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Avoid Estrogenic Chemicals (Xenoestrogens)

This is only a partial avoidance list. The full avoidance list comes with our product after you order it.

The root cause of your estrogen dominance (too much estrogen) disease is xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogen). This is a very good list that we have used clinically with all our patients since 1999. Almost all our patients that diligently follow the list will see improvements after 2 months even without taking Progestelle ®. Generally, major improvements following this Brief and Important list are seen after 2 years. You really need to get Nature Clean Powdered Laundry. It is about $60.00 for four 7.5 pound boxes including shipping.Natural Progesterone counteracts xenoestrogensThese 4 boxes last my wife and I 6 months. Rea, MD a cardiothoracic surgeon based in Dallas, TX recommends Nature Clean powdered laundry detergent. Rea, MD is widely considered to be the #1 MD in chemical injury in the world. I called the president's son of Nature Clean myself and talked to him about the formulation of Nature Clean. We have had good clinical results with Nature Clean since 1997. Other laundry detergents may be alright, but I do not know.

See for a discussion of xenoestrogens from Tulane and Xavier University.

You MUST avoid xenoestrogens or the progesterone will NOT work. Bloating and breast tenderness may get worse if you do not avoid xenoestrogens, and use Natural Progesterone, Progestelle ®. The most important things to avoid are:

Again, the full list comes with our product. The below is only a partial list.

1) Do not heat food or water with plastic in the microwave. Do not drink hot liquids in styrafoam or plastic cups or receptacles.

2) Change your laundry detergent because the laundry detergent cannot be fully washed from the clothes and is absorbed directly through the skin. Do NOT use dryer sheets or fabric softener. If you want to soften your clothes, use 1/2 cup of baking soda in the rinse cycle. Read about it Use powdered Nature Clean laundry detergent.

Natural Progesterone counteracts phytoestrogens8) Temporarily avoid weak phytoestrogens Soy and Ground Flax Seed because these may interfere with Progestelle’s ® effect. Soy in the traditional form of tofu or natto may be OK. However, the Soy that Americans eat is NOT.

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