Ovarian Pain

I am Happy to Report a Huge Relief of Breast & Ovarian Pain from Cysts. 

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I am now into my third month on natural progesterone, avoiding xeno & phyto estrogens as much as possible, and taking the recommended supplements as per your suggestions in the little blue booklet .

I am happy to report a huge relief of breast & ovarian pain from cysts. Two months ago I could not even lay on my side or stomach. Now there is no problem. The endometrial pain I have suffered with for 10 years is greatly diminished, I feel clearer in my thinking, my energy is coming back, my hair is indeed getting thicker, and I am feeling a new joy in life and very hopeful of even more improvements to come.

Considering that half my life was consumed with endometrial pain (from ovulation, until menstruation), combined with horrible PMS (which I just thought was NORMAL until I read your literature!) I NOW have an extra 2 weeks every month that I can actually function like a normal person rather than being curled up in bed with pain & exhaustion written all over my face.

Please feel free to use my experience in any of your product promotion. I am starting a grass-roots movement to share my experiences with xeno-estrogens to educate other women, and would like to know if you have literature you would like me to pass out when I have my first meeting. I am sharing simply my own experience, but I will definitely be telling them about Progestelle and your research.

Your work is amazing and important, and I want to thank you from myself and from the many women you have helped and will help due to your fantastic research for a new opportunity to live without pain, keeping our ovaries and learning proactively how to take charge of our own health.

With heart felt thanks,

Cindy H.

Sarasota, FL

Aug 28, 2009


Ovary Pain is Pretty Much Gone… 

Ovary pain is pretty much gone… and cycles are more regular than before! I will probably always take your Progestelle, as long as we live on this planet we are exposed to Xenos—there is just no escaping it. For me especially, since I travel on business a lot. (I actually had to check out of a hotel that was recently remodeled… I started bloating and bleeding and the fumes kept me up all night—my hormones went crazy!) I keep spreading the word about your product and you should be getting some new customers soon… Thanks!

For sure use testimonial... I'm your no. 1 fan! ;)

Devlyn G.

July 5, 2010

Glendale, California

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