Menorrhagia - Too Much Bleeding

Real Patient Testimonial about Menorrhagia - Heavy Periods


Saved From Miscarriage 

Thank you, you have wonderful information, and I will definitely follow it throughout my entire pregnancy! Here is a picture of our baby girl for your site that your progestelle and advice saved from miscarriage (of course I need to mention and I think I have not in previous emails to you that I should also give thanks to God because He is the ultimate giver of life)!  

I told my sister about your product earlier, and she has been using it for a while now and her continuous bleeding has stopped and she feels much better! She says she plans on using it for the rest of her life! Thanks for such a wonderful product! 

Carol Z. June 4, 2015 South Carolina 

Editor's Note: Actual baby of the patient at right.

I Now Have Three-day, Light, Painless Periods.  Fibroids Rapidly Shrinking. 

Hello Dr. Eckhart

I want to thank you for all the kind time and attention you have given me to solve my menstrual pain and disorders. I can say that after only three months of following all of your recommendations, my life is so much better. I have been menstruating since age ten, with excruciating pain, excessive bleeding, and severe stage four endometriosis and endometriomas, numerous surgeries.

Now, instead of bleeding for eight days, curled up in bed on prescription pain killers, passing massive clots, bleeding through an ultra-plus size tampon and pad every hour, dealing with the ongoing agonizing pain and pressure from cantaloupe sized tumors [ fibroids ], I now have three-day, light, painless periods, and the tumors, as evidenced by ultrasound, are rapidly shrinking.

I was already avoiding xenoestrogens and parabens (no lotions, perfumes, nail polish, make-up, deoderants, etc) for years and years, and eating only whole, vegan, unprocessed foods. The trick for me lay in the shampoo and laundry soap. I was using only "organic and natural" products for my hair and clothes, but, as you teach, these labels are tricky, and these products were keeping me sick and debilitated. I use borax and baking soda now to wash my clothes, but after months of trying to use what you recommend for hair care, my hair still felt like I had washed it in glue and vegetable oil. It was a snarled, sticky, un-combable mess! On Earthclinic, people recommended washing hair with Borax, and this left my hair soft and shiny (I just dissolve about a tablespoon of Borax in boiling water in a glass jar, let it cool a bit and wash as normal, rinse, then spray with apple cider vinegar as works so well!...I wanted to leave this tip in case other women are having trouble following the 'no shampoo' rule!) (I also want women to note that your progestelle is the only progesterone product I have found that is safe to use.

The kind I got on prescription from my physician had a cream base that had chemical ingredients with names so long, I won't even try to spell them, and other Internet products also had hidden parabens and chemicals, and both the prescription and the Internet products just made things so much worse!) So I am so grateful to have found you, and your advice has made me well, when I was nearly suicidal with the effort of trying everything I knew to feel even close to normal. So, thanks aren't enough for what you have done for me, and are doing for women everywhere. You generously spent so much time speaking with me on the phone and through e-mail for no reason other than your kind and healing heart! You are an earth-angel, and you have given me back my body and my life.

Bless you bless you bless you,

Gina B.

Nov. 4, 2010

Monarch, Alberta


Bloating is Much Less, Sharp Ovarian Cyst Pains Gone, Menstrual Cycle was Pain-free, Lighter, and No Cramps an No Heavy Bleeding/Clots. 

Thanks so much for your reply.

I will be sure to view the videos you mentioned. Yes, I'm following everything on the enclosed literature to the letter, eliminating everything as detailed. (I did keep my one cup of morning Lipton Tea with honey) What a great improvement in my uterine fibroid / ovarian cyst / fibrocystic breasts symptoms in these first couple weeks already, starting only on the Fibrovan, Lugol's Iodine, Bioflavinoids, Indole-3-Carbinol, & magnesium & avoiding phytoestrogens! Bloating is much less, sharp ovarian cyst pains gone, menstrual cycle was pain-free, lighter, and no cramps or heavy bleeding/clots. Overall I feel great and intend to keep taking these supplements. I hope to improve my thinning hair as well, which was mentioned in the booklet.

Should I start the 1.75cc Progestelle on day 16 of cycle according to directions in blue booklet? (Age 48 / 5'4" / 125lbs /Premenopausal)

Please send the bonus Progestelle when you can.


