Hair Loss

I Started Using it for the Fibroids, But it has Made my Hair Thicker, my Skin Younger, Anti-Depressants Discontinued 

I had suffered for many years with uterine fibroids. Most doctors will tell you (as mine did) that fibroid tumors will not shrink and can ONLY be treated surgically. My ultrasound showed many fibroids, some the size of a baseball. After about 10 years of heavy bleeding, anemia and abdomen pain, I finally scheduled the surgery, not knowing how I could pay for it, as I did not have health insurance at the time. A friend of mine recommended natural progesterone to balance my hormones and I started using a cream that I got from the local health food store. I also started researching alternative treatments on the internet where I found Progestelle. I started a regular regimen with Progestelle and an Edgar Cayce treatment of castor oil packs and in three months my fibroids were down by one third, as proven by a second ultrasound. Needless to say, I cancelled my surgery and continued the Progestelle regimen. Now, several years later, I recommend Progestelle to every woman I know that wants to feel "normal" again. I started using it for the fibroids, but it has made my hair thicker, my skin younger and it's even sailed me through menopause without a care! I have been able to discontinue my anti-depressants, too. Thank you SO much for Progestelle! It's been a lifesaver. 

Peggy L. age 55 

July 29, 2011

Seneca, Missouri

My Breast Cysts and Pain Had Totally Disappeared.  Heavy Bloating, Lack of Sex Drive, Anxiety, Hair Loss, Insomnia

I wanted to thank Dr. Eckart for many things. Well first of all, for his product Progestelle, which has changed my life. Before I started to use Progestelle, I had been experiencing hair loss for over 4 months, heavy bloating, lack of sex drive, and painful breast tenderness with some swollen cysts, heavy sinus congestion (difficult breathing) and sleeping problems and night anxiety, I did not know then that these are all symptoms of estrogen dominance. 

For months I had been drinking lot of soy milk and other phyto-estrogens because I thought that they actually would help in these symptoms, and I was so confused, because my symptoms were actually getting worse. 

I found this website and I finally started to learn about estrogen dominance, so I ordered Progestelle immediately, I started to use only between 1 and 2 droppers a day. 

At first my symptoms got worse, except the breast tenderness, which seemed to improve immediately Dr. Eckart guided me with his advises and suggested that I first get rid of all xeno-estrogens I was using, and stop eating all strong phyto-estrogens included in his list, wait about a month then start Progestelle again. 

I did do exactly so, it was easier than I thought, and I also started taking iodine, as the Doctor suggests, and it actually seemed to make me feel better already, then after 3 weeks I started to use Progestelle again on day 14. 

This time, I started on a higher dose, to avoid delays or estrogen dominance reactions, I used 4 and half droppers a day this time, and already within 3 hours my anxiety was gone, I could breath normally, no short of breath at night, I could sleep like a baby, the day after my hair loss had totally stopped, my bloating was much less. 

Within days the sex drive was back to normal, and my breast cysts and pain had totally disappeared. So I feel like a normal and healthy person again. 

So thank you Dr. Eckart.

But I also want to thank Dr. Eckart for being so kind to me and to be so patient to reply to all of my emails and to provide so much professional guidance and solid advises that have proved to be all so valid and true and helped me to heal and change my life. 

I am using Progestelle 14 days a month for now, and it seems that my cycle has become more regular than it was! I also wanted to add that if the dose you are using might seem to not work for you, do not get discouraged; it is a sign you need more. Everybody is different and we all react in different ways, so I would encourage to just increase the dose like I did, until it works and be committed to this life style and it will get better! 

It is hard to find doctors like Dr. Eckart, who are very knowledgeable in this subject, and who have been doing such a deep research on estrogen dominance symptoms, and especially who are able to provide such a large list of things that are dangerous to use and of the things that are safe to use!! 

I canceled my next appointment with a local naturopath, I feel fine now and I rather invest my money instead in getting myself larger amounts of Progestelle, which I know it works!! 

I can provide here my email if anybody would like to get in touch with me! 

micinomiau @ 

Lena C.

March 13, 2012 

Portland, Oregon

My Migraine Headaches Pre- Period Have Disappeared 

By the way, I am having great results with Progestelle. My migraine headaches pre- period have disappeared, and my hair has stopped falling out. 


Toni R. 

July 11, 2012 

New Zealand

Oh, My Weight, Two Months Ago was 145 Pounds and Now I am 130 Pounds.  Moods are So Much Better. Breast Pain Gone.  Hair Thinning Stopped. 

I have to go to work but wanted to send a quick email to tell you what a difference this has made in my life.

