Progestelle Progesterone Skin Oil Purer Than Cream

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Progestelle ® is clinically proven and tested. You automatically get ONE FREE bottle as a first time customer. Full satisfaction guarantee! You also get a list of chemical estrogens to avoid ($19.95 value) FREE! DOUBLE STRENGTH means you only use one half the amount of oil - less greasiness. You should feel some difference after 10 days - full clinical effect in 3-6 months. Almost without exception after 2 months, IF customers strictly avoid xenoestrogens (chemical estrogens) on the list we give them, our customers feel better. We have been using this list since 1999 and have had good clinical results. You must avoid xenoestrogens for Progestelle to work. For severely affected customers, we recommend to stop all xenoestrogens for 1-2 months and THEN take Progestelle ®. This is just an observation not a recommendation. You may also want to take 400-600 mg/day of Indole-3-carbinol.

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    Very happy with my results

    Posted by Alejandra Delgadillo on Mar 20th 2024

    This is a follow up to my earlier review. After attempting to review progestelle on Amazon they did not approve it because according to them it was too personal. I have been using the oil for 4 months following the instructions to the best of my abilityI did the saliva test and I am absorbing it well, my anxiety has been improving, my insomnia is also improving, I no longer have some painful cysts on my breasts and my intimate parts are no longer dry, my energy levels are much better as well. I am sharing this great product with all the women I know that are going through women's health issues. Thank you Dr. Eckhart for dedicating so much time and energy to research women's health, and offering help to women who desperately need it.

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    Life saving

    Posted by Alejandra Delgadillo on Dec 10th 2023

    I am a post menopausal woman who for the last six months started to have heart palpitations and shortness of breath with dizziness, ultimately culminated in multiple anxiety attacks that landed me in the hospital, when I got the diagnosis I called the doctor and asked for blood work to measure my progesterone and estrogen, sure enough they both are at the lowest level possible. I did some research on symptoms of low progesterone and estrogen levels, and I learned anxiety is a symptom of low progesterone. My sister who has fibrocystic breasts has been using progestelle for ten years, so i immediately went online and ordered it. I just finished my initial 21 days of treatment and I can say my life is back to normal, I am so grateful for this life saving product. Thank you for giving me my mental sanity back. Gratefully, Alejandra

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    Progestelle oil

    Posted by Jean on Sep 26th 2023

    Just a small amount as suggested and no more brain fog!!!

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    Progesterone oil

    Posted by Lana Forward on May 5th 2023

    Happy with the product

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    Posted by Victoria Beylouni on Apr 29th 2023

    I have been using this product for many years. I find it helps my sleep, mood and energy. No side effects but you have to follow the instructions

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    Great products!

    Posted by TERRI Z. on Dec 25th 2020

    Great products!

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    Great product, love how clean it

    Posted by TERRI Z. on Dec 25th 2020

    Great product, love how clean it is and it works.

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    Other Progesterone oil products contain vitamin

    Posted by Daniela W. on Dec 7th 2020

    Other Progesterone oil products contain vitamin E which is not good for me, as I already have high levels of vitamin E in my body. Progestelle has been really good for me and I greatly appreciate its efficiency. Thank you for making it available for us women!

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    I have used different brands of

    Posted by Elena S. on Dec 1st 2020

    I have used different brands of progesterone oil over the last 5 years, and a year ago decided to try Progestelle Progesterone Oil at a recommendation of a friend. I fell in love. The consistency of the oil is light and it goes on so smoothly, absorbs quickly and completely non-greasy. After using it for almost a year I have to say that it is the most effective of all, and I do find that I use less of it for the same desired effect. Progestelle is amazing, I actually prefer it to my facial moisturizers. People compliment me on my skin and I think Progestelle takes any redness and inflammation of the skin away, so my skin tone is even and smooth. All in all - great oil!

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