Debbie P.

March 4, 2011

Boynton Beach, Florida

Overall I feel so much better. 

Hi Dr. E.,

Just a quick update..

I have now had 2 normal periods. The first period the hemorrhagic flow stopped. I still had a heavy period, but was not hemorrhaging. My clots were 1/2 of what they were the previous month. The following period was normal. No clots, moderate flow, and no cramps. So, after 5 years of hemorrhaging I have had 2 non-hemorrhagic periods. I'm ecstatic. I believe it is the combination of progestelle and vitamin A.

I am using a very small amount of progestelle - I have used the same bottle for 3 months, and it still has 1/4 left.

My energy is good. I am very pleased. I have recommended your site to another woman with heavy periods.

Migraines are the same, around 20 per month, but they are long-standing (since '92/93) and I am thinking it may be a long term project.

I have almost completely occluded nasal passages (nasal polyp on one side, and the other side healed sealed shut after a nasal polypectomy 20 years ago). My twin brother has had 3 sinus surgeries due to sinus infections and headaches.This may have something to do with my headaches. I can almost never breath through my nose. I am now considering nasal surgery in order to have a functional airway.

I continue to follow the guidelines for laundry det., soap, shampoo, etc.

Overall I feel so much better.



San Diego, California

Oct. 1, 2009

I'm Doing Really Well Thank You. 

I'm doing really well thank you. I've cut down to one dropper full a day now as I do feel a lot better. My periods are not half as bad as they used to be and my migraines are a lot more under control. I still get lethargic but we are living in a really old damp house and I don't think it's doing me any good to be honest.

Thanks so much for asking.

Gill K.

Cheshire, Great Britain

Oct. 5, 2009

Birth to an 8 1/2 Pound Baby Boy 22 Inches Long and in 100% Health, Heavier Periods now Lighter


I received my order today, thanks! I will be good for another nine months now. I am attaching a pic of our baby boy we had last year. I stayed on the Progestelle for the first three months of my pregnancy until my body was making enough progesterone on its own. We gave birth to an 8 and a half pound baby boy that was 22 inches long and in 100% health. I also started my Progestelle again about one month after having our son so I would not have any post partum issues. Our son is now on year old and I have not had any post partum depression and my periods remain light. Since we do not want any more children I only stop my progestelle for the week I am on my period. My periods are light and very little discomfort. Thank you for your product and the information you send with it. I have many instances when I can share my success with others and I tell them about your product.

I have had four children over the past 25 years and never had a miscarriage or any symptoms of one. I had a placenta previa with my first child and I also had severe vomiting for three to four months that required hospitalization. The problem with getting pregnant this last time was the fibroid in my uterus. It seems that the fibroid had grown so large it was nearly growing out my cervix. The reason I began the progestelle was that I had been having worse and worse cycles (obviously the growth of the fibroid) and actually had a period for two months with bleeding so bad I used 3 tampons and one pad at a time and that only lasted an hour or two. I went to many doctors and they did not help. I was so scared I was going to become anemic I began taking iron supplements and drinking icees just to get through the day at work without passing out. I was, however, beginning for forget things that I did not usually forget. It was at this time that I began my own online research, found you, ordered progestelle and my period finally stopped. The progestelle helped me get by a few months until I could schedule surgery and time off to remove the fibroid. After that, I still stayed on my progestelle and my cycles were actually not excruciating anymore. They were so bad before I had the fibroid removed that I would lie down with lots of tylenol and still cry for hours. I have a high pain tolerance so for me to cry was a bad sign. Once that was removed I got pregnant within 3 months after we had been trying for 4 years. I also had NO vomiting with this child either. Not sure why, I understand the b vitamins help with that a bit. Anyway, I have the lightest, easiest cycles that I have ever had in my life since I have been on your progestelle. I have had severe periods since I was 16, but with the fibroid ( that took doctors four years to find) they were even worse. Progestelle has also taken away, for the most part, my PMS. My PMS was really bad but that too has gone away with the progestelle.

