Labial Cyst

My Labial Cyst had Vanished!!! 

I developed a labial cyst about eight years ago and was told by three gynecologists that removing it would require surgery in a hospital because of the likelihood of excessive bleeding in that part of the body. Excising it was the only solution, they said, and the surgery alone was going to cost $1,000 (eight years ago; surgeon's fee), plus the cost of the operating room, the anesthesiologist, medications, etc. 

I received my Iodoral, which you had recommended, and was working my way up to 12.5 mg (or more) a day. One day I took a full tablet and nothing happened so I was happy. 

A few days later I discovered that my cyst had vanished!!! I could hardly believe my fingers (trying to find it!). It was gone! 

Thank you for recommending the Iodoral, Dr. Eckhart, and for saving me all that heartache and money! 

Christina D.

May 30, 2015