Chocolate Cravings

I Feel Good

I am still using only 1 pipet in the evening before bed. I have had no migraine yet and also no period. Not eating chocolate. I feel good. In my recent blood test of 17/03 all my hormones are nice and low. Last year my 17-Beta estradiol was nearly 300, now only 57.9 and progesterone is 56, LH 23,80 and FSH 38,80, so I think I am not estrogen dominant anymore. Or at least, not at this moment in time.

I will keep going a little longer with the Progestelle, just in case and I feel good with it. TSH was 2,18 (range 0,35 - 5,50). They did not check for T4, T3 and Free T4 and Free T3, so I am not really 100% sure if all is ok, but by going by how I feel, I think it is correct. I feel good and have enough energy and motivation.

If this means I am through the peri/ menopause, it has been a very easy transition. I wished I had used this natural progesterone 5 years ago when my first symptoms started (missing periods and weight gain, moodiness). But you think it is nothing to do with beginning the change, I thought it was the heat of living in Southern Spain, since we had recently moved here.

Thank you very much and have a good weekend.

Best wishes,
Janet V - Malaga, SPAIN
Apr. 19, 2010

Editors Note: Most likely the chocolate, caffeine and/or cocoa butter that the patient was using was elevating the patient's estradiol. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine. This particular patient used a soap containing cocoa butter. The cocoa butter was absorbed directly into the body bypassing the liver. Chocolate taken orally is less of a problem because it is prefiltered by the liver.

My Health Is Returning Thanks To You Lose Weight, More Energy, Chocolate Cravings Gone, Leg Pain Gone.

Dear Dr. Eckhart,
I just wanted to thank you again. My health is returning thanks to you. I have done everything you have told me to do and most of my symptoms have disappeared. The stinging is gone. I have more energy again. I can lose weight. My strange chocolate cravings are going away and oddly enough, so is the terrible leg pain I've been suffering from. Your list of xenoestrogens was a huge help to me. I could not find them all. I have also been removing xenoestrogens from my family's life too. Just out of curiosity, I've noticed some commonalities between estrogen dominance caused by xenoestrogen and Alzheimers. I believe many of those same chemicals contribute towards that disease. Have you noticed the same thing? You have truly been a blessing to me. I cannot thank you enough.

Jamie B - Doylestown, OH
Aug 12, 2014

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