The doctors that I went to for years and tried to tell that I had problems told me I was having "good, heavy, normal periods". Obviously those doctors were ignorant, to say the least. I don't usually treat myself with online information but the lack of doctors that actually want to learn about your progestelle is staggering. It seems that all they could do was make fun of what was working for me, and probably attributed it to "being all in my silly blond head". Finding you and your product has literally changed my life. Thanks. I don't know how you are so open to learning how to help women but "more power to you". I appreciate your willingness to learn and help women like me. I only wish that there were a world full of more people like you.

Sure you can publish my testimony. The only thing I did not mention is that my breast milk dried up pretty quickly when I started my progesterone again after having our son. I did get 5 weeks of breastfeeding in before I started my progesterone again though. I would be glad to share my testimony because it seems that some "doctors" are a bit ignorant about this progesterone and tend to scare prospective people away from using it when it is really safer than the crap doctors prescribe. I have had many doctors make fun of my progesterone and one did it to my face. It is simply not fair that women get the scare tactics from the doctors they go to concerning natural progesterone alternatives. I would love for my testimony to be an encouragement to other women so that they will not let other doctors scare them out of using it due to unjustified ignorance.

Thanks again,

Katharine W.

Feb. 1, 2010

Nixa, Missouri

My 5 Fibroids were No Longer Seen on the Test 

To the best of my understanding, according to ultrasounds prior to and after taking the remedies, my 5 fibroids were no longer seen on the test. (One was over 5 cm in length, previously.)

I'm doing great. I have been on this product for some time due to extremely heavy cycles due to fibroids. Over time, the cycles become regular although not lighter. For the past several months I have not menstruated, but after starting to drink an occasional coffee again, I have now had break-through.

I am 52 1/2. Is there some point in the future that I will not have to take this?

Sandra V.

May 12, 2010

Houston, Texas

Editors Note: If you are really good about your avoidance list, then after while you will not need to take the supplements.


My Fibroids are so Small that.... the Doctor Couldn't Find Them.

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excruciating cramps before, during and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids  in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts in my breast.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used it a month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. The first period after using the product, I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping. Actually, it has been a year now and I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. My fibroids are so small that, at my last obgyn appt., the doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen and, at a recent check-up, my cholesterol is at a normal level. I no longer have breast tenderness and the lumps are gone or so small I can't feel them anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product, Dr. Eckert. Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.


Andrea R. , Carson City, Nevada Nov. 9, 2006

I Was So Glad The Bleeding Stopped!

When I first starting using it, I had been bleeding for about 3 months. The bleeding stopped within two days of starting the Progestelle. As long as I take it, mood swings are less frequent, and my period is more regular, though of less duration. Sometimes I am off the Progestelle for a couple weeks before my period actually starts.

I did an experiment last month and didn't use the Progestelle at all. It was a bad month! mood swings, depression, crying. I am back on it now and feeling much better. Also, I have been battling vaginal yeast, and the symptoms seemed to be less while I was off the Progestelle. I'm not sure if there's a correlation. Any thoughts on that? I'll let you know when I'm ready for another shipment. Thanks!

Caryl F.

Yes, you can publish my testimony. If you need any other background info for it, let me know. I am 45 years old, always had a "regular" period, and they started getting somewhat irregular in the past year,(sometimes very light, sometimes 2 in a month) While I was bleeding for those three months, it was variable, but continuous. I even had times when it was so heavy, one clot or burst of blood would soak me and I had to leave work immediately. That's why I was so glad when it stopped within 2 days of using the product!

I use extra virgin coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer, and Larenim (supposed to be the cleanest)brand make-up over the top of that. I do use some shampoo that may have some bad stuff in it, but mostly Kiss My Face, Giovanni, or other "health" brands of shampoo and lotion. I use soap that a friend of mine makes for washing, and "green" type products for cleaning. I do, however, use clorox wipes on occasion. It may be a while before I have time to send ingredients, but I will keep it in mind, and appreciate your offer to look it over. Thank you!

Caryl F - Mosinee, Wisconsin
May 29, 2009

Editor's Note: Usually yeast infections go away with progesterone. Usually yeast infections are due to estrogen dominance. Chronic estrogen exposure leads to yeast infection and a lessened sensitivity to estrogen (down regulation).
The reason why the yeast infection got worse is after taking progesterone Caryl's sensitivity to estrogen went back up to normal. It seemed like she was getting more estrogen even though she was not. Thus, she got a yeast infection. The solution is to cut out all xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens.