The first month I had to stop taking and eliminate some more products from my life. The second month though has been going great! I only drink water and some juices now and have purchased both olive oil soap from Elysian Dream and the laundry detergent from Nature it! I am having somewhat tender breasts now (this week) and think that it may be due to the oncoming menstrual cycle. Anyway....the other differences I have experienced are incredible. My mood is so much, even keel and feeling great! Also I have lost 15 pounds in two (2) months without even really trying (this was not something intentional). I still eat the same amount...only now I eat better. The extra fat around my waste line is leaving and almost gone. I am 39 years old and have struggled with monthly issues and breast pain for quite some time. This year the breast pain was becoming extremely severe and my doctor didn't really have any answers. Also a couple lumps were found on my mammogram (diagnosed as cysts). I will write more later to you about this but must leave for work now. Oh, my weight, two months ago was 145 pounds and now I am 130 pounds (had to purchase new clothes). I am getting my body back and my skin has cleared up and my hair feels great (It seemed as though my hair kept thinning and now it has stopped in that I don't seem to have as much falling out when I run my fingers through it). Why don't more people know about this! I have begun telling everyone I know, that will listen.......

Thank you for having your website and sharing this news,


Port Richey, FL

I just placed my second order this morning.

Nov. 29, 2007

I am Telling Everyone About this Product.  3 Month Pregnant [ Fibroid ] to Almost Flat and My Libido is Back.. .  Hair Thick Again 

YES OF COURSE.  I am telling everyone about this product. By stomach has gone down from looking like I was 3 months pregnant to almost flat and my libido is back, plus my hair that was dropping out is now being complimented by my hairdresser at the salon as being thick again (she even charged me extra for service).  I thank God that I found out about this because I prayed for an answer when I found out about the possibility of having less children and/or immediate surgery that came up when I found out about the fibroid. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders because there is no more hemorrhaging and hair loss, and the worry about surgery is gone.

My husband and I are ecstatic and I look forward to having kids normally and I WANT EVERY WOMAN WITH THESE PROBLEMS TO KNOW THAT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO SURGERY- PROGESTELLE. It takes a change in lifestyle for some but it is worth it. I am 28yrs and I did it comfortably. When I return for my next visit, I expect that the fibroid will be totally gone.

Stachenne R. Sept 14, 2008

Couva, Trinidad

My Fibroids are so Small that.... the Doctor Couldn't Find Them.

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excruciating cramps before, during and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids  in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts in my breast.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used it a month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. The first period after using the product, I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping. Actually, it has been a year now and I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. My fibroids are so small that, at my last obgyn appt., the doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen and, at a recent check-up, my cholesterol is at a normal level. I no longer have breast tenderness and the lumps are gone or so small I can't feel them anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product, Dr. Eckert. Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.


Andrea R. , Carson City, Nevada Nov. 9, 2006

Restored My Hair

Excellent way to balance out too much estrogen. I was losing hair after my hysterectomy and this was the best product I have found to restore my hair and my energy levels.

Patricia - Florida
November 14, 2013

Crazy Hair Loss Has Stopped!

I am fine thank you, how are you? I went off the pill about two months ago and seem to be getting hot flashes for the past month. Still no period. But otherwise feel fine with no PMS symptoms like I used to, and the crazy hair loss has stopped.

C. L. - Baltimore, Maryland
May 6, 2009

My Hair Doesn't Fall Out Like It Used To

Dear Dr Eckhart,
This is my third month of treatment with progestelle. After my endometriosis surgery I started with Progestelle. I feel much better, I followed all your recommendations and feel great, no more xenoestrogens for me.

I am very careful with my diet, mostly organic, lots of vegetables, no red meat, a little fish and organic chicken. The first improvement I notice was my hair. It doesn't fall as it used to. Also pain during and after my period is almost gone, this is just great. I want to ask you what would be the next step. I am still taking Indole-3 carbinol, no problems so far, no hot flashes.

Progestelle as indicated for endomeriosis. I drink alkaline water. Should I change doses of progestelle or Indole? What about Natokinasse?Can I start taking omega oils? borage oil, salmon oil, or other kind of omega. What about vitamins or antioxidants? I am not taking any other supplements or vitamins. The only concern at this time is my skin, it is really dry and itchy.

I used elysan dream castille soap and almond, avocado or even olive oil for my skin. Thanks a lot for all your help.

Sandra H - Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 11, 2007

I Ordered Your Product And I Noticed My Hair Growing Back

I wanted to write about your product and it's amazing results in my life! I had suffered for many years and didn't know why or how the reasons! I am 39 and have 3 children. I suffered monthly moodiness and bloating after my children were born but after my 3rd child things began to turn ugly. I went to my doctor and she prescribed lexapro and ativan, even though I was not depressed, I thought at this point anything has got to help! It didn't! It got worse and I took myself off the meds. I continued to have mood swings, sleepless nights, fatigue and weight gain and nothing seemed to be working. With all this happening I noticed I began losing my hair on top of my head, which for a woman is total disaster! I quickly began researching on the Internet of my symptoms and found I may be estrogen dominant! Maybe this was my problem the whole time! I went to my doctor about what I found on your website and was quickly discouraged from purchasing anything from the Internet and was told "what I really needed was antidepressants"!! I couldn't believe it! I felt in my heart of hearts this was the answer, told my doctor I was going to pursue progesterone and not her meds. I ordered your product and within 5 days I noticed my hair growing back! I noticed my mood swings were gone and I was happier, sweeter and kinder to everyone around me! I felt like a completely new person!

