Progesterone Dose

Progestelle ® Natural Progesterone Topical DOSE

Each dropperful of Progestelle ® Natural Progesterone with 2 inches of oil in it contains about 20 mg of Natural Progesterone. The dose recommended by John Lee, MD is 20-60 mg/day. However, everyone metabolizes Natural Progesterone differently, and thus excretes Natural Progesterone differently. So you must titrate the Progestelle® to your own body. Listen to your body and see use what how much you need.heart-sm.jpg

The normal production of Natural Progesterone that your body makes during the latter half of your cycle is 20 mg/day. And during the third trimester of pregnancy, your body produces 400 mg/day. After the placenta is delivered, then the Natural Progesterone production drops to zero, and you get post partum depression.  Natural Progesterone Progestelle® has 20mg per dropperful. So there is a wide therapeutic range of Natural Progesterone. Natural Progesterone is quite safe.

John Lee, MD recommends different days and doses for different diseases. His recommendations are on the instruction sheet that comes with our product.

Although Natural Progesterone creams are more popular from a Marketing Point of View with customers, we have found toxic emulsifiers and estrogenic preservatives can sometimes make our patients MORE sick. Progesterone cream is just oil and water mixed together with a chemical called an emulsifier to keep them mixed. Since water is added, a preservative must be added. The preservative is usually a paraben. Parabens are estrogenic and seem to linked to cramping. After a couple of minutes on the skin, the water evaporates anyway leaving just the oil. The Natural Progesterone is in the oil.

I had one patient doing well on our program of Progestelle® and xenoestrogen avoidance for a year. Then her beautician daughter offered to buy her discounted designer shampoos. The patient used these paraben filled shampoos for three months and developed cramping during those three months.

So we have made Progestelle® from a Medical Point of View with NO preservatives and NO emulsifiers. Our customers usually do better clinically than people who use competitor products with parabens.

Usually, the patient is sick because they are unintentionally poisoning themselves with chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen (xenoestrogens) put on their skin.  Many times when the patients eliminate all xenoestrogens, they don't even need progesterone.  It is the xenoesrogens that are creating the disease.  If you eliminate xenoestrogens, then the disease goes away, and you won't even need the progesterone!