I Feel Like I Have My Life Back

Have been using this for 1 year now, it has decreased symptoms of endometriosis and menorrhagia so much that I feel like I have my life back after 18 years of not being able to leave the house during that time of the month due to heavy cramping and flooding, now I can grocery shop, exercise, etc. which I could never have dreamed of doing before I started using this. It did take almost 3 months for the full level of help. The Dr's have only offered me a the pill or a hysterectomy after having DnC's. I use this on days 15-30. I am very pleased with this product!

"Psalm 127"
August 10, 2014

Seems To Be Working

I've been using this product for a little over a month. I had been bleeding for 3 months straight, and even a D&C didn't stop it. Dr. said estrogen dominance was probably to blame. I started using the Progestelle as well as DIM and VItex and within 1 week the bleeding stopped. Just bought 2 more bottles. Rubbing the oil on can be a little messy, but it does soak in fairly well and quickly, and is worth it if it works.

"Frequent Shopper"
January 13, 2013

Ovary Pain Is Pretty Much Gone

Ovary pain is pretty much gone… and cycles are more regular than before! I will probably always take your Progestelle, as long as we live on this planet we are exposed to Xenos—there is just no escaping it. For me especially, since I travel on business a lot. (I actually had to check out of a hotel that was recently remodeled… I started bloating and bleeding and the fumes kept me up all night—my hormones went crazy!) I keep spreading the word about your product and you should be getting some new customers soon… Thanks!

For sure use testimonial... I'm yer no. 1 fan! ;)

Devlyn G - Glendale, California
July 5, 2010  

Constant Pain Diminished To Almost Zero

Hi there,
Just wanted to tell you how the progesterone oil has improved things for me over the last four months. I also added Fibrovan two months ago as the constant pain with endometriosis was not entirely gone, however I can say that taking Fibrovan has diminished the constant pain to almost 0. I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medication.

The problem is that I have had very heavy bleeding during my period and also my period came a week early this month. I have felt faint during the bleed and it has been quite painful with intestinal upset too. None of this is particularly a problem, its just that I am trying to work out why I am now nauseous with stomach discomfort after the bleed. I'm not sure if it is hormonal or a virus. I also have a lot of acne.

I cant seem to get rid of the nausea with slight diarrhoea and constipation alternating which I have had for six days now. I am putting on around four pipettes of oil a day and have stopped the Fibrovan for now.

Any advise would be gratefully received.
Many Thanks
Joanna S - United Kingdom
Apr. 11, 2010

The Pain Is Far Less!

I feel like this is very positive for me! Thyroid issue is always a bit complicated but armour thyroid dose reduced and overall am able to do more work which is important as a freelancer.

Thank you so much, I will continue with the oil and fibrovan at the level that works. I am excited at the ongoing possibilities and have hope which I haven't for a long time!

Thank You,
Joanna S.
May 6, 2010

I Am Happy To Say My Bleeding Has Stopped

Thank you Dr. Eckhart for you prompt reply. As of Thursday, March 5, 2009 , after only about one week of beginning, I am happy to say my bleeding has stopped. I feel much less foggy in my thinking and reacting and when I lay on my back I have noted that the height of my uterus is lower down from my belly button. The intense pressure that I'd felt in my lower back is somewhat diminished. I am no longer having as many night sweats as well. I am absolute amazed by these products and I am continuing to change the products I use on my skin and hair. I have discontinued using red raspberry, flaxseed oil and powder, oregano, and I am weaning myself from garlic(very difficult for me). Do you suggest that I start taking the Fibrovan to help dissolve the Fibroids? Also, I am not sure when to stop the progestelle for 7 days. Since my periods have become irregular, I am not sure when I will start again and when to stop the progestelle.

Thank You,
Sabenia B - Westerville, Ohio
March 10, 2009

Dr. Eckhart,
I had an ultrasound yesterday (06/01/09) and my technician said that my ovaries looked fine, however I had several very small fibroids. She is the same tech that did my initial ultrasound, however she did not remember that at my first visit I was told that I had a huge cyst on my left ovary and very large fibroids that were contributing to my bleeding and lower back pain. I feel so much better, I am continuing to use the progestelle and vit.B and Indole-3 carbinol. I also added vit. B-6 and magnesium. I truly believe that all of these things as well as, and if not more importantly, avoiding parabens, and the xeno's has all added to the reversal of my problems. As I said before, I wish that every woman knew about this and I am doing my best to spread the word. Thank you for educating me and also the information from Dr. Lee. I will keep you posted until I am completely free of the fibroids.