I cannot thank you enough! You have a customer for life! I've been taking it regularly (expect during my period) at night, and I can sleep now and get the rest I have been needing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I took Dr. Eckhard's advice and started using natural makeup and now my face is clearer and it has been in 4 years! Again, thank you for your product and your work!

Billie F - Kingston, Ohio
March 17, 2007

I Noticed My Hair Loss Has Decreased

I am sorry, Dr Echkart, I did not mean that my symptoms were getting worse, I think is my fault I did not make an effort to express my self correctly maybe and I have cut out lots and lots of xenos and natural estrogens since I already talked with you on phone I actually could see some definite improvements I could FINALLY have a really good night sleep two nights ago night, without using my NIGHT HERBS COMBO, after almost 4 days now of using Progestelle, and I am so glad about it

Yes the first 2 nights I felt wired, and agitated, then two days ago I used just a tiny less, and now sleep has actually, definitely gotten better, even during day now I feel much calmer and less anxious, less excited about almost everything, I like it!!

Also another positive change was that I noticed that my hair loss has decreased, when I combed it yesterday, I combed and combed and pulled but no hair would come out, I could not believe my eyes, and when I washed it today, (usually every time I washed, a little ball of hair would come out) today I could count my hairs, very few, this is really unusual for me, last 4 months have had hair coming out when combing or washing, lots of them, I can tell there is a change, and hope it will continue to be so

Also, my bloating is almost gone, I had bloating and trapped abdominal gas, constantly especially at night, for last 6 months, every day, now is almost totally gone no more gurgling noises, almost no discomfort at all

My breast, not huge difference yet , but it feels already less tender and less heavy, in general, yesterday at gym I noticed I did not feel any pain when I would do usual exercises,----- yes, when I get up in the morning I still feel some heaviness, but there is a difference, the swollen little glands that were painful, I can feel they are not that swollen any more and the skin feel more natural and flat, I can definitely feel the difference as of this morning and it is not getting worse, ---I do not know if all this improvement is due to that I have eliminated all that huge amount of junk and Phyto-herbs and food and all, since I talked with you on phone, or if it is the Progestelle, or both, but I hope it continue to feel better

Lena G - Portland, Oregon
Feb 10, 2012

They Do Not Have To Lose Their Lovely Hair

Dear Dr.
I am a 53 yr. old MBA in Columbus Ohio. Previously I had ordered other progesterone products and read Dr. Lee's book and Suzanne Sommers books and knew about the wonders of progesterone.

My little sister and I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid disease. We BOTH have beautiful long lovely blonde hair that has been falling out now for two years. We have tried everything to save our hair. We have tried kelp which you have to take in dosages of at LEAST 150 MG we have finally discovered. The doctors have been absolutely awful about prescribing drugs such as Synthoid which have a SIDE effect of making your hair fall out WORSE!! We both turned this drug down. When I took a saliva test I found that my estrogen was through the roof and that I needed progesterone.

I have gone through four doctors here now in Columbus Ohio. I have finally found a SMART one and have been able to "kiss and make up with him" at new years only after he did give me a 30 day letter for "asking too many questions". I am now on natural thyroid thanks to him! I have been taking it with your progestelle since Jan. 1 and have NOT lost my hair CONTRARY to the prescription insert!!! He is just going to be sooooo very proud of us!!! We were just sick over my beautiful hair that was supposed to fall out in October. My hairdresser CRIED!!! I do demos and promos for L'Oreal and Walmart even at my age they love my looks and my hair so much. I have actually been taking some sort of progesterone supplement since Nov. 1st from the internet.

I believe your product has helped me with these strong thyroid hormones the most as they bind to the estrogen. Please pass this knowledge on to others who are losing their beautiful hair. They do not need to lose their lovely hair.

Valerie P - February 8, 2011
Columbus, Ohio

I Am Also Not Losing Much Hair!!

Thank you!! And this time I am using the natural laundry detergent like you suggested and I am NOT losing my hair like I was before! Thanx for your help!

I don't know if you remember or not, but when I was using the Progestelle last time I had complained to you that I was losing way too much hair and you had advised me to stop using the progestelle and to get the natural detergent that you had recommended! So I did as you said and when I started back up on the progestelle I am not using as much as before and I am also not losing much hair!

May A - Palmyra, Pennsylvania
January 30, 2011