

I had suffered for many years with uterine fibroids. Most doctors will tell you (as mine did) that fibroid tumors will not shrink and can ONLY be treated surgically. My ultrasound showed many fibroids, some the size of a baseball. After about 10 years of heavy bleeding, anemia and abdomen pain, I finally scheduled the surgery, not knowing how I could pay for it, as I did not have health insurance at the time. A friend of mine recommended natural progesterone to balance my hormones and I started using a cream that I got from the local health food store. I also started researching alternative treatments on the internet where I found Progestelle. I started a regular regimen with Progestelle and an Edgar Cayce treatment of castor oil packs and in three months my fibroids were down by one third, as proven by a second ultrasound. Needless to say, I cancelled my surgery and continued the Progestelle regimen. Now, several years later, I recommend Progestelle to every woman I know that wants to feel "normal" again. I started using it for the fibroids, but it has made my hair thicker, my skin younger and it's even sailed me through menopause without a care! I have been able to discontinue my anti-depressants, too. Thank you SO much for Progestelle! It's been a lifesaver. 

Peggy L. age 55 

July 29, 2011

Seneca, Missouri