Thank You,
Sabenia B - Westerville, Ohio
June 2, 2009

Now 2 Months Later, I Feel So Much Better

Dr. Eckhart,
Hi there, I would like to place a reorder of the Progestelle and a few other items from your site. First I would like to let you know how I am feeling. I started the Progestelle in the middle of August after speaking with you about the massive amounts of blood I was losing. I lost approx. 3 pints in one week before I finally realized that the Dioscorea I was using since not being able to get the progesterone cream I had been, was making things worse. (I have since read Dr. Lee's book on hormones and found out that Dioscorea does not convert to progesterone in the body) After the first month of cutting estrogens anywhere I could and using the Progestelle, I was starting to feel a difference. Now 2 months later I feel so much better, I can actually walk to work (only 5min walk) without feeling fatigued by the time I get up the hill. I am still getting spotting between cycles but not heavy and this month I actually had a whole week in total without any spotting. When my cycle started I only had 3 heavy days instead of 7 and even then they were not as heavy as I had been experiencing. I have colour back in my face and do not look like a ghost anymore. I can now start exercising again and know that this will just help things even more.

Dr. Eckhart, I want to thank-you from the depths of my soul. Not only for the Progestelle but for all the information regarding estrogens. I would never have known if I had not found you. Thank-you for taking the time to explain things in layman's terms and not talk over my head. I have been able to steer my younger sister in the right direction as she will soon be pre-menopausal. My other 5 sisters opted for hysterectomies, (or were talked into them) as they were looking forward to not having a cycle anymore.

Once I feel everything is more in control I will contact you to start dissolving the fibroids, looking forward to an ultrasound after that.

God Bless You
Joanne M - Ontario, Canada
Oct. 22, 2008

I’m Very Grateful For Progestelle

In my early forties my uterus began to swell noticeably which made me start to look for information to see what the problem was. Also I was dealing with discomfort, very heavy periods with excruciating pain behind my uterus before I needed to go to the loo. The progestelle website was incredibly informative and the advice of Dr Eckhart was crucial when I was being very cautious about the dosage. He suggested that I increase the dose to 2 pipettes per day from day 6 to 26. Now my endometriosis has resolved, 2 and a half years later, and my period is a swift 4-5 days and very little PMS. When the bleeding started to go back to normal I realized that I had been experiencing abnormal bleeding before (my period, then a gap of a day and then different bleeding from the endometriosis). I take a greens supplement daily along with vitamin C etc, and serrapeptase occasionally, as I find it a little strong. My overall health feels good and I'm very grateful for progestelle and the information that I've learned.

Very best wishes,
Louise S - Wiltshire, UK
Nov. 11, 2007

I Felt Much Better And Bleeding Has Now Completely Stopped

Dear Dr Eckhart,
Thank you for your patience in answering my questions and thank you for your help. I stopped using all cosmetic, and switched to soap nuts for clothes washing and did my best with soaps and stuff. I also took multivitamin that has complex of B vitamin, iodine, and Omega-3. I was already buying most of the organic food products so that was not a big change. Within few days I felt much better and bleeding has now completely stopped. I am completely astonished and very grateful. My order of Progestelle drops just arrived today. I guess I should wait for my next period and then start using it as you suggested for those who desire pregnancy? I should probably mentioned that I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and for the past few years I've being taking Levothyrox 75mg every day. Do I need to have some tests done? Not sure what to say to my doctor and where we go from here. Again, I am very grateful and I will spread the word about this treatment to my friends.

I am still struggling to find a right soap. Would you mind taking a look in the ingredients of the soap I just bought and tell me if it is o.k.? I can use this soap for hands, dishes etc.

Savon de Marseille
Ingredients: Huile de olive, huile de plame, huile de coprah (coconat), eau Sodium olivate, sodium palmate, aqua sodium palm kernalate or sodium cocoate, glycetin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

Kind Regards,
Jasmina M - Nice, France
February 27, 2011